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Ms. Flagg (MissFlagg) | 19 comments Mod
Once you have finished a book, you are expected to write a brief review about it. Depending on the length and general font size, you should be finishing a MINIMUM of two-three books a month. Remember, you are expected to complete THIRTY books before graduation in June. I encourage you to comment on each other's reviews!

This review should incorporate the following:

Paragraph 1: Summarize the text without giving away the ending. In your summary, make sure to identify the genre, protagonist, antagonist, setting, and the primary conflict. This paragraph should be a MINIMUM of five sentences.

Paragraph 2: Reflecting
Answer at least two of the following questions:
1.) Did you like/dislike this book? Why/why not?
2.) Did you make any personal connections to the text? Explain.
3.) To whom would you recommend this text? Why?
4.) What advice would you give to the author? What questions do you have?
5.) How does this book compare to others you have read by the same author?
6.) How does this book compare to others you have read in the same genre?
7.) What was the most aspect of the text? Character development? The setting? The kind of conflict?
8.) Create your own interesting question!

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Aidan Farrell (Kittynator) | 26 comments I have recently finished The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan. It is a fantasy book and the second book in the Kane Chronicles series. In this book Carter and Sadie are trying to find all of the pieces to the book of Ra. They want to do this because a very evil person named Apophis is rising. When they collect all of the pieces they will wake up a god named Ra to help them fight the antagonist Apophis. They have two trainees with them, and they are teaching them all of this magic stuff. This takes place in England and some parts of the U.S. Some of it takes place in England because that is were Sadie lives, and some magic powers are there. The first piece that Carter and Sadie want is the piece in a museum, in the egyptian part. They find all sorts of enemies guarding each piece trying to make sure that Carter and Sadie do not collect all of them. The reason these people/ monsters want to stop Sadie and Carter from getting it is because they are working for Apophis.

I really liked this book because it revolved around Egyptian mythology. I really like mythology because it gives you a different way to look at things. The type of stuff I am used to is one God. I like to see the perspective of there being other gods because it really puts a spin on the way you look at life.

I also like the book because in it the point of view switches between two characters in every other chapter. This is an interesting way to write books. Most authors, if there is more than one protagonist will just put it in third person view. But, what Rick did was he switched the point of view between two of the characters. He explains this in the beginning of the book as a recording that he found and he is just writing what they say. (Which I think is very creative.)

This book really relates to some of the other books that Rick Riordan has written. He writes books about Greek and Roman mythology. He writes these books under the titles of Percy Jackson Series. He did another book series where he gave the point of view of the person named Jason, and he is on the Roman side. These books really relate because they all revolve around mythology. Sure it is a different kind of mythology but I think that Rick Riordan puts these things in a very interesting way.

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Lydia | 32 comments I have just finished the fiction book "The Son of Neptune" by Rick Riordan. Percy Jackson has just woken up from a deep slumber and has been told that he has to prepare himself, thus putting him into a journey. Percy has been fighting two gorgons who must kill him to avenge their dead sister who Percy has killed. Percy makes it to the Roman camp for demigods and their descendents. This camp is a safe place for those who wish to have a safe place to live, get married, and have a future away from monsters. Although Percy doesn't know what to think he soon makes two new friends who are considered outsiders as well. They all must go on a journey to kill the sons of Gaea as well as save the Thanatos, if they don't the doors of death will remain open and all the monsters that are slain will come back.

I really enjoyed this book because i am a huge fan of Rick Riordan and also a fan of greek mythology. I really liked this book because it was about a book who had kids or teenagers fight evil to save the rest of the world. Books like that are my favorite because the characters think like a kid and it really shows how kids aren't just useless and little. In reality when you have a bad guy on the loose you would think that police men go looking for them and they would never think about asking a child to help them, but in this book all of the heroes are kids.

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Emily Ravaschiere | 29 comments Judy Moody Gets Famous by Megan McDonald is a realistic fiction book in present-day America. This book is part of a series of books about a third-grader, the protagonist, Judy Moody. In each book, Judy Moody wants to achieve something, but events get in the way. In this book, Judy wants to get famous, but different events get in the way of her achieving her goal. She wants to become famous because a classmate of hers, Jessica Finch, won a tiara for winning a spelling bee. Even though Jessica wins the contest that Judy wants to win, Jessica is not really Judy’s antagonist. Jessica just gets the “how will Judy do it” conflict going.

