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The S-WordThe S-Word by Chelsea Pitcher

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"They are speaking for me.


"Couldn't they, at least pick a word that means something?

Ask a hundred people the meaning of that word and you'll hear a hundred answers. It means absolutely nothing. But the moment it is unleashed, it changes me. They look at me differently, all of them. As if I am no longer human. As if I am somehow a monster to be destroyed.

These things I have feared about myself now they are telling me.

And still, I sit up in the night, willing the word to rearrange so that this will have all been a dream. A nightmare from which I can escape. But sitting up only serves to rustle my nightdress, tugging at the blood that dries on my skin. The scabs rip away, awakening fresh wounds."


When Angie finds her best friend and boyfriend in a hotel room on prom night everything changed. She lost her best friend since grade school and boyfriend in one night and doesn't thinks a situation like this can get any worse, that is until the day her ex-best friend decides to take her own life and leaves Angie to pick up the pieces.

When I first picked up this read I was like "okay, here goes another suicide-mystery on my hands." but as I continued reading the book developed and progressed into something more than I expected and really enjoyed a lot. And its really fun when I can go into a book expecting one thing and I leave with something utterly different! The characters were surprisingly fresh,real, and haunting. I loved seeing all their stories play out through the book because all the characters had some serious but real issues.

Angie was one of my favorite character's through the span of this book. I related to her character and I was definitely on team Angie when she would scheme and lie to get answer's to who was spreading Lizzie's diaries around school. I mean yes scheming and lying to get what you want is terrible but I would do all of this for my best friend or sister if it meant bringing the bad guy to justice ( maybe this is the Sailor Moon fangirl in me).


It was refreshing to see Angie's flaws and how she was "coping" with the suicide of her best friend ( Lizzie) in which a few months before she had turned her back on and turned the other cheek when other students would bully Lizzie. I totally got why Angie was so obsessed with catching Lizzies taunters and trying to right her wrongs.And on Angie's search for justice you can see her spiraling out of control in her own depression and were left wondering will she ever pull out of this dark place?

Lizzie's character was the glue to this chaotic plot line. With the diary entries being displayed on over the school and suicide slut still making an appearance on her locker, way after her death her presence is very prominent throughout the book. It was haunting to read her diary entries. I loved when we(the main character & I) would find an entry because it brought Angie this much closer to the truth with each page. The pages were disturbing yet beautiful with metaphors for us to decipher and clues into her protected life. The author really brought you into the mind of a suicidal teen and I believed it.

All in all, the S-word was in no way preachy. By the end of the book the reader is left with an "a-ha" feeling and message that is the whole book ; everyone has secrets, everyone goes through difficult situations,everyone has secrets, and even though you are not the bully you are the just as guilty if you stand by and let bullying happen. I know that this does sound preachy but I can assure you that throughout the story that this message wasn't so clear in the beginning. All the characters had serious issues from abuse,suicide, and much more. It was interesting how the author fit all these dynamic issues and personality in to one book. It was brilliant and it rang true to the everyday situations young people go through today.

I recommend this books to readers who liked Shine by Lauren Myracle!

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JoeJoe by H.D. Gordon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Must. Have. This. Book. Period.

Joe was a really great read! I had difficulty choosing my rating between a 4.5-5 stars because I'm not really into the dark thriller type stories... but I had to sit back and think of a few things..

1.Did I like the story? Yes.

2.Did you like the main character? Yes.

3.Did the story flow? Yes, for 8 different point of views.

4. Did the balance between real and fantasy work? Yes.

5. Were all the characters believable? Yes, especially the Psycho lol.

6. Did the story come together as a whole? Yes, somewhat

7. Did the writing flow? Yes!

After all of the questions and deliberation I decided to go with 5 stars obviously!

H.D. was able to let us regular people (no offense) into the mind of a Psycho/Deranged college student and let us tinker in his crazy mind for a few chapters and that was all it took for me to believe this guy was crazy and a good villain to complete this thriller. This book absolutely played out in my mind like a movie and I can feel the fear building inside me when we were with "The Decider" for a few pages. I was glad we didn't have to stay in his mind for long because this guy is creepy!

Joe, the main character/protagonist is the bright side of this whole entire scenario. You would think that the touch of paranormal would be off in this story but it actually brought the story a light sense of hope. Joe is just plain weird. Weird in a good way and her weirdness makes you want to get inside her head because you know she different and theirs something about her that you want to know because you can feel she's good. The fact that Joe can see the future actually kicked the whole story into motion and I could not wait to find out about her child life and past with her gift or so she calls it her "Curse".

The only trouble I had with the story was with some of the POV's like Merrion...her story was not easy to read. I dont know if it was because she was an older woman and she just didn't have much going on.
I also wish we had more Joe! I absolutely loved her story and I wish we could of had more of her than the others.

Overall, this was an exceptional book! Although thriller is not my thing this book was great for what it was and I think the author did an amazing job of tying all the stories together!

Great story.Buy it.Read it.

Did anyone who has read the book notice that Joe was really "The Decider" at the end? :D

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Deity (Covenant, #3)Deity by Jennifer L. Armentrout

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"Best Covenant Book Yet!!"

