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forming an NYC non-fiction book club

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Teddee (tedvonswinkertoodleloo) | 5 comments Mod
Hey all, just thought I'd let you know that I've posted an ad on craigslist to get some local NYC folks interested in a non-fiction book club. Here's the ad:

"Starting a non-fiction book club in NYC

I've always loved reading non-fiction books of all sorts, history, politics, science, etc. But it seems most of the book clubs out there are fiction book clubs. I'd like to start a non-fiction club so I can have friends with whom I can discuss the books I read. It's so frustrating reading a cool book and not being able to talk about it afterwards.

If you enjoy reading non-fiction, please join the group. We''ll probably start out as an informal email list and we can try to meet up face to face from time to time. In all likelihood, we'll start with history books, since the history books seem to have a fairly wide following. We can try reading the same book, or we can just informally discuss books we've read and what we liked about them."

Get your non-fiction reading book friends involved. I will refer responders to this mailing list. Once we have a few folks, the discussions will flow and we can try to schedule a meetup too.

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