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$2 bills
Jason Jason Jan 08, 2012 09:18PM
Can someone explain why these needed to be stolen?

It was to help the laughing man....he used the money to buy things. Since he knew from the notes where they were hidden, he was able to easily snatch them.

It's relevant beause only Colin and Miranda knew about the hidden bills. Miranda found out that Marcus was the laughing man, right? She had to write him a letter explaining everything that he needed to do. She knew he would need money in the future so she told him about the $2 bills because it was the easiest place he could get money from when the time came.

Just because he needed money? Just to help prove to Miranda/us that the time travel thing really happened? I didn't see this as an obvious explanation. It's the one thing that did not really fit at the end. I'm still wondering if there is some other significance that I just don't get right now. Oh well.

Yes, but he also died fixing something that probably tortured him during his lifetime. He got to live his life, and was happy for a time, but I bet his actions on that day still probably bugged him throughout his whole life. By saving his life, he saved his own (even though he eventually died in the act) because it changed the quality of life that he had. So I think of it more as bittersweet.

He knew where they were hidden and he needed the money.

i would like to know as well.

it was good book but you had to kinda get it a bit

it was a really good book but it was too short and sad at the end

because of the stuff at the end

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