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message 1: by David (new)

David Delaney | 915 comments You all don't know me, don't know what I actually do for "new Australians" you don't know what is happening here in Australia! I am not racist, bigot or ignorant.

message 2: by Poppy (new)

Poppy | 1322 comments Oh my, David. Surely not good bye for good. Since this is the first post, I have no idea what precipitated your departure. Can you tell us?

message 3: by Jimmy (new)

Jimmy | 384 comments Sorry this happened to you, David. It can be difficult to post opinions on an open site like this. I knew exactly what you were talking about in that poem you posted. People should be able to disagree without the name calling.

message 4: by Rose (new)

Rose Boehm (rosemaryboehm) | 2665 comments David, I hope I haven't contributed to making you make such a sad decision - if that is truly a 'good bye'.

I commented on the poem by your friend (not by you) and called the poem badly written and didn't want to read any more writing against a religion. Simply against certain acts. I remember I wrote something to that end.

The fact that the poem can be re-written, that it can concentrate solely on the incident, that it was in a jolly old rhyme for such a truly nauseus act, has nothing to do with either the writer or, of all people, you.

I stick by my critique of that poem. But I beg you, don't go. You can't possibly take this personally. Please.

message 5: by Sally Boots (new)

Sally Boots (Sally-boots) | 758 comments David, I like your poems--the ones you write--and hope you'll stay. Just for the record, I never thought you were a racist; you've always come through as a nice guy. I'd love to know more about Australian government, demographics, legal system and politics so I can put your and Noel's reaction to islam in context.

message 6: by David (new)

David Delaney | 915 comments Rose, no you didn't imply I was any of the above, Noel is an old man & loves to write the way he writes & he had a christian upbringing.

Sarah, I have & give my time happily to anyone regardless of religion or race, we are ALL humans, please feel free to google "sharia law in australia news"

message 7: by David (new)

David Delaney | 915 comments Just as a sample, here is one of Noels poems about his Daughter after loosing her husband to cancer & moving closer to family.

The Campbell's are coming.

There was movement down at Bulli,
when the word was spread around.
That the Campbell' were a massing,
their first Christmas bash in town.
Jess and Todd from Hammondville,
And Am's from up the coast.
Guy and Lara from the bush,
keen to sample mothers roast.

And one was there from Corrimal,
his hair was white as snow.
The only reason he showed up,
was he had no where else too go.
With Issie there to guide him,
so he didn't pose a threat.
Give him a bone to nor on,
and he'll think he's the family pet.

Now Jule's she was the leader,
and she set the record straight.
Don't spill beer on me carpet,
or you'll all be out the gate”!
Don't open any presents,
before I give the hoot.
And definitely no belly aching,
if the present doesn't suit.

Well Lara she was off the mark,
before the hammer dropped.
She had opened fifty presents,
before she could be stopped.
Christmas rapping's flew,
like confetti in the breeze.
No one knew who owned what,
and scratched around like fleas.

Was the G-String meant for Grandma,
or the padded bra for Guy.
Was the socket set for Jenny,
or Grandpa, The apple pie.
Was the Doggy kennel meant for Todd,
and Jess,”The Meaty Bites”.
Was Jul'es meant to get the hammer,
or the pair of lacy tights.

Oh my God it was a mess,
someone will have to pay.
Or could this be last time,
the Clan meet at Spinners Way.
Well the job it fell to Grandma,
to sort out this ugly mess.
I admit the task was daunting,
but one she must address.

Ame's you get the socket set,
The Knights need to tighten up.
Todd can have the Meaty Bites,
and share them with his pup.
Jess you can use Kennel,
when you find the task to daunting.
Guy you get the G-String,
for all your face-book flaunting.

The rest will have to take what comes,
and be contented with their lot.
This whole episode created,
when Lara lost the plot.
Grandma for all your efforts,
you get the winners cup .
Gramps you get the tea towel
and can do the washing up.

So it came to pass that those who came,
thought the party was the best.
They ate their fill with gusto,
and then laid them down too rest.
This was Christmas out at Spinners Way,
and for sure there is no doubt.
We'll all be back again next year,
to let it all hang out.

message 8: by Sally Boots (new)

Sally Boots (Sally-boots) | 758 comments lol

message 9: by Rose (new)

Rose Boehm (rosemaryboehm) | 2665 comments yes x

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