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message 1: by Ashley (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:33PM) (new)

Ashley (readerandwriter) Who are your favorite authors?

Mine are Gerri Hill, KG MacGregor, Julie Anne Peters, Augusten Burroughs,and now Jodi Picoult since I read her book "My Sister's Keeper".

message 2: by Lori (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:33PM) (new)

Lori (tnbbc) Jeff Lindsay for his Dexter trilogy
Dean Koontz for his Odd Thomas trilogy
Glen Duncan
Stephen King -up until his accident. (none of the newer books have come close)--He was the first author I really liked back when i was in high school.

message 3: by Jeannie (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:45PM) (new)

Jeannie | 13 comments Some authors who have remainded on my favorite list for a long time :

Richard Russo
T.R. Pearson
Louise Erdrich
Mary Doria Russell
Joyce Carol Oates
Annie Proulx
William Styron

There are many new authors who I like but it remains to be seen if they will stand the test of time :>)

message 4: by Wanda (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:45PM) (new)

Wanda | 2 comments Karl L. Kruger is my new favorite!
Francine Rivers
Deeanne Gist
Charles Martin
Robert Whitlow
Colleen Coble
Brandilynn Collins

message 5: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (cookiejarprincess) Here are just a few of my favorites...
Stephen King
Dean Koontz
Laurell K Hamilton
Janet Evanovich
Charlaine Harris
Beverly Cleary
Judy Blume
William Shakespeare
Charles Dickens

message 6: by Salma (new)

Salma Joyce Carol Oates (though I prefer her short stories)
Margaret Atwood
Stephen King
JK Rowling (of course)
Thomas Hardy
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Flannery O'Connor
Shirley Jackson
JD Salinger
I'm pretty sure there's others I'm missing- these are the ones that came up off the top of my head.

message 7: by Jodie (new)

Jodie (jodiemill) | 7 comments Jodi Picoult
Nora Roberts (J.D. Robb)
Tess Gerritsen
James Patterson
Anne Rice
Stephenie Meyer
Richard North Patterson
V.C. Andrews (her older stuff, not so much the newer ones that her family "finished" for her)
Christopher Pike (was a favorite as a young adult)
John Saul
Fern Michaels
Kat Martin
JoAnn Ross
and more...though I can't think of them now.

message 8: by Mouse (new)

Mouse | 16 comments Cormac McCarthy (though I have a hard time making it through his books)
James Tiptree Jr.
Thich Nhat Hanh
Mark Twain
Frances Hodgson Burnett

message 9: by RandomAnthony (new)

RandomAnthony If I have to limit it to five living writers, and I'll try to limit it to five, I'd say...

1. Cormac McCarthy
2. Haruki Murakami
3. Neil Gaiman
4. Richard Russo
5. Chuck Klosterman

message 10: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (target) | 14 comments Anne McCafferey and Elizabeth Haydon. I don't often pick favorite authors, but these two have surprised me with the consistancy of their writing.

message 11: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (cookiejarprincess) I've been reading the posts after mine and I keep thinking, I should have put them on my list too! How did I forget JK Rowling and Neil Gaiman for crying out loud?

message 12: by Lawriter (new)

Lawriter | 4 comments I like Janet Evanovich and James Patterson.

I also enjoy Stephen J. Cannell. He has a new mystery on the shelves right now, Three Shirt Deal, it's the next Shane Scully book:

message 13: by Mandy (new)

Mandy James Patterson, Lee Child, Meg Gardiner, Martina Cole, Jane Green, Ben Elton, John Grisham (although haven't read any of his for years), Mary Higgins Clark (not read for years), Jodi Picoult.

Actually this has reminded me to read some of my old favs that I haven't in a while.

message 14: by Lori (new)

Lori (tnbbc) I cant believe I left out Jose Saramago from my original post. Im horrorstruck! I love his style, and his stories... they have this way of sticking with me long after Ive read them. (though i have a very hard time getting straight through his books. they can get so heavy that i find myself taking numerous breaks, just to let it all soak in)

Also, I want to add Christopher Moore to my list. I have only started reading him since Dec, but three books in and loving him! (Stupidest Angel, Lamb, and A Dirty Job)

message 15: by Emma (new)

Emma (elpryan) John Irving, L. M. Montgomery, Stephen King (though the older of his the better)

message 16: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (loveliesdiva) | 3 comments My favorite authors are....
Jayne Ann Krentz
Jane Austen
Catherine Coulter
Maeve Binchy
Phillipa Gregory
Karen Essex
....and many many more.

message 17: by CrisTina (new)

CrisTina | 1 comments Favs...