I will have a full review closer to the release date but I think this will do for now. I can honestly say this is the best book in the Covenant series by far and I have hope that JLA can set the bar higher for the next book because this book is OUTRAGEOUS!!!

My reactions while reading:

I wont give any spoilers in this review so don't worry. I dont want any crazy JLA Fans to do this to me
or rough me up so instead of me telling you how I felt while reading I'll let these guys do the job for me...

You guys should definitely be running to the book store or Amazon when Deity comes out
because during the whole read people saw me doing a lot of this..

and this

The whole time I was thinking


Seth Sometimes I feel like doing this to you..

[image error]


Aiden ?

[image error]

Will you Marry Me?

So if your Dying to get your hands on this book I say get ready

because it is one heck of a ride !!

My Thoughts:

With the furies on the loose and the gods ready to strike Alexa must stay alive until her eighteenth birthday and so far this may be the hardest task for her yet. With everyone seemingly against her Alexa must choose wisely with who she trusts and let's in her circle. Even though the odds are stacked against her Alex will soon find her destiny and decisions will be made by her or others who want to use her power in their favor. But Most of all will Alexa lay down and let people make decisions for her or will she fight in what is truly her's and what she knows is right? The Gods are revealed and they think Alexa's destiny is the ultimate threat. In Deity you will see more romance than the first two books, more Aiden :D, a lot of people who are seemingly out to get Alexa, and you will also find out those who will fight for Alexa within these pages!

You guys are not going to believe the level of outrageous this book delivers! It is beyond words and I dont even know how to describe them right now. I had a difficult time getting through this book because every time something would happen I would have to take a 15 to 20 minute break to let it all settle in! Time's 20 minutes x 20 breaks and you get the idea...yes it was that many times! There is a lot of information that will knock your socks off in only 323 pages and JLA did a superb job in getting everything you needed to get ready for the next installment of the Covenant series!!

This book is absolutely fantastic and JLA is my all time favorite Author and she is a brilliant writer and story teller as well. I am so happy that I got to read this as a ARC and I cant wait for the world to read it in November so I can Gush and Praise this book! All that is left for me to say now is ..."You better get ready!' You are going to LOVE LOVE this book and be prepared for a WoW and Shock factor because it has the steamy romance we've been dying for ,some Kick ass fighting scenes,and some lefts that you didn't see coming about all of the characters! I swear all the character evolved in this one book and it was AWESOME!!! All of your questions will be answered in this book!

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Tidal WhispersTidal Whispers by Jocelyn Adams

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*I received this book from the Publisher for an honest review*

I absolutely adored this book!!

Tidal Whispers is a collection of short stories all inspired by the sea. It includes four stories from four very talented authors and you will be very surprised on the creativity and brilliance these authors bring to each story.

I read this book in one sitting and I was very surprised that I liked it a lot to give it a 5/5 star rating! To be honest I dont like reading short stories because I'm always left feeling cheated out of the whole story but with this one I was left whole and complete vs. betrayed and In pieces. Each story was different but each book had a different emotion feel instead of it being all one monotone sounding collection of stories. I would read one story and feel happy then another and feel sad and so on.

My two favorite stories were:

The Undergarden by Jocelyn Adams: This story was by far my favorite! I cried,laughed,and cried again! I'm on the verge of tears again just thinking about it. This short story was just brilliant and heartfelt that I instantly wanted to read more from this author if she could convey all these emotions from me in 30 pages or less. I read this story two times because I couldn't get it out of my head!

The Sweetest Song by Claire Gillian: I loved this story as well! I think Mrs. Gillian is also a very witty and talented writer and I can fly through all her stories and enjoy every word and feeling brought to life by this brilliant woman! This story is very creative and I loved, I say LOVED the spin Mrs. Gillian put on the mythological creature the "Siren". I have read one other book by this author and she hasn't disappointing me yet!!

Overall this was a fun read you should read on the beach(or if you dont live near a beach read on a rainy day like I did :D ). I definitely would recommend this book to everyone because all of the stories are captivating and you will be left feeling a bit happier after reading these lovely fantasies !


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Family Care (2nd ed.)Family Care by Jessa Callaver

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*I received this ebook from the author requesting me as a reviewer.*

Family Care is a sexy&fun story about a young woman named Josie who is on a mission to define herself as a young woman and finds herself exploring her sexual needs with a not so typical guy...

Josie is spending her spring break babysitting for the Sharps; The towns Power couple who are well off and seemingly happy in the public's eye but Josie soon finds out that behind closed doors things are not always as they seem. As the days go by Josie finds herself becoming close with the Sharps children as well as the Sexy & Mysteriously unreadable Mr. Sharp. As their attraction becomes clearer Josie finds herself in the middle of a family scandal that might ruin her good girl reputation for good.

