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message 1: by Rita, Busy Bee (new)

Rita Webb (ritawebb) | 351 comments Mod
What makes a book cover great? Tell me all about your favorite and why.

Or discuss the nuances of great cover art.

message 2: by Heather (last edited Dec 04, 2011 06:31AM) (new)

Heather McCubbin (ssugrad94) | 12 comments Mod
One of my favorite book covers is Lani Woodland's "Intrinsical". I think it's because it was a real photo taken underwater and then photoshopped to get the effect they wanted. I find that computer generated ones can look cheesy; the faces/people they pick to be on the front (or even the font) looks like it came from a clip art folder somewhere on the computer.
The Twilight books, once they became popular, held great interest to me. I remember Stephenie Meyer saying she didn't have a say in the covers, but "Breaking Dawn" was a great cover full of meaning--said and unsaid--and kept us speculating about what the colors and chessboard (and placement of the pieces) meant. I also love how that board carried over into the newest movie.
"Harry Potter"..well, those covers told a story each time it was revealed. The speculation on the last book reached a frenzy I had never seen before.
So, all in all, I think books that have a cover that 1) are very well made and you can tell took a lot of time and energy to make and 2) tell a story/get you wondering or thinking are my favorites!

message 3: by Rita, Busy Bee (new)

Rita Webb (ritawebb) | 351 comments Mod
I came across an article on a YA book blog about book covers: http://www.yabookiemonster.com/2011/1...

I looked up some of the books here on goodreads, and sure enough, they do use the same photo in the covers. Sad. I feel sorry for the authors.

I wonder if the artists do this because they are out of ideas or if the publisher does this to get more sales, thinking that if one book cover caught the interest of buyers than buyers will be likely to buy its twin.

message 4: by Heather (new)

Heather McCubbin (ssugrad94) | 12 comments Mod
I believe there is a site that has "stock book covers" that publishers can pick from, tweak and add their title and author name. Probably done for money reasons?

message 5: by Rita, Busy Bee (new)

Rita Webb (ritawebb) | 351 comments Mod
You are probably right about that.

message 6: by Makani (last edited May 06, 2013 04:16PM) (new)

Makani | 54 comments on www.warriorcats.com Erin Hunter let People vote for the cover of the first Survivors book.

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