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message 1: by Black Cherry (new)

Black Cherry (gplovr) | 1 comments OBAMA IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 2: by Tom (new)

Tom | 2 comments I know!

message 3: by raul (new)

raul (zakumi) | 1 comments yes he does

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

i wish that i was one of his daughters

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message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

woot woot wootness

message 7: by Augusta Jane (new)

Augusta Jane | 1 comments Obama is going to be the best president ever!

message 8: by Mary (new)

Mary | 2 comments hes gonna rock da world out loud!!!!
the only bad thing is that hes probably gonna get killed

message 9: by Mary (new)

Mary | 2 comments that would suck

message 10: by Tom (new)

Tom | 2 comments im tired of people sayin that

message 11: by cleo (new)

cleo (theprincesscleo) what exactly r u supost to do in this group?? I willl recomend this group to ALL my friends!

P.S. we did it! and he has chosen the best people for his cabnit!!

*HP&Twilight4eva* (smiley28) | 10 comments people i don't want to burst ur buble or anything, but EDWARD IS BETTER THAN OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE A MILLION TIMES BETTER ACTUALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 13: by cleo (new)

cleo (theprincesscleo) u r right i do not think people should compare fictional characters to an AMAZING man like obama!! but, twilight is not a story for little girls. many adults and boys have read it. u need to look over the steriotypes of twilight and realize it is an amazing book! it is beautifully written. HAVE U EVAN READ IT??? but again, i anm glad u saw that a fictional charachter should NEVER be compared to an awesome man like obama. like u said, it is popostrous. but read the book!

P.S. r u an adult?

message 14: by cleo (new)

cleo (theprincesscleo) sorry for the spelling mistakes and shortcuts but, i made my point.

message 15: by cleo (new)

cleo (theprincesscleo) it was not written for little girls!!! my teacher's have read it my brother has read it and many other people besides little girls. it is a love story but, it has a very intresting plot line. IT IS A GREAT BOOK!!

please vist: http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/twiligh...

*HP&Twilight4eva* (smiley28) | 10 comments Yes thank you Cleo!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Obama but their are even better humans (should i say vamps?) out there!!!!!!! Plus, i happen to know A LOT of people who are over the age of 21 who have read it and loved it and are also in love with Edward Cullen. Please note:
REAL MEN READ TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*HP&Twilight4eva* (smiley28) | 10 comments o ya and, Twilight had lots of action in it too. It's not just romance.

message 18: by cleo (new)

cleo (theprincesscleo) sure!!! thanks for baking me!! hope that dean dude listens!

message 19: by ♫ Tina ♫ (new)

♫ Tina ♫ | 4 comments Twilight is soo not addicting!! hav ya even read da book (no, da first few pages doesn't count!)! I really admire Obama 2 and im really glad that he has won! :D

BTW: Twilight ISN'T 4 little girls!!!

message 20: by cleo (new)

cleo (theprincesscleo) have u even read the story!?!? well, if u really dont want to talk about twilight then dont bring up the subject! i am not tyrading over him! i have not mentioned edward once!!! i am just arguing that what u said about twilight is wrong!!! i love obama thats why i joined the group!! i did not join to talk about twilight!! so will u just calm down!!

*HP&Twilight4eva* (smiley28) | 10 comments ok people i luv obama but u keep bringing up the subject of edward and so i have to argue my point that TWILIGHT IS NOT JUST FOR LITTLE GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus i will bet money that you have never read the book so therefor, you have no right to judge it. and because of that, i don't think that its very mature of you to rate it WHEN U HAVEN'T EVEN READ THE BOOK!!!!!!!! *shakes fist angrily in air*

PS obama rocks my socks off!!!!!!!!!!

message 22: by cleo (new)

cleo (theprincesscleo) see dean?

message 23: by ♫ Tina ♫ (new)

♫ Tina ♫ | 4 comments Our concluion! Stop bring up da subject and we wont bother u. I understand dat dis bothers u, and da only way for us to stop is 4 u 2 stop. And like da great Barack Obama we r standing up 4 wat we believe in!!!! And ohya--Twilight ISN'T 4 little girls!!!! Thnx!! :)

message 24: by Steven9251996 (new)

Steven9251996 | 7 comments i wont stop.im just now gettin started

message 25: by Steven9251996 (new)

Steven9251996 | 7 comments ant twilight is 4 little girls

message 26: by Steven9251996 (new)

Steven9251996 | 7 comments haha.u guys havnt even noticed

message 27: by Steven9251996 (new)

Steven9251996 | 7 comments o wel.im stil gona dis twilight

*HP&Twilight4eva* (smiley28) | 10 comments do i look little to u?

message 29: by Steven9251996 (new)