This book was a fun and crazy read (Yes, I said Crazy!)! I read this book in one sitting and clearly enjoyed it! I didn't expect this short read to be so engaging as it was and I was very surprised at how much I liked all the characters in this book. Jessa Callaver takes you into the Sharp's life and diggs up all their deepest secrets and imperfections which makes the reader feel as though we were spying or intruding on this family's most dark and kept secrets. The details and descriptions were carefully thought out that I could have been in this story because I could picture every little detail. The writing style was great for this story because we had the main characters Josie's POV and we sometimes Had Evan and Cilia's (The Sharps) POV when needed which brought the whole story together perfectly because we got all the sides and feeling's of all the characters.
I also liked how even though this was a short read that the book didn't seemed rushed. Usually when you read stories like these its like "Boom,Bam" sexy read with hardly no story line or plot. Callaver was able to come up with a beginning, climax, and end which made the story in this case enjoyable with the unanswered questions answered and everyone satisfied (literally) LOL!!.

Entirely this was a page turning read and I cant wait till I have time to read more of Jessa's other short stories. A must read!!

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DEAD[ish]DEAD[ish] by Naomi Kramer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was free on so I decided to give it a go since it was only a hundred or so pages.

I finished this book in about two to three hours and it was a short an fun read.

My synopsis: Dead[ish] follows the ghost of Linda, a girl killed by her ex-boyfriend who is claiming it was not murder but just a simple accident.But Linda's a wants answer's on why her body is no where to be found and what is Mike (Linda's ex) hiding? Linda is no stupid gal and when she wants answers she gets the damn answers! So she haunts her ex everyday by dying his hair and skin different colors,blasting music from his stereo in his room so he get's no damn sleep, and dont forget painting his nails and feet flamingo pink(LOL)! Linda also hire's a P.I. named Trent(obviously everyone in the book can Linda's ghost if she wants you too) to find out where and what Mike did with her M.I.A. body. Only until then Linda finds out the disgusting truth about her bodies where a bouts....

Cons: This book was a fun and short adult read! I loved the characters and you didn't need the character's background to relate with them at all. I was very surprised how funny and interesting this book really was and I loved the love hate relationship between Linda and Trent and Linda and Mike. I especially loved the fact that Linda doesn't take no for an answer and is a woman scorn and out for revenge even though shes limited as a ghost,but it still didn't stop her!

If you don't mind constant curse words and a few sexy scenes you will enjoy Dead[ish]. I can honestly say I will read the other books to this series

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When Copper Suns Fall (Copper Suns, #1)When Copper Suns Fall by KaSonndra Leigh

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

**I received this book by the author for an honest review**

I had a hard time deciding on my rating for this book so I have settled on 2.5 stars.

Pros: The first few chapters of this book sounded promising. Did I like it at first yes! It had Angel's,Bad Angel's,Magician's,Trackers and some other cool ideas. The Main character was a girl and she had a twin brother which was another plus for me(if you know me you know why :D ). I also liked the mystery of what happened or what was happening to her brother "Micha" since he has been in a coma for some time. I thought this book would be a very good read considering all the cool stuff going for this story with the mystery and romance that I knew were coming soon! I also loved the intro which stated the "Creed for the Nation of Corunm";it gave me serious goose bumps!

Cons: This book started out really slow. We found out that her brother was in a coma and she didn't know why. Then after that came ton of world building...At first I was thinking okay were in a Dystopian kind of future where the government rules and that technology played a huge part in this society. The thing that turned me off was that the world building went on and on and I didn't quite capture the setting and the author focused on too many things instead bringing it to a whole.
There were also to many characters for my liking and the different categories or labels that the people had (i.e. Historian,Tracker,Magician&etc,etc) made me even more confused to where I got frustrated by going back and forth to write down what everything meant. I also didn't get the relation between the two main character's and it seemed a little rush to me as well as the action. Yes, I was dying for some action but when it came I was very confused on why the Tainted and the Caducceans were fighting and I still dont get why their enemies or why there was this big war against the two? Can anyone explain? I also had the feeling that

Altogether this was an "eh" read...I felt like I liked it sometimes and others I was left scratching my head. Will I continue this series? Yes. Why? I think this has potential to be a good story but it just needs to be cleaned up a tad bit and it was too long to be so slow moving. I will continue so I can get the answer's to all my questions and I still want to know the ending as well.

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PreservationPreservation by Rachael Wade

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*I was given this as an Advanced Readers copy for review by the Author.*

“Preservation is a classic story of how love prevails all.”

Kate turner is a twenty-something independent young women trying pay her way through college and pursue her career as a working author. When Kate meets Mr. Campbell: her smooth talking and feisty college professor she is immediately turned off by his obnoxious observations, snarky attitude, and overly confident stature but that is deterred by his good looks dreamy eyes and his love for writing.
As Kate and Ryan’s relationship gets heated will they be able to call their encounters a fling or will their emotions get the best of them?

I loved this book from beginning to end! I can definitely say this was a fast read because I read it in two sitting and I couldn’t put it down. I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened next when I wasn’t reading. The story starts off with two introductions…one of Ryan’s aka Mr. Campbell’s past and an excerpt building on Kate’s past.
When I first read the blurb I thought this book would fully evolve around the Teacher being physically and emotionally involved with a student but it goes way beyond that and my expectations. Even though the situations in this book are a little scandalous (which is why I read) the Author takes us into the lives of two selfish and unsure individuals and tells their story of lust, pain, loss, &happiness. This book was more on the romance side which made the book really enjoyable in my opinion. We get to see the reasons behind their stand offish feeling about love because of their past relationships that in both cases didn’t go well for both. As you continue reading you see Kate and Ryan’s relationship heat up to something that is just casual sex to something that can become so much more. Of course there are bumps along the way that will test the main characters feelings in the relationship which will lead to a turning point in the story.

