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message 1: by Ali (new)

Ali (alialghamdi) | 124 comments Mod
Share your reviews for this week's books here.

As Yasmine did last year's, the same rules are here.

"In this thread, everyone will post their reviews/opinions of the book they have read this week AFTER you rate/review it on your page. The purpose of this is so everyone can see what you read this week and read your review without having to visit each profile. Some of you have their profiles locked, so this saves you the trouble of unlocking it.


The format will be like this:

Name of book.
n/5 stars.

"Your simple opinion/extended review/one word that expresses what you thought of the book. GO CRAZY! Anything counts. Don't feel pressured."

Link to your review.

Also, this allows us to be organized, so even if a member didn't log in for about a month, they can add the book they've read to the appropriate thread.


As I've mentioned in the guidelines, one word or a simple opinion counts as a 'review'. I only called it that because Goodreads calls it that."

Now let's see your achievements, awesome people.

message 2: by Ali (new)

Ali (alialghamdi) | 124 comments Mod
Santaland Diaries.
David Sedaris.

Santaland Diaries by David Sedaris

I only read this because exams week is coming! Prepare for exams by reading irrelevant books. Yes, This is how I do it.

Now, let's review this good laugh.

I didn't enjoy it that much, but it's surely a good laugh before exams.

Christmas, only saw it in movie. Surely I've read about Christmas, what it is. The fact that people wait in line for more than one hour to JUST see A NOT real Santa Claus is funny.

Now David will act as an elf in this story, the job is both hilarious and boring to fill. That was my first book by David Sedaris, I surely want to read his other works!

message 3: by Kristina (new)

Kristina (kristinalawhead) Wonderland by Joanna Nadin
Wonderland by Joanna Nadin

Wasn't really worth the read for me because I figured out what the twist was in the first like 5 pages so it was kind of a boring read after that. I think I would have appreciated it more reading it when I was younger.

message 4: by Ally (new)

Ally Atherton (allyatherton) Where have all the bullets gone ? Spike Milligan.

I was too young to appreciate Spike Milligan in his hay day and only have vague recollections of his humour, and 'The Goon Show' was before my time.I picked this up on holiday in a second hand book store because I have been wanting to read more humour. I wasn't disappointed, it is a very funny book. But it's also a fascinating insight into one man's ( one funny man's !) experience of the latter part of World War 2. This is part of a collection of memoirs written by Spike but the fact that I haven't read any of the others is irrelevant. Anyone interested in the war years would probably like this book, especially if you have a sense of humour. For those of a more prudish constitution beware there is some lively language.

I really liked this book and it kept my interest all the way. It has made me want to learn more about Spike and his history and the history of the Goon Show ! The book is funny, eye opening and educational. Best book of the year so far, but it's only number three !


message 5: by Asmaa (last edited Jan 09, 2012 11:15AM) (new)

Asmaa Awaken (Awaken, #1) by Katie Kacvinsky
Katie Kacvinsky

The story really got to me because it mostly defines my life with the battle against technology, which is so hard to avoid. It also made think twice about a lot of human activities that we dont think much about.. like just being able to talk to someone. i hope everyone finds that person in their life that brings their deepest feeling to life because it's an amazing and important thing.

message 6: by أثير (new)

أثير (atheer_suliman) عودة الغائب ( حكومة الظل,#2).
عودة الغائب
لمنذر القباني

حسناً، كتاب يجعلني أواصل قرائته وأخذه معي في كل مكان أذهب إليه لا يستحق أن آعطيه أقل من أربع نجمات، وجدت في هذا الجزء تحسن ملحوظ عن سابقه، من ناحية تنوع الشخصيات و المزيد من الإثارة بالإضافة إلى إلقاء الضوء بشكل أكبر على الجانب الإنساني من شخصيات القصة
لكن كما هي عادة الكاتب فقد أنهى الرواية تاركاً المجال للعديد من الأسئلة التي لم يجب عليها، هل هذا يعد تلميحاً لوجود جزء جديد، فلننتظر ونرى بإذن الله.

message 7: by Najla (new)

Najla (najla_sg) | 12 comments Week 2

القندس by محمد حسن علوان
محمد حسن علوان

2/5 stars
Jan 11, 2012

رواية لم تحمل أي جديد، الفكرة رتيبة ومملة.. أعجبني أسلوب سرد الكاتب..

