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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED!: Adult Fiction; divorced female protagonist dealing with her aging mother's decline, family secrets [s]

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Suzanne Picard | 2 comments I'm trying to recommend this book to a friend who's elderly parents are starting to decline. ARG! (bangs head on table). I can't remember the title!

The protagonist is a divorced, 40ish single mother of 2 young children. Shortly after her divorce, she moves back into her small-town, childhood home with her kids. Over the course of the next 2 years, her mother, who was an over-achieving spitfire for most of the protagonists' life, slowly loses her faculties. The book centers around the daughter's conflicted feelings about her mother's decline, her struggles to regain her dating feet in the aftermath of her divorce, and her (and her brother's) discoveries about the secret life their father led before his death, years earlier.

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Suzanne Picard | 2 comments YES! YES! YES!

That was it! THANK YOU! :)

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