This book was by far a great read. If an Author can write a book that has me sneaking into my secret hiding place at work just to read what happens next I give them two thumbs up because that was exactly what I was doing! The characters were fully developed and definitely set in their ways about the other sex and the boundaries that come with it. The Author also lets the reader emotionally connect with the characters to the point that these fictional characters come to life on the page and you will be saying “I would do the same thing!” Just thinking about this book gives me a happy feeling and I am glad I got a chance to read about Kate and Ryan’s story from beginning to end!

Favorite Quotes:
“Your love is one hundred percent genuine and has the power to completely obliterate me.”
Ryan Campbell- Rachael Wade in Preservation

“As much as I’d love to bury myself in you and break the shit out of this headboard, I have one more Christmas present for you,”
Ryan Campbell- Rachael Wade in Preservation

Cover Rating: Slick clean and inviting

Recommend to: People who are over the age of 17 and like Contemporary Romances.

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The Curse GirlThe Curse Girl by Kate Avery Ellison

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*I received this book to review by the Author*

This story is a re-telling of the classic story Beauty and The Beast. If you are familiar with this Disney story you are able to recognize all the characters in this book easily.

Beauty also called "Bee" for short is a modern version of Belle. Bee is 17 years old living the regular teen life which includes hanging out with friends and dating Drew one of the cutest guy in school. Bee's life takes a drastic and enchanting change when her low down father trades his daughters life to the towns Legendary "Beast" for his second wife's well being.

I absolutely Adored this book! Two thumbs up and Five Stars for this crafty re-telling of a story that is so close to everyone's heart! The Author jump's right into the story from the first page which was very smart of her because the readers really dont need a lot of background because this is such an old story. I also appreciated how the author took all the special elements of the book including the Rose,the housekeeper,the curse, and The Beast and ran with it and made her own twisted story of Love,Murder,Betrayal,Forgiveness, and a little magic!

This was a short and lovely read. The Author plays a game of tug of war on your every emotion while reading and I found myself laughing out loud to "No He didn't" to "No She didn't!". I also loved the character commentary between Bee and William bickering back in forth and I laughed out loud when Will told Bee that her names fits her because she acts like a Bitch! LOL HILARIOUS!! I enjoyed this from beginning to end. All the twist and turns along with the mystery behind the events that lead to everyone being Cursed and the mystery to figure out how to break the Curse that has taken on a life of it's own.

Recommend to: I recommend this book to everyone who loves the original story of Beauty and The Beast. You will definitely have fun reading this and figuring out who all the characters are because of the twists the author puts in the story. A must read! I will definitely be reading more of Kate's books!

Cover Rating 5 stars! The cover is a Beauty! :)

Favorite Quotes: "If being happy prevents you from being good, then I'd rather you were miserable. Misery breeds repentance, after all."

-Marian/Witch -The Curse Girl by Kate Avery

"Hatred is an ugly thing, Bee. It's like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. It corrupts the person holding it inside."

-Liam-The Curse Girl by Kate Avery

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Laura wrote: "Tt wrote: "I am working on my review for ....

Looking forward to it


message 15: by Laura (new)

Laura Thomas (laurathomas) | 580 comments Tt wrote: "I am working on my review for The Gates by John Connolly :)"

Looking forward to it Tt:)

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I am working on my review for The Gates (The Resistance Trilogy, #2) by Rachael Wade :)

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The P.U.R.E.The P.U.R.E. by Claire Gillian

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*I received this book as an ARC for an honest review from the publisher*

This review wont be a long one because I loved this book! When I read the blurb I really didn't think I would like this book but I was very surprised at how fast I fell into this story.

When you read the first page you are immediately taken in by the main character "Gayle" ease dropping on her co-worker and hearing some scandalous information that could incriminate her bosses and leave her with no job. Even though Gayle is a new hire and is constantly getting harassed by her supervisor it doesn't stop her from getting to the bottom of whats going on with her firm behind closed doors. Even if the scandal might cost her her life and the people she cares for.

This was a complete and utter fun read! The story flowed very well and all the characters were fully developed to a "T"! I also liked how the plot and setting was based around the work place but the author doesn't overload the reader with all the logistics of the job. Kudos to the Claire Gillian for doing her homework on the in's and out's of the cooperate world and still keeping the read fun and understandable. The unwinding romance was the perfect touch in this story. I loved watching Gayle's and Jon's relationship evolve from friends to serious relationship throughout the read and I was rooting for them till the end!

This book has laughs,mystery,sexy-ness,& OMG moments that will keep you guessing who did it through the entire read! I will definitely read more of Gillian's book to come

I recommend to: Everyone over the age of 16! This is a must read if you like romance,mystery,and scandal.

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I am also the first to post on Amazon:


message 12: by Amy (new)

Amy McGuire (goodreadscomAmyMcGuire) | 32 comments Dear Tt, I have enjoyed reading your reviews and am wondering you review books based on ones you simply discover or if authors come to you, requesting reviews. Please let me know if I am out of line requesting one for my book. If not, please message me or email me at Thank you.

