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Repo! The Genetic Opera

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message 1: by WitchyFingers (new)

WitchyFingers Seen it? Heard about it? I am planning on seeing it on Saturday night, and I am excited- I think it is going to be strange and entertaining.


message 2: by Ubik (new)

Ubik | 46 comments Im going Sunday. Its Darren Lynn Bousman who obvioudsly must like industrial considering the cast he used.

message 3: by Phillip (last edited Nov 14, 2008 01:26AM) (new)

Phillip i'm definitely considering seeing it this weekend - there was quite a drought there for a while when it seemed like there wasn't anything in the theaters at all....now, along with this fantastic cinema japan series at pfa, there's quite a few films in the theaters i want to see.

including this new swedish vampire film with a 12-year old girl as the main character (she's the vampire). i saw a preview on it recently and it looked REALLY creepy. it's called something like "you're the one i choose" or something like that. i had a blurb about it laying around here somewhere, but i can't find it. hopefully it will still be in the theaters this weekend. if so, i'm so there.

message 4: by WitchyFingers (new)

WitchyFingers Oh, I'd love to see that Cinema Japan series- it looks fantastic. Argh.

And yes, P and A- Let The Right One In- does that come out this weekend? I definitely need to see it. It's so rare that I get to catch something scary in the theatre.

message 5: by Phillip (new)

Phillip yes; it's called Let the Right One In (good job rob and gina - i can always count on you two to know what's going on!).

i went to the theater today to check to make sure it's still playing (it's been there for a week). they said it was going to be there for two more weeks. so i'm going to see it sunday with a friend who loves vampire movies (almost as much as me). the trailer looks REALLY good.

there isn't much happening this week on the cinema japan series that i want to see. i almost went to see the new bond film tonight. my students were asking if i wanted to join them tonight, but i declined. i have a nice bunel film (the brute, one i haven't seen before) i got from netflix. i recently picked up that criterion/eclipse box focusing on four films about women by mizoguchi. i'll probably watch one of those.

message 6: by Ubik (new)

Ubik | 46 comments Ive been wanting to see Let The Right One In ever since I first read about it on 24framespersecond.net about a year ago. I cant believe its finally coming out...and to the US?

message 7: by WitchyFingers (new)

WitchyFingers Tickets sold out for Repo. I am very, very disappointed. Apparently there's only going to be the one showing here in Atlanta, which is a big bummer.

That's another thing I miss about SF- general public interest in things aside from Nascar, enough to warrant running indie/strange/arthouse/ect films for more than one night.

message 8: by Phillip (new)

Phillip it only played there one night?

message 9: by WitchyFingers (new)

WitchyFingers One sad night. *sigh*

message 10: by Amy (new)

Amy | 238 comments Mod
Oh Rob, I will be the last one to see Let the Right One In...pretty darn sure. It looks cool .

message 11: by Phillip (last edited Nov 16, 2008 11:16PM) (new)

Phillip yeah...there's room.

i'm hardly here, and when i am here, i'm writing to you guys. we might as well set up HQ here and you can all report in whenever you need a shot of...well, whatever you need. my books, record collection and dvd library are at your disposal and you're welcome to come bearing gifts (like, more music, books and dvds). i can accomodate two guests comfortably at a time, so book your reservations now. i have touring musicians passing through here all the time, i might as well include you folks in the lot.

message 12: by Ubik (new)

Ubik | 46 comments So am I the only one so far who HAS seen Repo! ?

I will say right off that I dont normally like musicals except for some Disney films so..yeah
That said, I really liked the film. It was very stylish, neat plot, cool gore, Paris Hilton actually played just the right part, and I actually liked most of the songs. I definitely recommend it if it can be found.

I thought I had it bad here in Vegas in that we only had it for a week, but ONE DAY???? That sucks, G..

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