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message 1: by Ryan (new)

Ryan (ryancallaway) | 1 comments Hello all,
I've been putting my books up on Mobipocket for a little while, including one which is out of print. It's relatively easy to do, and after about a week or two they put the book up on Amazon Kindle. The only problem I've got with it is the payment plan. You get paid once you make $150 IF you choose the Paypal plan, not a second sooner. Others take longer. My books have done okay there, one was on the top 10 in horror earlier this week, and my balance is about $104. Do any of you have books on Mobi, and if so, how do you generate more sales? I could really use that extra cash right about now with Christmas coming up especially, lol. My wife suggested just buying 50 dollars worth of my own books to get that 100, lol.

message 2: by Todd Fonseca (new)

Todd Fonseca | 489 comments Ryan,
I have my book on mobipocket as well but sales there are close to nothing. The best part of this site is their conversion software which can then be used to have your book on the kindle. I uploaded the file to Publish on the Kindle through amazon's site which pays out once a month regardless of amount. Also, there are a lot of author friendly Amazon kindle forums and I have sold a number of kindle versions this way.
Finally, check out - this is a huge site of electronic book readers. But gently make your way into the site. It's mostly readers so you have to establish a relationship with folks there before talking about your book. Submit reviews and participate in the forums and you will eventually get a few sales there as well.
Good luck
Todd A Fonseca, author of The Time Cavern

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