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message 17: by Spandana (new)

Spandana Nandamuri | 28 comments But Emma looks suitable for the part of a vampire gal!!!!

message 16: by Spandana (new)

Spandana Nandamuri | 28 comments But Emma looks suitable for the part of a vampire gal!!!!

message 15: by Jacquel (new)

Jacquel (ClaireVioletThorpe) | 103 comments I don't think Emma should be anywhere near Twilight at all, not if she played Hermione in the Harry Potter movies.

message 14: by Spandana (new)

Spandana Nandamuri | 28 comments Not at all!!!! It would have been awesome if it was Emma Watson

message 13: by Alexia (new)

Alexia | 9 comments B. She was too serious all the time, and more self-absorbed than in the books.

message 12: by Anita (new)

Anita | 17 comments I don't know.
A: I think she did portray Bella alright. I actually also saw Twilight before i started reading, so I could see why she did some of the things. I thought she got better at acting during the series. I don't think she's perfect for the role, but I don't know who could have played her instead of Kristen.

message 11: by Renée (new)

Renée (Renee_Bookboyfriends) IKR!?!? and he was 100% into it and now, just made me sad, that's what it did made me sad. How wil they walk down the red carpet? Do you think they will make up at all? Or will he give her a second chance?

message 10: by Meghan (new)

Meghan (Meghan-Dillon1hotmailcom) A. I do not like k stew at ALL, and her character is nothing like her personalty, so she surprised me with how well she portrayed bella.
ps. feel so bad for RP . Can't believe Kristen Stewart cheated on him. They were perfect together. :-(

message 9: by Brie (new)

Brie (Faerie_Brie) Hard to say with no one else acting as Bella to compare her to (:
Truthfully I hadn't heard anything of the Twilight Saga until Twilight came out on DVD(I know I know. I was a sleep deprived new mom out of touch). So I saw the movie at a friends and thought she was eh not a great actress. I was so rapt by the film I had to get the books(always the better option) and that's when I thought "oh ok I understand where she is coming from" or "oooh this part is helpful when visualizing Kristen's acting" i.e. her expressions, tone and mannerisms.
Maybe my experience helped me to appreciate her portrayal. Where as reading books first-there will always be some level of disappointment.
I'm more disliking of the films being so short and lacking. I mean it's a SAGA. 3plus hour films would have done more justice. Wouldn't any actress have a hard time conveying their character in such a condensed way?

message 8: by Renée (new)

Renée (Renee_Bookboyfriends) A, I think she did really well, she's just typecast as bad becuase there were a lot of jealous females out there! She really puts a lot of effort into it, especially in the later films.

message 7: by Jenny (new)

Jenny Gottlieb | 20 comments B: Not a fan of KS, but don't have anyone better to offer.

message 6: by Lauren (new)

Lauren   Grace (Just Keep Spinning) | 8 comments A

message 5: by Emily (new)

Emily B. I pictured Bella being someone more like the person drawn in the graphic novel

message 4: by Irina (new)

Irina Castillo (irina117) | 15 comments A

message 3: by Kiddi (new)

Kiddi (Kiddi143) | 10 comments Yes, of course, she was great to be Bella Swan. It's not her real character as Bella, it amazed me for that.

Hold_My_Heart (Rachel)  (FormerlyNarnian525) A. Yes. She was great

B. Eww, no. (Say who you wanted in the comments)

C. I guess

D. I didn't really care

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