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The Tiger's Wife
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Tea Obreht

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Judith (batsarah) | 8 comments Mod
Well, I finally found another book I like by a 20 under 40 author! Tea Obreht's The Tiger's Wife is a very successful literary novel. If you want a plot that begins at the beginning and continues until end, this one is not for you. This is more of a venture into the Balkans via a young woman's encounter with local legends and her personal memories. Well, here's my review:

The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht weaves tales of Natalia’s beloved grandfather with her quest to discover the circumstances of his death. Ever shifting Balkan boundaries, wars, fear, and folklore inspire this web of magical realism. The quest is loosely structured and characters seem to be visited rather than developed. Like her grandfather, Natalia is a doctor, and his stories of “the deathless man” challenge their science, while the tale of the tiger’s wife, arising from the actual escape of zoo animals during the bombing of the Belgrade zoo during World War II, bridges the bond between grandfather and grandchild. Her childhood memories of their visits to the zoo, later, their wartime vigils to help protect the animals, and the worn copy of The Jungle Book he carried with him everywhere, send Natalia to the remote mountain village where he grew up and the tale of the tiger and the woman they called his wife is still told.

Trish | 2 comments Thanks, Judith. Sounds right up my alley.

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