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Anyone reading the Jericho or Bret Hart books?

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message 1: by Jesse (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:34PM) (new)

Jesse Irwin | 1 comments Mod
Got the Jericho book last week. Started it on the train ride home from work, and read it straight through all night, finishing right before bed. A great read, although not quite up to the level of Foley's first book - it's close, though. Jericho's quite a witty guy.

I'll be picking up the Hart book this weekend from a friend who ordered it from Canada for me. Can't wait!

message 2: by Shelly (new)

Shelly (Mercy20) I just got Bret's book the other day, started reading it last night. I totally missed out on having Bret sign my copy though *cries*. Ah well, so far it's a damn good read.

I want to get Jericho's book.. he was one of my favorite wrestlers.

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