Catherine Coulter
Janet Evanovich
James Patterson
Mary Higgins Clark
Fern Michaels
Nicholas Sparks
Sue Grafton, sort of
Kristin Billerbeck

message 18: by Kenzie (new)

Kenzie I have way to many, but here's a few. J.K.Rowling, C.S.Lewis, Jenny Nimmo, Kaza Kingsley, Cornelia Funke. I love fantasy/fiction and they all write fantasy/ficion. Oh, and the Spiderwick people, Holly Black and Tony Ditzerlizzi. (I think I slaughtered his last name)

message 19: by Andrea (new)

Andrea (andreag) | 27 comments By category:
Mystery - PD James, Laurie King, Steven Saylor, Simon Brett
SciFi/Fantasy - Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, Neal Stephenson, William Gibson
Fiction - Robertson Davies, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens

message 20: by Dan (new)

Dan Schwent (akagunslinger) If I limit myself to five, I'll say P.G. Wodehouse, Joe Lansdale, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, and Christopher Moore.

message 21: by Ben (new)

Ben Grad (BennyBoy) | 3 comments Chuck Palahniunk, Mark Z Danielewski, SD Perry, Kurt Vonnegut, Richard Matheson, and Doug Coupland.

message 22: by Claire (new)

Claire My top three..
1. Gabriel Garcia Marquez
2. Umberto Eco
3. Toni Morrison

And then the rest..
4. Charles Dickens
5. John Irving
6. Italo Calvino
7. Milan Kundera
8. Salman Rushdie
9. Sandra Cisneros
10. Jamaica Kincaid
11. Kenzaburo Oe
12. JRR Tolkien

message 23: by Amy (new)

Amy Geraldine Brooks, Wallace Stegner, Michael Chabon, John Steinbeck, Jane Austen, Bronte sisters, james Patterson, Oh boy,I can't seem to stop.....

message 24: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (dwell_ondreams) | 12 comments Neil Gaiman! Neil Gaiman!

Though I also enjoy Terry Pratchett, Tolkien, Jim Butcher, Kim Harrison, Poe, Janet Evanovich, Stephen King, & Homer. I loved Laurell K. Hamilton's EARLY work, but I haven't liked her for the past few years.

But mostly Neil Gaiman. :)

message 25: by Tana (new)

Tana Harrison I don't think I've ever met an author I didn't like. So my short list.
1. Anya Bateman
2. Joni Hilton
3. Janet Evanovich
4. Dan Brown
5. Jane Austin
6. Steve Berry
7. James Patterson
8. Jennifer Weiner
9. Nicholas Sparks
10. Mitch Albom

message 26: by Andrea (new)

Andrea (andiesmith) i am biased but Daniel Reveles (my grandfather), Stephanie Meyer, john jakes, steve berry, james patterson

message 27: by Celeste (new)

Celeste (celestelueck) | 27 comments My favorite authors include:

Steve Berry
David Fulmer
J. K. Rowlings
Susan Wittig Albert
Nancy Atheron
Carlos Ruiz Zabon
Stephanie Meyer

and so many more...

message 28: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ a lot of the time i'll like one or two books by one author but not ALL of them. i like all of scott westerfeld's books, though...there's one. i'm sure there are others but i can't think of them right now.

message 29: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (cmkeel) | 12 comments Here are some of mine. For most of these authors, I enjoy everything they've written.

Flannery O'Connor
Marcus Borg
John Dominic Crossan
James F. Cooper
Toni Morrison
Arthur Miller
Ernest Hemmingway
Tom Perrotta
C. S. Lewis
James Hillman
Will and Ariel Durant
Viktor Frankl

There are a few others but they come to mind right now.

message 30: by Kathy (new)

Kathy (bookgoddess1969) I would say my favorites are:
Stephen King
Richard Matheson
Anne Rice
Charlaine Harris
Jodi Picoult (different, huh?)

Though, I love so many others, I'm not sure if they would be on this list yet.

message 31: by Lisa (last edited Apr 23, 2008 12:22PM) (new)

Lisa | 42 comments So many it's hard to list them all
Robert Jordan, and Terry Goodkind (the best of the fantasy I think)
John Irving
Mark Twain
Sara Donati (Rosina Lippi) the best of historical romance--if you know "Last of the Mohicans" she spins off from that.
lately: Sara Gruen, Silas House
and new to me authors like Dean Koontz (because of Odd Thomas) and James Patterson

message 32: by Kenzie (new)

Kenzie I've started reading James Patterson, and he is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I love his books!

message 33: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ which ones have u read, kenzie?? you've read maximum ride, right? those books rock!!!! (except the fourth one)

message 34: by Pauline (new)

Pauline | 6 comments Jodi Picoult
Paulo Coelho
JK Rowling
Stephenie Meyer
Nicholas Sparks