الرجال الذين اخترعوا الدستور صيف 1787 by David O. Stewart
David O. Stewart

1/5 stars
Jan 13, 2012

يستعرض الكتاب قصة المؤتمر الدستوري ووضع الدستور الأمريكي في ١٧٨٧.. الكاتب ركز بشكل كبير على مشكلتي العبودية وتمثيل الولايات.. شعرت بالملل خلال قرائته لأنه مغرق بالتفاصيل التي لا تهمني كثيراً..

message 8: by Ghadah (new)

Ghadah (ghadahkhalid) | 17 comments The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell

Title: The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell
Author: Lilian Jackson Braun


One Word: boring. It was an awfully bad, in a sad way, book. I've never felt that my time was wasted because of a book, and I must say that I'm not proud of it. One note for me and my future kids: never purchase, or even consider reading one of the Cat Who detective series.


message 9: by Mugren (new)

Mugren Ohaly | 52 comments Book#3
Broken by Karin Fossum

I love the concept of the book, and how the story constantly switches from fiction to non-fiction. Although the story wasn't quite what I expected, I still enjoyed reading it.



message 10: by Shiroq (last edited Feb 25, 2012 03:26PM) (new)

Shiroq | 25 comments Book#1
The Snowman by Jo Nesbø
Title: The Snowman
Author: Jo Nesbo


The book is book number 7 from Nesbo's Harry Hole series, an Inspector with the Norwegian crime squad. Well, the inspector part depends on the page, haha. I've started Nesbo's Harry Hole series starting from book#3, of the 6 I've read, this one was my second best. You've got the handsome brooding bad/good inspector, a good dose of heartache and lost love, and let's not forget the suspense that sort of left me at the mid-edge of my seat. In all, it was not a bad read.

The Leopard by Jo Nesbø
Title: The Leopard
Author: Jo Nesbo


The Leopard is the 8th book of the Harry Hold series and frankly it disappoints. The only parts I've enjoyed are the tidbits of his younger self that were revealed by him or his father, Olav Hole. I only gave it 3 stars cause Harry is like the annoying cousin that you can't shake off and occasionally miss when he's in one of his moods but whom you can't get enough of once he's back to his good ol' normal self.

message 11: by Sara (new)

Sara (sarasization) | 53 comments Book 2
101 Things You Need To Know. . . And Some You Don't! by Richard Horne
101 Things You Need To Know...And Some You Don't!
by Richard Horne, Tracey Turner.


The book is full of answers to questions that we think about sometimes but never really search for answers like "Why is the sky blue?". I liked how they present complicated ideas in simple ways. There's also activities you can do that are related to the ideas.

message 12: by Haben (new)

Haben | 8 comments Me talk Pretty by David Sedaris

A very funny and light read. I finished this book quickly as it was engaging. If you have a "seinfield" or enjoy the humor of Larry David, you will truly love this book. Highly recommend for a light read while traveling or on a weekend gateway.

message 13: by Haben (last edited Jan 15, 2012 01:20AM) (new)


I actually stumbled on this book by accident. I recently purchased a kindle and I wanted to read some free books first. I came across this book. It's a story narrated by a boy who spends most of his childhood in the projects. It delves into his relationship and family dynamics, bullying in poor neighborhoods, and the life of a low class single parent home.

message 14: by Azhaar (new)

Azhaar Al-amoudi (azhaars) | 5 comments القائد الذكي by Tony Buzan
القائد الذكي
يتكلم الكتاب عن صفات القائد الذكي وفي نهاية كل فصل يلخص صفات الفصل في قائد تاريخي سابق


message 15: by ɑƨħŵɑɡ ♥Team Magnus Damora FOREVER♥ (last edited Jan 15, 2012 10:49PM) (new)

ɑƨħŵɑɡ ♥Team Magnus Damora FOREVER♥ (unheard) | 62 comments The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson
Book: The Girl Who Played with Fire
Author: Stieg Larsson
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime
Finished Date: 12.Jan.2012
Rating: ★★★★★
Review: Have a thrilling experience

≈ This book is just another great journey into the depths of Lisbeth Salander and it doesn't get any better than this. ≈

message 16: by M (new)

M Naser (modidoody) | 54 comments Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho
بداية الكتاب كان مشوش وما قدرت افهم كثير، لمن تعمقت فهمته بشكل كبير الكتاب له فلسلفات عديدة اتفقت مع واحدة منهم
وصف الكتاب الدقيق لاغراض تخالف عاداتنا وتقاليدنا ما حبيتها ...

message 17: by Asma (new)

Asma (asthma) | 20 comments Septimus Heap Book 2 "Flyte"
Author:Angie Sage.


