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Corbett | 23 comments I am trying to find a book for my friend that I read a long time ago. I know it was written by a woman, and the two things I remember about the book was that she felt the 'puritan work ethic' was to blame for people suffering from virus more that 2 days. She said something like " if your work ethic doesn't allow you to stay in bed unless you are sick, get a one or 2 day virus, not one that lingers on for 2 weeks. The other thing she said is "God wants you to be comfortable, if you don't feel comfortable, write a letter to God detailing what you need in order to be comfortable."

I hope someone here knows who that author is.


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Lobstergirl | 33808 comments Mod
Corbett, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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