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The Pledge (The Pledge, #1)The Pledge by Kimberly Derting

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I give this book a 3.5 star rating

I am having a hard time rating this book that it's driving me crazy! I really had high expectations for this book. One because of the beautiful cover and two because of the alluring synopsis. Overall this was an enticing read. I found myself wanting to know more about the world and its characters but unfortunately after reading I still feel cheated in some ways...

The main character Charlaina was extremely hard to relate too. During the entire read I tried to force myself to like Charlie’s character so I could enjoy the story line better but the author just didn't give it to me. :( Charlie’s character was not fully developed for me I didn't fully understand what she was about personality and thought wise which lead me to question her actions while reading. I didn't understand why Charlie didn't ask her parents about her hidden "talent" as she grew older? I understand she would be scared to ask at a younger age but as you get older and are experiencing things you didn't understand as a child why not ask? It would just have made more sense to me if she would have tried to ask about it to be aware than to just be unaware of her own being. I also thought the story dragged a bit in the beginning towards the middle of the book and there weren’t a lot of scenes to keep me interested or more scenes to get to know the main character more UGH! I also never got why she was so attracted to Max in the beginning. At times she was angry with him and then the next second she was like "ooh Max...” Their relationship developed way to fast in a short amount of time to where sometimes it was unbelievable and annoying. I was also very disappointed on the paranormal aspect of the book. Everyone can tell by reading that Charlie and her sister had some kind of Paranormal ability but we never got to see what all they were capable of which was a bummer. :(

Besides all the things I didn't like there were a lot of things that I really enjoyed like the creativeness of the storyline! I really loved the idea of a dystopian world ruled by a queen and its people divided by their language which determines their class. When I read the blurb I thought this was freaking awesome and this should make for an awesome book! The author could have went so many ways and done so many things with this idea that could have blown me away(Kudos for the overall idea!). Besides not relating to the main character I loved the supporting characters like Max the love interest! Max was everything I could hope for as Charlie’s love interest; he was cute, funny, charming personality wise and mysterious were as Charlie was dull and lacking. I also loved Charlie’s little sister! She was so cute even though she didn't say hardly a thing during the whole book. Now on to the good stuff! The main character was okay but the Villain was crown worthy! The Queen took bitch to a whole other level, she was evil, wicked, smart, and dangerous. I really felt scared for the Charlie and everyone apart of the rebellion against her thrown. I was totally blown away on how the author portrayed the Queen’s character and I felt her evil ways seeping off the pages to get me! It was Awesome and so believable that it was scary!!

The world building was AMAZING!!! I liked how in the beginning the author gives you a time and a place and a detailed explanation of the people and their surroundings. I was blown away by the world and how the writing took you through the streets of where the characters lived and their living conditions and how the pledge and its Queen affect the town’s people way of life and demeanor. The author really takes you into the world and story that she has created and leaves you turning the pages and fearing the inevitable until the very end.

Overall okay read but it could have been way better but I can deal with it and I will definitely continue on with the series even though I don’t know where the author will go with the second book when it should have ended with book 1. So we will see in 2013!!

Recommend to: My hunger games fans and anyone who enjoys Dystopian/paranormal (but not really) reads.

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Amaranth (The Resistance Trilogy, #1)Amaranth by Rachael Wade

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really and truly loved this book! It was so different from what I usually read in the fantasy genre.

I liked the main character Camille Hart. She was insecure and vulnerable through most of the book which wasn’t a bad thing. The main reason being that Camille was a victim in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Andrew; she is trying to find herself through all the chaos. I also enjoyed the Side characters a little more to tell the truth especially Camille’s best friend Audrey. She is what I would call a true friend because she has tried to help Camille get out of her boyfriend’s abusive ways.

At the beginning I was so wrapped up in Camille’s story that I totally forgot that this was book was supposed to have some fantasy and paranormal elements. So when the fantasy elements came into play I was blown away!

As Camille tries to break away from her abusive boyfriend who continues to stalk her and won’t take no for an answer she meets Gavin Devereaux. He is dark and handsome and only has eyes for Camille. As Gavin and Camille’s relationship continues to grow things become more supernatural when Gavin tells Camille that he is a vampire as well her best friend Audrey. Then things get really interesting when the rest of the supernatural beings are introduced and boy there are a lot of twist and turns from then on. The story really takes off and there’s a huge amount of romance and action to satisfy my needs! I really loved Joel’s character he was super sweet and hot!

This book will keep you guessing till the very end! Rachael Wade really took her time with all the characters and I loved how you couldn’t tell this was going to be a paranormal read in the beginning and then when the fantasy came it was amazing! I Loved Loved the amazing twist at the end of how all the characters are connected it was really shocking and I wanted to read more! This book totally took me by surprise and its hard to believe this is her first book!

Recommend to: Twilight and Evermore(but way better than Evermore )

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Half Black Soul (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #2)Half Black Soul by H.D. Gordon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First things first....

Alexa is the shit!!!

