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message 1: by Belinda (new)

Belinda Buchanan | 43 comments I was perusing my tags that I had added to my book on Smashwords today. I've added about a dozen or so onto my book, like "mystery romance, romantic suspense, serial killer".

Now if you ask any indie author about tagging on amazon and they will most likely swear it is absolutely a necessity.

But what about on smashwords? If you go to your settings under your book and click on one of your tags, it will bring up on the books under that tag. You can sort by most popular, or most recently published. Now my book certainly isn't popular or recent, so it's going to fall in the middle somewhere.

On the other hand if you pick an obscure tag, your book may be the only one listed. I gave mine a tag of "police chief" and when you click on that tag, only my book and another show up. That certainly lowers the odds, however "police chief" isn't probably what people type in to search for a book, so the chances of it being seen are small.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think tagging your book is important? And if the answer is yes, have any of you found a good niche that you can label your book(s)?

message 2: by V.H. (new)

V.H. Folland (VHFolland) | 18 comments I tend to view tags as very important, but more for external traffic. If you check the code, Smashwords uses them in your meta tags as keywords, and also puts them on the page which helps with search engine rankings. I don't know if Smashwords also serve tags to third parties like B&N as tags, but if they do, then tags help on other third party sites.

When I launched a book with five tags and then later increased it to twenty, the downloads went up significantly, so they do have an effect.

message 3: by R.M. (new)

R.M. Fraser (RMFraser) | 53 comments good to know. I saw the other posts on here aout it, and decided to up mine as well, but too early to tell if it's helped or not.

message 4: by Belinda (new)

Belinda Buchanan | 43 comments Keep us informed of your progress R.M. :)

message 5: by R.M. (new)

R.M. Fraser (RMFraser) | 53 comments will do

message 6: by Josh (new)

Josh Karaczewski (joshkaraczewski) | 31 comments Where do I go to add more tags?

message 7: by Brittany (new)

Brittany Highland (BrittanyHighland) | 47 comments Josh,

Dashboard --> Settings (under Operations). The tags are at the very bottom of the page.


message 8: by Josh (new)

Josh Karaczewski (joshkaraczewski) | 31 comments Thanks Brittany. I'll check it out as soon as Smashwords decides it wants to work again.

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