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Just so you know

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message 1: by Emma the Dork (new)

Emma the Dork (cheesehead) YOU ARENT MILEY I SOOOOO DONT BELIEVE YOU and if u r, i really dont like your music. i mean, ur probably a good person, but seriously, ew.

message 2: by Katie (new)

Katie | 696 comments its not miley! there is no celebrity that has time for GOODREADS!

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

SOmone is even pretending to be Barack Obama now...

message 4: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments if you are miley, then stop bitching and leave

if you aren't, we don't give a fuck

message 5: by Paige (new)

Paige Miller what the f? what the fuck is going on????? What kind of obssessed stalker goes around pretending to be a slutty actress who acts like a 2 year old and manages to be a bitch at the same time?

Ohh that was a good bag... I'm so proud of myself!!! I think I'm tearing up....

message 6: by Katie (new)

Katie | 696 comments that wasn't even a good bag.

message 7: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments well if i don't think it's a good bag, then it's bad

but i think it was pretty good

message 8: by Katie (new)

Katie | 696 comments you only think so cuz she's a hater
if she was a lover?
yeah it would be awful.
and i think it was bad.

message 9: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments well does it matter

she's not real

and she hasn't responded

message 10: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments okay

well you're not doing a good job lying

message 11: by Paige (new)

Paige Miller Shut up Katie. Your just jealous of my bagging on Miley skills....

Thanks for the support Di!

Miley, dude, your an obssessed stalker freak and no one believes you. And if you were the real Miley, Disney wouldn't let you comment because if the reporters looked on it your comments could be on TV and Disney could be sued....

so basically your wasting your time. Also, if you were really Hannah Montana, you would go by a different name so your fans wouldn't know it was you.

message 12: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments well unless she's looking for attention...

message 13: by Emma the Dork (last edited Nov 09, 2008 02:59PM) (new)

Emma the Dork (cheesehead) i hate miley cyrus.

and i seriously doubt that you are actually miley ur probably just some stupid person pretending that they are miley who is obsessed with her and her stupidness who ALSO HAPPENS TO CHANGE HER PHOTO EVERY EFFING MINUTE. which i find incredibly obnoxious.


just get out of here.

message 14: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments btw, meghan really left probably because of our awesome bashing

but caroline hasn't left because she's being a liar as far as i know

message 15: by Emma the Dork (new)

Emma the Dork (cheesehead) i dont really care...i just hate them both

message 16: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments well isn't our goal to get rid of them?

we terminated one so isn't there a celebration?

message 17: by Emma the Dork (new)

Emma the Dork (cheesehead) yeah i guess but this is the internet. its kind of hard to have a party with out actually meeting the person that ur partying with.

message 18: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments okay fine *PARTY!!!*

message 19: by Emma the Dork (new)

Emma the Dork (cheesehead) the internet is so pathetic

message 20: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments lol

message 21: by Paige (new)

Paige Miller yeah. We got one. I'm sure we can get the others gone. We just have to drive them nuts. AND DON'T SHOW FEAR!!!! THEY CAN SMELL IT!!!!!!

I think that's supposed to be for dogs but they're bitches so I think it still applies! : )

message 22: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments we'd have to purposely show fear in our typing

since there's no tone or body language implied

message 23: by Paige (new)

Paige Miller True. I was kidding.

message 24: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments i know

just like to be logical about it

message 25: by Paige (new)

Paige Miller yeah

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