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I'm glad I'm not the only one that forgot the title of a book I liked! I can get pretty detailed with this book, just need the title.

At the very beginning a girl is in her sister's room because she needs some sort of medicine for her toothache (her sister is a witch - this is set at least 100 years ago, probably more). Then her sister comes in with some other people and her sister performs a spell where she kills the current Prince by making him fall of a steep cliff on his horse.

The girls have a nanny of sorts but she favors the older sister and is always foreshadowing that one sister will end up being the death of the other. They live with their father but I think no mother.

At a young age the younger sister is betrothed to a hare-lipped boy and spends time with his family. While in town the girl somehow saves another young boy and he swears to pay her back and so stays with her.

For some reason the younger sister, her betrothed, and her new "assistant" have to leave... on a ship possibly. At the end of the story they run into her sister the witch and somehow, in a freak accident, the older sister dies. The younger sister also confesses to her betrothed that she is in love with the "assistant" boy and wants to marry him.

The end. Help?

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Christy | 37 comments I really enjoyed this book too. Thanks for getting the title.

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