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message 1: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Woollven (jwoollven) | 15 comments Mod
Which character in your book, most closely resembles your personality? You must pick one.

message 2: by Ben Ontiberos (new)

Ben Ontiberos (beno) | 27 comments The main character's siblings closely resemble my characteristics. They are two smart and friendly individuals that can provide anyone with a sense of happiness due to a sparkling outlook on life.

message 3: by Kianna (new)

Kianna | 18 comments Tom Redmon closely resembles my personality because he is very daring like me,and he is very caring and willing to take problems into action.

message 4: by Jean Doan (new)

Jean Doan  | 22 comments this guy name major galpin through out the whole book his chill and doesnt really care about anytihng so that kinda reminds me of me :]

message 5: by Mariela Munoz (last edited Nov 05, 2008 08:19AM) (new)

Mariela Munoz | 23 comments Addie, her whole life because her birth mother, who is a waitress, didn't’t want the responsibility of a baby at the time she was born. She has never met her father and she often thinks about what it would be like to have a father and fill him in on her life by showing him the scrapbooks she has made over the years. Hope, who is a waitress, and Addie, a cook, have lived in many different places across America. and addie to her is a hero for her because she was the one that took the responsibility for her when she was little.

message 6: by Cindy Jaimes (new)

Cindy Jaimes | 16 comments I think the young monkey who guides the boy around the jungle in my story resembles me more. The monkey is helpful, kind, and very laid back.

message 7: by Yareli DePaz (new)

Yareli  DePaz | 24 comments The main character that most closely resembles my personality is the counselor of David, because I like to give advise and try to help people.

message 8: by Lucy (new)

Lucy | 18 comments The character in my book that resembles the most to me would have to say Oprah's best friend Gale. She is so out going, a best friend in need, and an over achiever.

message 9: by Casey espinoza (new)

Casey espinoza | 11 comments Sofia, reminds me of my personality because she does not put up with no one's crap. That is the way i am, i don't want to deal with you if you are going to be rude or a jerk.

message 10: by Larue (new)

Larue | 12 comments I would say Jim resembles my personality because he isn't afraid to speak his mind and to be loyal to his friends and family.

♪♫3rik  ♪♫ | 24 comments the character the resembles the most to my personality is the boy "skiffy" because he is trying to get better every time when he had a mistake, and reaching his dreams

message 12: by Mary Ann Munoz (new)

Mary Ann Munoz | 24 comments I would say I am most like D'Artagnan becomes of he is persistent in what he wants. When I want something I do not stop until I get it and this is exactly how he is.

message 13: by Dulcemoncada (new)

Dulcemoncada | 10 comments Out of all the characters I think I resemble more to "Bella" because at first when I meet people im a little shy but when I want to get something out of them I won't stop until I get what I want to hear.

message 14: by Elizabeth Rodriguez (last edited Nov 05, 2008 08:15AM) (new)

Elizabeth Rodriguez | 27 comments Alvirah Meehan is whom I most resemble she is independent, always looking for the best out come and is never down no matter what the situation,she is also very caring and always helps others.

message 15: by Linda Flores (new)

Linda Flores (lindaflores) | 12 comments The character that most resembles me is Echo Heron. The reason why is because she is always devoted to her her work, she always wants to do the things the right way. When something is wrong she does not give up, she continues to fight for what is right.

message 16: by Kiley Douyon (new)

Kiley Douyon (kdouyon09) | 23 comments In my book I would say that Sonny's ex-fiance. because like him i am known and i know everybody. and we are alike yet different in so many aspects.

Lawrence Christopher  | 15 comments one character that is like me is zero when i was little i felt kind of lost and no1 wanted to help me but now i feel rich with my mom on my side

message 18: by Joseph (new)

Joseph (atx_jojo) | 10 comments I think Lt. colonel Colbert best describes me because he is a leader and puts his team before himself. that's what i try to do when I'm leading.

message 19: by Phillip Miles (new)

Phillip Miles | 24 comments The characters in my book are rarely talked about. The one that most resembles me is going to be coaches favorite point guard. He was always leading the but in a well manner, he always wanted to win and could care less what he did.

message 20: by Terron Ross (new)

Terron Ross | 16 comments The main character booby is adventurous and full of courage i would have to say he's the closest to any of my personal actions.

message 21: by Yolanda (new)

Yolanda | 10 comments I would relate my self to Leslie. Because she has had a lot of terrible things happen to her, but she keeps her head up high and focused. When she get her tattoo she feels like it was meant for her and its suits her. She feels like its her body and no one could touch it. We have similar characteristics and I could get a sense of feeling where she is coming from.

message 22: by Justice Snoddy (new)

Justice Snoddy | 17 comments I would relate myself closer to Roran. He is a great leader and cares deeply for himself and others. He is a great man who does what he thinks is right and stands by his morals. He has more traits that are similar to me then others in the book.

message 23: by Lizbeth (new)

Lizbeth  (lizbethvillanueva) | 23 comments I think that the main character of my book will be the one that resembles more in my personality (Cindy). Because she worries about everything just like me.

message 24: by Rex Hamilton (new)

Rex Hamilton | 13 comments Probably Ray Kroc, he is the person who started McDonalds. Also he is a very hard worker.

message 25: by Robert (new)

Robert Vasquez | 17 comments I think i would be Cindy because at first i use to be like her, always feeling like nobody loves me and that i am alone in the world.

message 26: by Lydia (new)

Lydia | 14 comments the main character in my book Susie Salmon she remains me of me because the way she describe her life is the way i would describe my life.in the way she lived her life but the way she described it was as if she was ok with he way things happen becuase even though she was hell there is nothing she can do

message 27: by Laurysa Duran (new)

Laurysa Duran | 18 comments The character that resembles me the most would have to be Amber because she's loud, wild and preppy. I can be all of those at times.

message 28: by Mike Willie (new)

Mike Willie | 17 comments i would say james because i like to hang out with other kids my age and i love to have fun and have freedom.

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