Southernbelle0326 | 13 comments My favorite authors are
Jane Austen
Janette Oke
Deeanne Gist
Lynn Austin

message 36: by Denise (new)

Denise (deniseg53) | 13 comments I have so many favorites but here are a few:

Diane Chamberlain
Jonathan Tropper
Tom Perrotta
Jennifer Haigh
Marisa de los Santos
P.D. James

My favorite new one is Amy MacKinnon who wrote "Tethered"

message 37: by Dylan (last edited Dec 07, 2008 09:54AM) (new)

Dylan (dmfriend26) | 3 comments My favorite authors include:

Sarah Pinborough
Anne Rice
Richard Laymon
James Patterson
Stephenie Meyer
Nicolas Sparks
Stephen King
Dean Koontz
Michael Crichton
Brian Keene
Robert McCammon
Douglas Adams
Edgar Allan Poe
David Eddings
Christpher Paolini
Richard Matheson
S.E. Hinton
Jose Saramago

Wow, that's a long list! :D

message 38: by Margaret (new)

Margaret | 2 comments Some of my favorite contemporary authors - in no particular order:
Annie Proulx
Richard Russo
Ann Patchett
Wallace Stegner
William Styron
John Irving

message 39: by jennifer (new)

jennifer (mascarawand) | 27 comments Just off the top of my head:
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Brian Moore
Flannery O'Connor
J.K. Rowling
Jane Austen
James M. Cain
P.G. Wodehouse
Agatha Christie
Josephine Tey
Lewis Carroll
Ambrose Bierce
Jim Thompson

message 40: by Rachel (new)

Rachel mine would be:

margaret atwood
jhumpa lahiri
tracy chevalier
toni morrison (though i wouldn't recommend "love")
jane austen
and, of course, william shakespeare

message 41: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine  (jadorejas94) | 9 comments I really like:
Stephenie Meyer
Karen Rose
Lynsay Sands
Natsuki Takaya
Sarah Dessen
Julie Anne Peters
Edgar Allan Poe

message 42: by Kate (new)

Kate | 12 comments Richard Russo - No. 1 absolute favorite. I tear through his books
A.M. Homes
Jhumpa Lahiri
Tom Perrota
David Sedaris
Cormak McCarthy

message 43: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ let's see ... some of mine:

Scott Westerfeld
Neal Shusterman
Rick Riordan
Stephenie Meyer
Gail Carson Levine
Roald Dahl
Cassandra Clare
Maureen Johnson
Libba Bray
Sarah Dessen
Meg Cabot

... errm i'm sure there are a lot more

message 44: by Jim (new)

Jim | 112 comments KATE ATKINSON


message 45: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (katymac55) Hmmmm....
Jane Austen ( I LOVE all her books, with the minor exception of Northanger Abbey, but that one is still a keeper)
Carolly Erickson (gotta love my fellow history geeks)
Edgar Allen Poe (how can you NOT love him, his work is dark but intriguing)
Nickolas Sparks (he's not a total genius but I like to snuggle up with one of his books and some hot chocolate every now and again)
j.m. Barry (I've only read Peter Pan, but it was awesome. You can tell that he was such a kid at heart.)
wow..only three so far
Oh! Wilkie Collins (because he wrote my favorite book, The woman in white. And No, I haven't read any of his other work)
... Okay i know there's more

message 46: by Adelita (new)

Adelita (adelitacampbell) Margaret Atwood
Christopher Moore
Chuck Klosterman
Nick Hornby
Carlos Ruiz Zafron
David Sedaris
Christopher Buckley
Kurt Vonnegut

message 47: by Wes, Moderator (last edited Feb 18, 2010 07:58AM) (new)

Wes (pricerightbooks) | 473 comments Mod
Anonymous is my favorite writer... If you search Anonymous on Goodreads you will see the profound works that Anonymous has written in the last 3000 years.
Amazing :)

message 48: by Angela (new)

Angela (blonde_chick120) | 23 comments Oh my gosh! Where to start!?

Janet Evanovich
Mary Kay Andrews
Pat Conroy
Clancy Carlile
Lisa Lutz
Fannie Flagg
Ken Kesey
John Irving
Dennis Lehane
Michael Lee West
Haywood Smith

(That's my short list) ; )

message 49: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly Jules Verne
Clive Cussler
Laurell K. Hamilton
J.K. Rowling
Wilbur Smith
Kelley Armstrong
Steve Baldacci
Alex Haley
Harlen Coben
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
(Not necessarily in that order though =])

message 50: by Ivan (new)

Ivan Truman Capote
Tennessee Williams
Carson McCullers
Edna St Vincent Millay
Alan Bennett
Helene Hanff
J. R. Ackerley
Dan Savage
Chuck Palahniuk

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