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Education denied by the church.

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Angie Why was Frank McCourt rejected by the church when he and his parents went to ask them to continue his education?

Even it seems that they didn't give him the chance to show what he knew.

Tara Cause he was poor.

Angie That's one of the reasons why it doesn't make any sense. Churches shouldn't ask large sums of money to enter to study.

If his teachers recommended him, they should have known his family's economical situation.

Tara Yes the teacher did reccomend him based on his abilities. I think he had an idealistic, forward thinking professor who recommended students based solely on ability.
However from reading the book I gathered there was a great deal of social stigma attached to being poor. That particular priest who denied them may have only saw the possible drain on their finances supporting the education such a boy. His mind was not taken into account only that he may need charity to have clothing and books and materials needed for such a fine education. That church would rather have three mediocre minds from well to do families who could support the church than one poor one with great potential. It is a sad state of affairs that goes on quite frequently. Perhaps that is why some say money has the power to open doors.

Marie Churches are also business too and require large sums of money to keep functioning. Sad but true.

Tami Hillman And now we have contraception denied by the church...

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Charity >Churches are also business too and require large sums of money to keep functioning. Sad but true.< Catholic churches are comprised of dioceses and parishes. The church's or school is under a parish, which is under a diocese. Ireland has never been very wealthy--with the exception of Dublin which is more British than Irish. Even in 1969 when I toured there, there was a lot of small struggling farms. My NY parish had 2 churches: 1 self-supporting building and 1 barn which was leased and used for a church. All the statues inside were chipped and old, there was no central heat, and no permanent seats. The poorest place in the entire town was the Catholic church. I can't speak to McCourt's situation, but decisions are made, as Tara said, there was likely more factors that had to be taken into consideration.
On the other hand, my gr-grandmother's out of wedlock child was born in a Catholic hospital in NYC when she had no money-and did not live in that parish. Her grandson,my father, was sent to a Catholic school as a charity case. Demonstrating that the New York Diocese had made certain decisions regarding the use of their money.

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