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MR. NUM YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Court LOL!! I used to like love that commericals. HAVE U SEEN THE one, WITH That one guy who's like standing there all idiot-like and he says "candy-gram!" and then that mop like pops, lol I think its really funny.

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oh yeah, thats so stupid its funny, or at least hats what my mommy said...loljk

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Court Yep.

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Ok, so this gay dude in my school, Cody, Is SO DESPERATE!!! He sent this note to this girl Xiomara, Pronounced Seeomara, and this is his note with her replies!:

Cody: Do you want to go to the movies with me?
Xiomara: HELL NO!!
Cody: Well, I love you!

Then this is where it gets good...

My friend Tori was the next victim.
This is Cody's note with her replies:

Cody: Would you like to go to the movies with me?
Tori: No, you Jacka**!
Cody: Well, I love you. I've got a present for you! I'll bring it tomorrow.

So the next day he brought it. As I sat down, I told Tori,"I'm praying for you."
She said,"I'll be praying for myself!"

Later, I wrote a note asking:

Me:Did Cody give you his 'gift' yet?
Tori: He tried, and I said no, but then he came back, and asked me to marry him!

I laughed really loudly after that, and stuck the note in my bag.

Then, after that, Tori, her friend Abby, and I worked together on Lit Q's. Cody kept on mouthing,"I love you, Tori! I told her every time he did that, so she told the teacher, and we sat in the hall and worked on it, AHEM, goofing off at the same time.

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