A fun and entertaining sequel to the first book of the series,Magyk. Quirky and fast paced.

http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/265... (Septimus Heap, #2)|Angie Sage|http://photo.goodreads.com/books/1298...]

message 18: by Ayesha (new)

Ayesha | 8 comments Limitless
by Alan Glynn

The book in general was ok, I started it may be 3 months ago but I got bored in the middle because it talked a lot about Investment and inside trading and some financial aspects in details thats was too much for me, it gets better if you continued reading, I promise!

The book is totally different from the movie, so if you loved the movie, be prepared to be disappointed in so many things.

message 19: by Muneeb (new)

Muneeb (thecrazyjogger) | 8 comments SuperFreakonomics Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes And Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance by Steven D. Levitt


Really enjoyed reading this. Not as good as the first Freakonomics book thou. This book has some radical points, the biggest being the global warming one. Reading about the book online before I started reading it, I had a clue on not to believe or put much faith in everything they said.
I would suggest reading the first Freakonomics book before reading this one

message 20: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 4 comments أسماء مستعارة (قصص قصيرة)
عبدالرحمن منيف


قرأت هذا الكتاب كي أهيء نفسي لقراْة "مدن الملح"


message 21: by Ahmad (new)

Ahmad Badeeb (paper_cut) | 15 comments الذين ضحكوا حتى البكاء
لمصطفى محمود

مجموعة قصص قصيرة. خفيف وممتع.

message 22: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Al | 2 comments كتاب: ألزهايمر
د. غازي القصيبي
التقييم: 3/5

شيء محزن أن لا تتذكر شيئا من ذكرياتك، أفراد عائلتك، أشخاص قابلتهم..حبك الاول..خفقة قلبك الاولى..ألوانك المفضلة، و القائمة تطول!

قد قرأت كتاب نسيان كوم لمستغانمي على أمل الشفاء و نسيان أشخاص مروا في حياتي، لكنني مللت الكتاب قبل الانتهاء منه، وقتها أيقنت انني لا اريد نسيانهم، اريد ذكراهم بحلوها و مرها....اريد ذكرياتي كلها محشورة في دماغي، يا رب لا تسلبني ذكرياتي يوماً!

هذا الكتاب بالرغم من انه كان مختصرا جداً و هو عبارة عن رسائل من زوج مريض بالألزهايمر الي زوجته لكنه جعلني احمد الله علي نعمة الذاكرة و عدم نسيان اهم تفاصيل حياتي لكي لا اكون عالةعلى أحد!

استمتعت جداً

message 23: by Loki (new)

Loki (idreamofloki) | 2 comments Tea Time with Terrorists
Mark Meadows

It was an okay read.. I have mixed feelings, in some parts it was interesting but in others it just dragged on. All in all it was an okay book..

message 24: by Johara (new)

Johara Almogbel | 52 comments Agatha H and the Airship City (Girl Genius) Agatha H and the Airship City by Phil Foglio

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I LOVED this book. After a reading drought of a few months, this was a refreshing novel to pick up. (I don't consider the hilariously cheesy sandra hill 'book' I read a few weeks back as literature. It can't be considered anything but art. *snickers*)

But, seriously. New, inventive world, sci-fi I can stomach, the absolutely adorable Jagerkin, and a likable (kinda) heroine. Madness and chaos and non-stop action. It's not a perfect, oh-my-God-this-changes-my-world novel, but it was decent enough to make me want to buy the next few novels AND the graphic novels.

If you want something to wile away time, I recommend this. Now, if you'll excuse me, I just found out the books are a novelization of a webcomic, and I GOTSA GO READS ME SOME PICTURES. Ahem.

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