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RANDOMNESS!!! > ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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!plz plz plz join my group Roleplay galore. it has died. heck it was never even alive!!!!! also if you want i have other groups called

Miley Cyrus Lovers
randomness is healthy.......sometimes

plz and thank you

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Mes might...but i have a lot of groups.

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ya...could we please rp...me bored...

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ok but i have to create a chacracter on this first

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you can jump in, but it's easier to make a character.

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ok i created one

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k. I criticized it. go back 2 paces loljk.

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hey are you goin to add moderators? if you are can i be one?

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thanks! :)

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♥ Sarah ♥  (sarah_aka-me) | 19 comments pleaze join my group:

Jeff Thomas fans

it kinda fell apart...:((((

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