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David Haws I started the book up today, and it looks pretty good. I'm seeing some re-cylced themes and character (probably inevitable for anyone as prolific as Murakami) but it translates well. I'm going to take my time and enjoy it. Anyone want to read (reread) it with me?

Ahmed  Saad  | 2 comments I started " listening' it a week ago. It will take a while as I'm moving slowely. I have exams and not a lot of time. I enjoyed it so far and I did feel it was familiar.Like a different story but from the same memory. This will be the third book I read for murakami but he became one of my favourite afer kafka on the shore.

David Haws I'm enjoying this (I'm a little more than a third of the way through) and I like the parallels with Murakami's other works (Nagasawa/Wataya, Toru/Toru). This kind of self-reference is what I like best about Stephen King's books. For some reason the Noburu Wataya character and the Sakigake remind me of the 20th Century Boys manga (Tomodachi). I really love his characterizations, especially his women.

David Haws I really love Murakami's characterizations (he obviously loves them as well). The Ushikawa character in the third book, recycled to 1Q84, is especially relentless (I almost get a headache listening to him). It strikes me now that Ushikawa is the WWII (Allied) stereotype of Japanese men: (bestial, squat rather than short, obsequious and deviously treacherous). Do you think this is intentional on Murakami's part?
Also, why was there no comparable stereotype of Japanese women? Were Japanese women seen as tabula rasa and so beyond stereotype?

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