I think all the Judy Moody books are fun. It is great to see how Judy reaches her goals. She never reaches them exactly the ways she thinks she should, but she is satisfied at the end. If you read enough Judy Moody books, it is fun to try to predict how she will get what she wants. I think most kids can relate to that. We want to get something done and we have a good plan, but life happens differently. Also, Judy wants people to think good things about her. I think most kids want that, too. Judy makes big plans. It is fun to read about her big plans because most of us don’t let ourselves make big plans.

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Emily Ravaschiere | 29 comments Clara Barton: Soldier of Mercy by Mary Catherine Rose is a biography about an amazing woman who was a nurse especially during the Civil War. Later, she worked for the Red Cross, and helped to spread the Red Cross message. The Red Cross message is that countries who agree to it will never shoot at a medical worker, and will always help a wounded soldier, even if the soldier is an enemy. Clara Barton was born in 1824 in eastern Massachusetts. She had a lot of older brothers and sisters. She was super shy. Because she was super shy, she did not stay at school when she was sent there at age four. Her older sisters helped her with schoolwork and her brothers helped to learn things like how to ride any animal with four legs. When she was eleven years old, her older brother David fell off a roof and was very, very sick. Everyone thought he would die. The doctor trained Clara on how to nurse David and give him his medicines. Later, her training would help her to help wounded soldiers in the Civil War.

Clara Barton: Soldier of Mercy is a great book that I enjoyed very much. Mary Catherine Rose writes very clearly. The reader get to see what Clara was like as a shy little girl, and how she conquered being shy to be able to teach, to be a battle nurse, and to speak publicly to raise money for wounded soldiers. I think any kid who likes history will like this book. A kid can see how one person can help people and to make a difference, and what life was like in the middle and late 1800s in the United States.

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I just finished the Mystery book called "The Last Illusion" by Rhys Bowen. The protagonist is Molly Murphy. The antagonists you would have to find out at the end of the book to find out. The settings are taken place in Manhattan. The conflict is finding out if something was an accidental murder, attempted murder, kill, and characters vanishing out of the blue. The answers aren't vivid right away. The answers you need to find you'll have to discover latter on. More thinking involved, investigating, and different places.

I love this book because nothing was boring. Every chapter takes you to a different place. The author describes well what is happening in the moment. The main aspect of the text is the primary conflict because the conflict it is the big question in the text. everything is involved to solve those conflicts in the story. there are multiple conflicts happening and that is what kept me interested in the book. I would recommend to anybody who loves a very juicy mystery story. There are multiple conflicts and the settings are in different places and there are many wonders. If you love a mystery that always has you wondering for answers then this is your kind of book. I would give no advice to the author. Just keep writing very good mystery story books and have them goodthat has the readers on their toes.

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I finished the Poetry book "Selected poetry Of Emily Dickinson" selected by the New York Public Library. Go through the poems of the greatest poets of all time. It is not really happy but a hint of darkness within the poems. Every poems whether short or long it is moving. Even every sentence it may be small but riveting. A whole lot of meaning in each poem. Feeling you want to read something dark then read the dark poetry of Emily Dickinson.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes dark poems because Emily Dickinson's poems are dark. If you don't like happy happy poems but want some darkness then you like this poetry anthology. The question I would give to the author would be just why does everything has to revolve around darkness? Is it all you ever think of the world? The way this book compares to other books in the same genre is that the subject it talks about in the poems I wouldn't really care about. the deep things she talks about I would care less. However it is good to read a different genre and read different types of poems with different descriptive feel to it.

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Anthony Z | 16 comments I finished reading "Catalyst" by Laurie Halse Anderson. Kate Malone is the protagonist, she has a brother and a father. Her father is a minister and her favorite subject is chemistry. She is graduating from high school and is applying to M.I.T because her mom used to go their. Her mother had died when Kate was in the fourth grade, she died of pneumonia. After the death of her Kate's mother she took over her spot. She has been taking care of the family from now on. Her worst enemy Teri litch, moves in with Kate because her house was burned down.
I liked this book because it was very interesting. Kate had many problems throughout the story. If a problem is done, another problem will appear. This character is different from any other character that the author include in any of the books I have read from her. Also, I have one advice to the author. It would be great if this book was the second part of Speak because both books have the same connection. Kate has the same characteristics of Melinda (protagonist of Speak).

