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Sabzzy123 it is amazing is it not your thoughts and favorite parts

Ticiana I love the series so much, they get me dancing like a penguin at the end of each episode! :D lol

Sabzzy123 ok, than

Sabzzy123 well i probably look like a penguin when i dance so... did u see last nights episode

Ticiana yes!! omg Meredith is now on the show as some doctor :D

Amber Ivers When my daughter and I saw Meridith as a doctor, we laughed, and then we said, "Oh at least she'll be with Alaric like in the books!

Then when Damon *SPOILER ALERT* kissed Elena, I didn't have time to respond because my daughter jumped up and down three times, screaming "I knew it! Yes! I knew it!"

Gotta love teens!

Fallon Farmer luv new Vampire Diaries Episode. When Damon kissed Elena .... loved it, but most of all was the look on her face afterwards when realization set in. I can't wait to find out Stefan's intentions!!! :)

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