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What do you all think about Speak???

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message 1: by Mista (new)

Mista Frade | 5 comments Mod
Tell me what you think about Speak, thus far. Give your opinion and tell me why.

message 2: by Mista (new)

Mista Frade | 5 comments Mod
I really think this book has a great voice in Melinda. She is funny, sarcastic and someone that we can relate to. Yeah sure, her self-esteem is low and she bites her lower lip, but her opinions are pretty much right on. The tone is really hysterical and I know that I've heard those thoughts in my head. The fact that we are reading Melinda's mind is great because we see the world as she does, and the book constantly touches upon moments that we will all experience together as freshmen.

message 3: by khamesh (new)

khamesh | 1 comments i think that with wat happened at the party (i know) it is accecptable that she is silent and in due time she will reveal what happened n y she called the cops and then maybe the students will forgive her for ruinging their time.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I find the story really interesting. I wish we could cover more in class. >=] I can honestly say, that this book related to every teenager in some way. I know I can relate to Melinda. :]
I really enjoy reading Speak, because every topic that it covers is something most teenagers have encounter in some part of there high school lives. And soon, the freshman's of 218 will encounter them! :D

And it's a brilliant example of Teenage Angst. :]

message 5: by Mista (new)

Mista Frade | 5 comments Mod
Great entries! I am trying to find a way to have us read more of it, and I soon will follow through with that initiative. Keep your eyes peeled.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

I love Speak, because of Melinda's voice. (Ironic isn't it) She has this dark humour, that we all get as errant thoughts, and even though she is especially angsty (for good reason) you can't help but enjoy reading it, sarcasm and all. Plus, excluding what happened to her, she can be related to by nearly anyone. I relate to her more than any other character in a book.

message 7: by Brianna (new)

Brianna Rafferty | 7 comments As I read through this book I was so frustrated I felt like throwing the book across the room hollering SPEAK! but, I politely sat and finished it getting my reward in the end.... :)

message 8: by Zeva (new)

Zeva Martin | 2 comments Speak was just a book when i started but as a got more into it i couldnt get my nose out of it....I was thinking that i have had friends like Heather who seem perfect then drop out on you, i havent quite finished the book but i can already relate in many different kinds of ways.

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Speak was good, but it wasn't exactly my favorite of Laurie Halse Anderson's books.

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