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Is this original??

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Amberkatze This is nothing like the Karen White books. They are boring, slow and not very entertaining.

This series is fun, interesting and fast-paced.

I would have never thought to compare them to each other. They are miles apart.

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Amberkatze Sorry if I misunderstood your point. However seeing as I read he Tradd Street books and Juliet Blackwells books I can only repeat myself by saying they are miles apart from each other.

The concept may sound similar but as I already mentioned the style is completely different. Also the Melanie's are worlds apart from each other. As for the ghost elements, Dead Bolt is spookier than Tradd Street and the ghosts are more prominent in Juliet Blackwells's books.

I hope you have the chance to read the, imho, 'better' series some day. It is certainly more exciting and has more depth than the Tradd Street series.

Jeanine I haven't read the Tradd Street books but will now add them to my to-read list. Juliet Blackwell's books I have read - both series - the Haunted Home Renovation series and her Witchcraft series. Both are fun and well written with great characters and dialogue. You should give them a try! You won't be disappointed.

Jeanine I'll give that series a try! Thanks!

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