I was one of the lucky ones to receive this book a day before it was to be released! I didn’t know how in the world H.D. was going to top Blood Warrior but did she prove me wrong? Hell Yes!!! I am dangerously obsessed with this series and we are only two books in. H.D. needs to be locked up and throw away the key because this book is insane!!
We start back where we left off in the first book and boy ole boy H.D. wastes no time with getting straight to the action! I really loved how the beginning didn’t drag with the whole retailing of the first book like other book series do. In Half Black Soul the story continues on a fast past with bits and pieces of important information from the first book as well.
In this installment we really get to see how well H.D. has grown as a writer and story teller as we read each book. I love that in the first book we had Alexa as the main character and we got to experience her journey from her point of view with her and we also had these amazing supporting characters that we have grown to love as much as the protagonist. But in HBS we get to see Nelliana’s point of view as well.
The story gets way more interesting with the different POV’s and sides of the story. We get to see a side of Nelly that we would have never saw coming if we weren’t inside her head. We also get to see Alexa and Nelly’s characters evolve and become more and more conflicted and dark with each book. Because where ever theirs light darkness hovers and we really get to see this theory play out throughout the entire read.We now see that Nelly and Alexa are two totally different people but as the secrets come out we can tell that they are really not so different at all. There were so many twist,turns,shocker’s,poetic,Kick-assness, and heart breaking moments that I cannot even guess where this book is headed(which is bad ass) because H.D. had me guessing the entire read.

H.D. you really broke my heart with what happened with Jackson... (Lolz)
-If your wanting a ride here it is……What are you waiting for!!

Recommend to/My confession: I read Blood Warrior: Loved It, I read Half Black Soul: Loved It. So I have come to a conclusion after reading the second book that this series is way better than Vampire Academy. It pains me to say but I literally fell into this series and I don’t want to be found. I love the Vampire Academy series but this takes the cake…… Sorry Rose but Alexa can kick your ass!(LOL!)

That’s all for now and I can’t wait to read the third book!

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Blood Warrior (The Alexa Montgomery Saga #1)Blood Warrior by H.D. Gordon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

2011 is the year of the Warrior!!!!!

My rating: 5 Shooting Stars!!

I didn’t know what I expected from H.D. since this is her debut novel. But I have to say that I am truly glad I got my greedy little hands on this series in the beginning stages because it is going to be a force to be reckoned with! This book was out of this world!

My Thoughts:

From the very first sentence the author has you hooked and wanting to read more. In the first few pages we meet Alexa Montgomery, a seventeen year old who is trying to fit in and find some normalcy in between being forced to learn combat/sword fighting and strength training with her mother that leaves her with black eyes every now and then and the fact that her mother is adamant on her perfecting these skills to “prepare” for protecting herself and her 1 year younger sister Nelly from some unknown source (but the burning question is from who?). We are then introduced to Jackson Kane, Alexa’s best friend/love interest who’s had her back ever since they’ve met.

The story then takes a turn for the worst when Alexa’s house is attacked by blood thirsty vampire's called the Lamia that seem to have one thing in mind…..Nelly. Alexa and her mother fight off these otherworldly creatures as best as they can but when they are outnumbered Alexa has to make the worst decision of her life which is to save Nelly and to leave her mother behind. In doing so Alexa, Nelly, and yes Jackson are introduced to a world and adventure that they’ve never known was possible or even existed.

I really loved how you can tell that H.D. took her time with every character. The reader is almost instantly able to connect with Alexa’s and Nelly’s character and story. They are not your typically fantasy character with no flaws and a stale personality. The main character is feisty, smart, caring, and a little insecure at the same time flaws in all. We really get to see every characters likes, dislikes, faults and this makes them all unforgettable even if they were important or not. The character I loved the most besides Alexa was Jackson Kane our mouth-watering Werewolf. Jackson really helps bring out the different sides in Alexa even if she is always giving him a hard time! He was so loveable that I instantly fell in love with his character and I was rooting that he would get the girl in the end (not that I want to admit it because I want him all to myself!).

H.D. creates the ultimate supernatural world that include Vampires, Seekers, Werewolf’s , and Warriors that all live together in one “super” community of different races that don’t clash or out shine the other. This book is beautifully written with a fresh take on the paranormal and its awesomeness! Blood Warrior takes the title of an ultimate page turning adventure and I sure as hell didn’t want it to end! I hope to continue this ride with H.D. and Alexa and I’m planning on devouring the rest of the series. Cheers for Blood Warrior!!!!

Recommend to: Beware: This series is addicting. This series is like Vampire Academy on Steroids!!!! I would not recommend this to people who are not obsessed with hot Werewolf’s, Warrior Princesses, Vampires that actually bite, and beings who can see into your soul.LoL

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A Taste Of YouA Taste Of You by Jennifer Stevenson

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I received this book as a read to review on another website. I have to say that the synopsis sounded really good and I figured it might be a fun adult read, but that was not the case unfortunately....

My Synopsis: The main character Hel is no ordinary blood sucking monster-she's a "Energy vampire". She doesn't live off human blood but lives off of peoples energy, and she can feel your emotions with her keen sense of smell and she doesn't look a day older than seventeen even though she is decades older. Hel has been hiding this truth from everyone including her alcoholic mother "Jilly" who is so much like a BFF than a mother. Hel is not to happy with being an "Energy Vampire" in fact she hates her self everyday that she has to suck the life out of little kids and people for food so she can survive, leaving her victims weak and flustered. Hel then meet this savvy middle aged man who claims he is a Detective for an agency who investigates magical beings and he wants Hel to do his dirty work and spy on this doctor who knows a lot about magic....