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Alice Chen | 33 comments I finished reading the book "Speak" by Lauren Halse Anderson. The protagonist in this book is Melinda Sordino, a ninth-grader at Merryweather High School who is trying to cope with her life. She was raped at her ex-best friend's party and called the cops before leaving. Now, everyone at school hates her for calling the cops. Melinda never told anyone that she was raped by a guy named Andy Evans. on the night that she was being raped, Melinda was too drunk to move or do anything.
I really liked this book because unlike most other books, Melinda has to face herself. Only she can learn to speak up and defend herself from Andy again. When Andy tries to rape Melinda again, Melinda finally realizes that she can't just hide forever. She learns to speak up and stand up for herself. In the end, she slowly gains back the love of her family and friends. In most books, a character has to stand up to another person, to solve a conflict. This book was a page turner and i would recommend it to anyone who like a sad book with an okay ending.

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Nanako Chung | 35 comments I have finished the realistic fiction book Ten Ways to Make My Sister Disappear by Norma Fox Mazer. It is about a ten-year old girl (protagonist) named Grace Ewing, but people called her Sprig because her dad gave her that nickname. Sprig and her father have a very close bond with each other. She is always disappointed when her father, a very advanced architect, must go on a business trip to nearly every part of the globe. Usually, Sprig attempts to act mature and not cry, but when Sprig is alerted that her father must travel to Afghanistan to build a school for kids, Sprig is very scared for her father. She knows that Afghanistan is a place where there are multiple wars and is very abusive when it comes to education. The fact that he travels so much is Sprig's antagonist. At home, she could only do so much by waiting for her dad’s daily phone call (no matter how late into the night), doing research on Afghanistan to tell her father about, and to cry for him. Besides her father, Sprig lives with her mother and her older sister. Sprig’s twelve year old older sister, Dakota Ewing, is perfect at almost anything, according to Sprig. She gets perfect grades and has a bunch of friends. Sprig claims that Dakota was very nice to her when they were younger but when Dakota turned twelve, she became a harsher person and was no longer a nice sister. Sprig is very kind to her, being that she is a ten year old. But Dakota is not. She calls her names and never lets Sprig do anything, such as answer first when her father calls each night. Thus, Sprig and Dakota do not get along very well. However, when Dakota and Sprig are invited to a Christmas party, Dakota finds her unofficial “boyfriend” kissing her best friend. She starts to cry, but with the comfort of her younger sister, she forgives her best friend and becomes a nicer to Sprig.

I loved this book because I can totally relate to this. I have a sister who is two years younger than I am, just like Sprig and Dakota. And our father, who used to be a business man, traveled everywhere around the world when we were younger. It was actually even WORSE for us than Sprig and Dakota because he traveled very frequently (probably like two-three weeks each month) when I was only about six or seven. We were used to it , of course. But we surely did miss him. Like Sprig and Dakota’s father, my dad called us every day, if not every other day, to talk to us. I, being the eldest, answered the phone first and told my dad all the details such as what we had for dinner, any good or bad news from school, etc. And when it was my sister’s turn, she barely had anything to say. I had never realized that until I read this book, to be honest. This book was told from the point of view of Sprig, so it was sort of like reading from my sister’s point of view. It was a very interesting book, especially because I can relate to it so much.

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Nanako Chung | 35 comments I have finished RE-reading the realistic fiction book Where The Heart Is by Billie Letts. The protagonist in the book, Novalee Nation, is a seventeen year old pregnant girl. Her boyfriend, the antagonsit in teh book, and her were planning on moving to California for a better life. However, when they were at a Walmart as a rest stop, her boyfriend ditched her and hit the road to launch his musical career. That left poor pregnant Novalee Nation at Walmart with no car, no money, and nowhere to go. She spent her night sleeping in the bathroom at Walmart and took food from it as well. During her time at Walmart, she met a man named Forney Hull, a very intellectual librarian. And as time passed, she was ready to deliver her baby. No one was there to help her, except for Forney Hull himself. And Forney, very experienced with books but not reality, did his best from his prior knowledge to deliver Novalee’s baby. Thus, Novalee’s baby, named Americus, was born. She was known as the “Walmart Baby” all over the news and so, Novalee became famous worldwide for having her baby in a Walmart. People and Walmart’s boss himself sent her money and books and baby toys, etc. Thus, she had enough money to live with someone. She later found a woman named Sister who helped raised Novalee’s baby by providing a roof over her head and food on her plate. Sister, however, passed away. Novalee was very sad to hear this. But she Is soon notified that Sister’s will was to give everything to Novalee! With the money she now had, she built her own house and lived there with Forney and Americus. The ending is excruciatingly beautifully written and I think that it was the best part of the book!