Steven9251996 | 7 comments ya.kathryn kinda duz
no ofense

*HP&Twilight4eva* (smiley28) | 10 comments plus u haven't read the book so u have no right to judge it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 31: by ♫ Tina ♫ (new)

♫ Tina ♫ | 4 comments I wasn't talk bout ya!!! i wz talking to Dean!!!! Who shud READ DA BOOK!!!! both Steven and Dean!!! dont judge a book by its cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 32: by Steven9251996 (new)

Steven9251996 | 7 comments o wel.da obsesion is bad enuf

*HP&Twilight4eva* (smiley28) | 10 comments ya but i'm not little. actually i could probably pound ur face into a little knub.

message 34: by Steven9251996 (new)

Steven9251996 | 7 comments go ahed.pound me

*HP&Twilight4eva* (smiley28) | 10 comments it will be my pleasure.

message 36: by ♫ Tina ♫ (new)

♫ Tina ♫ | 4 comments lets talk bout the wonderfulness of Twilight (and Obama)!!! :D

*HP&Twilight4eva* (smiley28) | 10 comments PS: dean u r obsessed over obama!!!!!i mean seriously do u really think that he would want to meet you???? i know that i wouldn't want to. that wud b the worst day of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 38: by cleo (new)

cleo (theprincesscleo) ya steven and dean READ THE BOOK!!

message 39: by Mady (new)

Mady (sunny4sk8ter) | 2 comments ok i think dean and steven are stupid enough to try and fight us against the point that twilight is 4 little girls even when it isn't becuz we all go to the same school and every one loves the book and anyone who doesn't read it and calls it bull is bull!!!! i think that obama is amazing but i ean come one! edward cullen is hot! can run like a cheetah! can protect you! and is a vampire is so cool! i mean obama is gonna save the earth and is sooooo cool! but edward is hot!!!!! and nice and smart!!!!!!!

message 40: by cleo (new)

cleo (theprincesscleo) i think dean dissapeared

*HP&Twilight4eva* (smiley28) | 10 comments Ya lets drop it after i say this: there's at least four people who like Twilight and only two people who don't. Therefor, in this convo, Twilight is the best book EVER and it's not for little girls. I am in junior in high school and i have just recently read it. And, i don't really classify myself as "a little girl."

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

back to obama

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)

or go talk about it in A DIFF GROUP

message 44: by Mady (new)

Mady (sunny4sk8ter) | 2 comments SCREW U GUYS! except for the twilight likers! you started it first! i think that personally NONE of you could write a book as good as stephine meyers! so go cry emo kids!

message 45: by cleo (new)

cleo (theprincesscleo) Dean wrote: "No im not an adult but I am mature enough to know that its not right to compare these two.And originaley it was written for little girls.Its a love story, I dont have a intrest in reading it."

u did dean??

message 46: by cleo (last edited Dec 09, 2008 06:32PM) (new)

cleo (theprincesscleo) read the book

message 47: by cleo (new)

cleo (theprincesscleo) ya i guess so

message 48: by cleo (new)

cleo (theprincesscleo) I do not think Twilight should be compared to Obama! That is atrocious! I totally agree with you! I just think you should not diss Twilight!

message 49: by Emma the Shadowhunter (last edited Apr 12, 2009 10:21AM) (new)

Emma the Shadowhunter (emmalisastincelli) | 1 comments In one of my groups, some people where giving really rude comments about Obama. I wrote this comment:

Max wrote: "That is because Obama is president!"
Max wrote: "All he's done for this country is manage to ruin our economy.Now our money is worth nothing.My mom told me about a time where money was worth NOTHING so the burned $20 dollar bills for fire!In abou..."
Max wrote: "Bush did better......."

Kaitie♥ wrote: "Are you kidding Max???????/!!!!!!!
He didn't do ANYTHING! He did bad! HE raised the Tax! HE put us to war! He have BUSh to blame for everything! He's done nothing! Obama has promised things us, at..."

Violet wrote: "She's right, Max! He's started this because he did NOTHING! The people around him told him the economy downfall was going to happen and he did nothing. And when he tryed to help, it made it worse! ..."

N.S.A wrote: "because he thought it was right....Obama is doing what he think is right and I dont like it!!!!!"

Max wrote: "Yeah Kaitie Obama made a LOT of promises but is he keeping them...NO!He said we would ALL get a stimulus package but do any of us have them yet NO!

All those snoppy rich business owners got them..."
Max wrote: "yes you are right Violet when OBAMA tried to help he made it WORSE!!"

Max wrote: "This mess is becuase of OBAMA!!!!"

Not true! I'm a fan of Obama! What does everyone have against Obama?

That is all the rude Obama comments and my reply.

message 50: by cleo (new)

cleo (theprincesscleo) What group is that?

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