Pros: I really had high hopes for this book because the concept of the Energy vampire could have been a great idea if executed correctly. Hel was an okay character and I liked the sexual tension between Hel and Nick.

Cons: Once again this book had some good ideas but they were not executed correctly. Hel was hard for me to relate too... she was too whinny and annoying most of the time. And whoa did this book drag! It took forever for the plot to ever build or take place. It felt like it went on and on and nothing was happening and I started to get bored and had the feeling that nothing was ever going to happen. I had to skim through to get to the few parts that were actually some what good. I also didn't like how the author explained that she was an energy vampire and all of what she could do in the beginning and then in the middle of the book Hel just materializes into thin air to follow Nick home. I was like "what the hell is going on?" It would have been nice to know what all her powers included when she explained it in the beginning,because it had me lost and confused. And don't get me started on the bad guy!

All in all this was not a fantastic read for me and I struggled to finish it and I feel awful for giving it a bad review but I like to be truthful with the reviews I write. And I will continue to read books from this author in the future. But this book was clearly "Not my cup of tea".

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Bridger (Bridger, #1)Bridger by Megan Curd

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5/5 stars! Amazing!

This book was "FREAKING AMAZING!!!!"

Okay I've received this book as a "read-to-review" and yes the synopsis sounded good almost plain-like when you watch a movie trailer and it has no action but looks alright-and then you go see the actual movie and your blown away. So I gave this book a go and let me tell you this book took me far and beyond blown away!


I am your biggest fan and a fan of this series!

My synopsis: Ashlyn McVean is not your typical girl she is the descendant of one of the most Bad-ass assassins of the faery realm "Naemar". And that bad-ass assassin happens to be Ashlyn's "Memaw" or should I say grandma who looks centuries old and walks with a Cain to support her self.

After Ashlyn's father's death Ashlyn discovers that she is in the middle of a war between changelings(the bad/ugly faeries) and the Glaistig(the good faeries) and also the grudge her grandmother started centuries before Ashlyn's birth with one of the meanest and hateful changeling of them all. Ashlyn Gets tied up in this century/other-worldy war and she is the key to stopping the changelings from building a bridge to Naemar and our world for good. Ashlyn must endure test's of friendship,betrayal, and a love triangle that is brewing between her,Liam and Reese.She must learn to trust people she barely knows and live up to the McVean name.

ProsBridger is going to be a series to be reckoned with! It's fast paced,twist's and turns, and action that is non stop that keeps you reading late into the night. And don't let me forget the hilarious love triangle and the funny things Reese and Liam do to each other to win Ashlyn's heart. This book was beautiful written, it was easy to relate to all the characters who had depth and background. Morgan really made it easy for the reader to fall into Ashlyn's shoes so-to-speak to feel every emotion and place/world she stumbled into during the read. I loved this book and what a great way to start off a series! Very original plot and characters-I can say I have never read a book like this. And I soaked up every minute of this joy ride!

Cons I really cant say I found anything wrong with this book except that it should have been longer! :)

Recommend to: Vampire Academy,Hunger Games,Iron King lover's and to readers who love action packed reads will definitely enjoy!! This book was right up my alley and I cant wait to read "Traitor" the second book!!

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The Watchers Trilogy: Awakening (Volume 1)The Watchers Trilogy: Awakening by Karice Bolton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rating: 4.5

For starters I received this book from the author Karice Bolton as a read to review. It was really nice of her to take the time out and actually send me the printed copy and to also sign it for me as well which was a real treat! :)

My synopsis: (view spoiler)

Pros: I really really liked this book. It was a new take on fallen angels because in this series they are actually called white demons and demons. This was a great start to the series! Ana was easy to relate to being a 21 year old myself. I liked how she carried her self and how loyal she was to everyone around her especially her friend Karen. Ana could be the typically 21 who has an apartment,dog,job and a daily routine so it was believable. I was able to get a visual picture of Whistler(Ana's hometown) because of Bolton's impeccable talent of being a great story teller and being able to capture every detail and scent to where you could almost be transported into Ana's world! I love love loved the romance between Ana and Athen it was so cute and it was like opposites attract but together it works out perfectly! Their relationship kind of reminded me of Bella and Edward- Ana was clumsy and self conscious and Athen was strong,sexy,confident and quick on his toes. I also liked the fact that this story flowed perfectly well. It had a little action with some intense scenes, love scenes that got hot and heated( in good taste),and you didn't get lost with the story line and there wasn't a lot of characters to keep up with and remember!

Cons: Even though I do love to have great detail- there was a few times where it was too overly descriptive. A few parts didn't need it and it just kind of slowed down the process of reading and then after all the description it was a really good part and then I was like "yes"! Also I was really sad that there wasn't a ton of action! Maybe it's just me but i like romance as well as some kick butt action! Their was a few elements of action but they were so good and short that I wanted more!

