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Jenks and his wife

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message 1: by Julia (new)

Julia (julia_m) | 10 comments what are some theories of yours that you think might happen to Jenks and his wife?
and Jax too do you guys think that he will leave Nick.

message 2: by Elle (new)

Elle (Shinigami5910) I hate to say it but I think they die in the next book. I also think Trent plays a big part too, either trying to kill Rachel again and falling for her....

message 3: by Julia (last edited Nov 11, 2008 07:40AM) (new)

Julia (julia_m) | 10 comments No.. i don't Trent is going to kill Rachel...where have you been? Rachel saved his ass...twice he owes her.. I think that Rachel is going to change Trent for the better.
and also my guess on Jenks is that i don't think Harrison is going to kill him he might survive because he used a curse to change into a human when he went with Rachel to save Nick in ." Fistful of charms".. When rachel transformed into a wolf all her scars and freckles were gone and i think that changing Jenks had to have heal him too gave him a life span of a human..but i don't think his wife will make it thou..:(

Go to then go to Drama Box its where u can talk to kim urself. .she is also writing book 9 and told us a few little hints of whats happening in the Trent and Rachel, Jenks and Ivy are in the same car...their heading for a Road Trip!!...and now i just checked the Drama Box and Rachel and Trent are stock in the men's bathroom!!!

message 4: by Julia (new)

Julia (julia_m) | 10 comments just my theories..on what would happen...:)

message 5: by Brycen (new)

Brycen (melisandes) My question is if his wife dies, would jenks want to continue living. If he did get a human life span from his change over, how would he handle life with out Madel?

message 6: by Elle (new)

Elle (Shinigami5910) Hmmm I agree Julia..... but remember the anger Trent had for Rachel in 'For a Few Demons More' during the end? But also he was concerned when she took the Were curse into herself. Its a 50-50 chance with him. I think Brycen is right, maybe Jenks wife will pass. It'll be very sad for Jenks, but not as sad as Kistens.....

message 7: by Julia (new)

Julia (julia_m) | 10 comments yeah I've asked that question..and i wasn't sure...but Jenks still has Rachel and his kids..its going to be hard for him.

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