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Allie:) “Heaven help her.” Currently I am reading Hades, which is the second book in the Halo series. The author of this book is Alexandra Adornetto. The main character in my book is Bethany Church, a messenger of God who was sent to save those who are lost. She lives among mortals disguised as a 17 year old average teenager. She fell in love with a mortal name Xavier Woods who she is now dating. The dialog in my book was quite realistic. The book is told from Bethany’s Point of View. I guess it is ironic how you would expect an angel would react to the teenage drama parties, alcohol, sex, and relationships and everything a normal 17 year old girl thinks about. However, for the angel Bethany Church, it is a totally different story. Hades has a lot of dialog but that makes the book good. You get to see what goes through Bethany’s mind compared to what goes on in the world around her. The personality of the people who are talking and the way they have acted in the previous book shows mood, age, and intentions of the person speaking in this book. For example, if Bethany was talking, you would know she is being completely honest and innocent because she is an angel.

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Lucero I just can't wait for the next book!!!![SPOILERS]I was SHOCKED when Xavier asked her to marry him!!

Kate I know that was so cool (view spoiler) I'm just like aghhhhh how can alexandra adornetto do this to us I can't wait for heaven

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Treasure[: maybe the only thing keeping someone attatched to a book is the suspense, and when you ruin it for them, continuing is pointless. just a thought.....

Kate That's why I put the spoiler thingy in there, but I still really can't wait for heaven it's going to be so amazing

Daniela-Goddess of Reading I knew the title was going to have another "H" name...something like "Hell" "Heaven" or "Hallelujah"

Libby Faythe wrote: "I just can't wait for the next book!!!![SPOILERS]I was SHOCKED when Xavier asked her to marry him!!"

Oh my Gosh yes I was so freakin shocked. I got butterflies!

Veronica Ok! LOVED every last one of the three books.. even though there where A TON!!! of mistakes and errors! But..i think it was cut to short in the end of Heaven(youd know if u read it yet) and.. i mean really? The end of heaven was MESSED UP! .. -.- There NNEEEDDDS to be another book! And maybe they can call it "Hallelujah" ooor.."Home" IDK!! I just KNOW that Alexdria NEEDS TO WRITE MORE FOR THIS SERIES!

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