Recommend to: Twilight,Hush Hush,and City of bones lover's

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TouchTouch by Jennifer Snyder

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

when i read the excerpt that the author provided, it sounded like a dark ghostly read...but dont get me wrong i liked the authors creativeness with her vision of how someone would become a reaper and seerer and things like that in all means... but the story went to fast for me, even though i know this was intended to be a short read...

The Protagonist in Touch is named Rowan, she lost her mother recently and is still dealing with her mothers suicide.. she then meets this young "man" named Jet who is the one who tells Rowan about her destiny. But this is what kills me! Rowan Talks to Jet for the first time and to me her reaction towards him doesnt feel real. I mean if someone tells you they are a reaper wouldnt you be scared shitless! She didnt seem scared at all she was talking and getting snippy with Jet as if he was an annoying boy from her nieghborhood.. But other than that part they fall for each other on there second meeting....we never get to see their love progress, and then i didnt like how Rowan just soo willing gave in to her fate and accepted it with silenced, i would have loved to see her not only fight for her life, and the one she loves..Not lay down and take it! i wanted to see her defy the odds of her doomed fate, and then maybe fail at her attemps and then accept her fate. Also the ending made me mad, it was sort of on the lines of a cliff hanger.... this book wasn't horrible but it was an okay read.

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Five (Elemental Enmity)Five by Christie Rich

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Five:An Elemental Enmity by Christie Rich, was a fast paced, action packed read!

I honestly didn't know what i was expecting from this book coming in, because i usually pick the hardcore vampire love story over the pixie fairy tale. But this book was everything but cute and cuddly!
This book is a "Breath of fresh air" compared to my own stereo-typical views of fairies: having wings, pointy features,fairy dust,and being plain cute and boring... But Rich's take on the fairy world is filled with scary mystical creatures and "fae" hotties that will make your mouth water...

Five is about a not-so ordinary girl or so she calls her self a "grown woman" named Rayla, who is afraid of the dark and lives on a pig farm with her Aunt Grace, who has made it a point to shelter Rayla, her entire life. Rayla and her best friend Cassie escape their home town of imprisonment and embark on an adventure to St. Mary's College to enjoy the freedom of college life, so they think...
Through out the course of this book Rayla is sure she is being stalked by something other-worldly, and begins to realize she is not going to have the normal life and freedom she set out for.... Rayla then finds out piece by piece what she is and about the power that's inside her that may not be hers to claim.

This book was an overall great read! all the characters in this story were well thought out and the story line was tide together great! I was captured from the very first page of the book. This book is filled with magic,Mystical creatures, Hot Hot Fairy men,and action from start to finish. But the best thing about this book is that it may be about magic and things that don't really exist in the real world but Rich did make the characters relate-able in the sense of how teens fresh out of high school think they know everything that's out there in the world when we have no idea... We still have more learning to do than we think.... Rayla's character was whinny, sometimes self-centered, teenager know it all in a good way.. i could really relate to her because i was that way and probably still am lol! but i recommended everyone read this book its great for all ages, and i would DEFINITELY re-read and buy this book when it is available! P.S. and Who knows there might be a sequel?!
- Tt says it-

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Across the VeilAcross the Veil by Lisa Kessler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was an over-all fun and light read. Its like one of the books i would pick if i wanted to have a relaxed and short read on an rainy day. Even though this book did have a wierd combination of Vampires and Fairies( i only say wierd because ive havent read a book yet that had a mix of the two.) it had some action,and wooh! the romance! and also a historical feel to it. Alot of things i know but luckily none of these clashed badly with each other, it meshed and was written very well and straight to the point! it was so straight to the ponit that when i got to the last page i was like "What the heck! Thats it?" i was left sreaming i want more! and "I wish"...... i wish we had even more background on the characters... i wish there were more pages! But besides the I wish, Kessler did not leave me dissapointed at all! It was short&sweet and im looking foward to reading more of her stories either short or three hundred pages!

4 Thumbs ^^^^ *Tt*

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Elemental: The FirstElemental: The First by Alexandra May

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well....I came into this book with high hopes! The synopsis sounded interesting and different than any other books that I've read.

Pros: I thought the characters were great especially Rose! I loved her character because of the fact that she was smart,mysterious,witty,strong-minded,and a ninja at times LOL! I love loved the love triangle that took place between Rose,Aiden and Morgan. And of course the conflict of choice between the good guy Morgan or Aiden the town's bad boy. The author was very descriptive through-out the whole story to where you felt like you were actually there. I also liked the concept of Rose's power even though there was little of it used in the book.

Cons: First things first, this book dragged until you get to the last twenty pages...I did like how May was very descriptive but sometimes it was overly vivid when it was not needed. I still have some unanswered questions like the title? How is Rose's gift tied to the elements? Either i missed it or it was just left out? And it didn't make any sense that no one told Rose that they new everything especially Daisy if she knew Rose was in danger and that one of the Primord's was living in Warminister?
I felt cheated by the ending of this book because upon reading the first 200 pages anybody reading this book can tell that Rose was the next Halika Decome it was soo obvious! And then you get to the end with hardly no action for Aiden to just say oh Rose your Halika Decome....

I will continue to read this series in the hope for it to get better. All things a side it was a slow but good read and has potential to be a good series. And this book has a beautiful cover!:)

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