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Has Anyone Read the Book?

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Yasmin96 I have barely started the book so far but has anyone actually read it yet? I don't think anyone has but it is supposed to be a mystery about a Ferris Wheel type thing in London. i chose it because London is awesome!

Dana Yes I have it is great well wrote and all that, but the only thing is that the mystery starts all slow by page 100 the mystery is just starting so dont give ( at least try not to)

Saundra Pitt I listened to the audiobook... like the above poster said, the mystery is slow to start. It was not really what I expected, but not a bad book! (I also chose it because the setting was London!)

message 4: by Ariadna (new)

Ariadna It was a very good book!

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I enjoyed it!

Amanda I have several students reading the book now - I read it because they are reading it. I liked it and most of my students like it. The story has enough twists and turns to be interesting, but not so many that it is confusing.

Labibah Safdar I agree with Amanda because it has enough twists but it is still not confusing!

Andrea HATE THIS BOOK!!!! Bad language, bad plot, just bad.

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E. I thought the book was alright. Yes, I have read it, did it not come out in the US or something?

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