I loved this book because I can learn so many things from it. Novalee is not irresponsible, although you may think she is because she was a mother at the age of seventeen. She is actually a very caring, unselfish, sensitive woman who, by the end of the book, is able to care for herself at a young age. (My own question: why did you reread this book?) I reread this book because I felt the need to reread it. It was as though I didn’t truly understand what it was trying to tell me. And also, I didn’t understand some parts of the book because I had stopped reading it for a long time but then returned to it, in time to read the wonderful ending!

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Nanako Chung | 35 comments I have finished the realisitc fiction book Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. Stargirl Caraway, the protagonist in the book, is a bit different from everyone else. She realizes this due to everyone’s thoughts about her pet rat, her hippy clothes, her name, her ukulele that she plays during lunch, and her reputation in general. She does not stride to become friends with anyone and doesn’t communicate until someone communicates with her. Leo Brolock, a popular teenage boy in the school, notices her, due to her eye-popping strangeness. However, he has never struck her as a girlfriend. But when something Stargirl rights an anonymous note to Leo saying exactly the three words, “I LOVE YOU”, everything begins to change. She asked Zeo to come to her enchanted place after school one day. Leo tagged along. After this occurred, they became best friends and always hung out on the weekends. However, on the weekdays, they were strangers and never talked during school. But one weekend, Stargirl kissed Leo and Leo loved it. He described himself as “floating” for the entire week. All he saw was her. He didn’t care about what anyone else thought of them being together. He liked her for who she was, due to her differentiation. But then his bubble was popped when he realized that people started to ignore him. He didn’t like this at all because after all, he was POPULAR. So, he decided to do something and change Stargirl into something normal so that they could be together and Leo could be popular as well. Stargirl did change because she loved Leo. However, she was no longer going by the name “Stargirl Caraway”. Her name was now Susan Caraway. She dressed normally and acted normally. However, after a couple of days with Leo being satisfied and Susan trying to fit in, she gave up and went back to being Stargirl.

I really liked this book because it symbolizes so much about love. The way Leo described himself during that week after Stargirl kissed her made me picture how much Leo must feel about her. But the fact that he asked her to change outraged me because their relationship was all about being different and being yourself. (Your own question: What did you like most about this book?) I liked how the author demonstrates how much someone would change just for the person you love the most. It makes me happy to know that there are some people in this world that would actually do anything for the person you love.

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Nanako Chung | 35 comments I have finished the fiction book 11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass. There are two protagonists in the book: Amanda Ellerby and Leo Fitzpatrick. They were coincidentally born on the same day in the same hospital!! And when they plan their first birthday party, their venues are in the exact same location! This started an annual “tradition” that Amanda and Leo would start celebrating every birthday party together. But when they both turned ten years old, Amanda overhears Leo claiming that he’s only friends with her because she has no other friends. Amanda is devastated but more UPSET when she hears this. She becomes so upset that she stops talking to Leo for one whole YEAR! So by the time they reach their 11th birthday, it would be the first year they would not be spending their birthdays together. Amanda wakes up to a Spongebob balloon floating in her room next to her bed that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She is very irritated that she stuffs the balloon in her closet. But the day gradually gets worse. Amanda screws up her cheerleading tryouts and has a very bad birthday. She’s glad when the day has finally come to an end... but then she wakes up to the Spongebob balloon floating next to her bed once again. She thought she put it in the closet. But as she goes through the day, the reoccurrence of the Spongebob balloon symbolized the reoccurrence of her entire birthday! Everyone else is oblivious to this reoccurrence except for Leo, who has the same situation. When they both realize that they BOTH are experiencing the same situation, they become friends again. They soon discover that the same exact thing happened to their great grandparents. A woman named Angelina told them that they must stay friends with each other or else they will repeat the same birthday over again. This is how they find the solution to the problem.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes an author who believes in the power of opposite gender friendships. I would recommend this book to those people because in this book, I expected them to become girlfriend and boyfriend or something after all they went through! However, they ended up staying really close friends, which I actually liked and I think those people would like that too! (My own question: what advice would you give the character(s) in your book after what they experienced?) I would give them the advice of keeping any type of friendship that should last. Never let go of someone that you have known for your entire life because those people know you well enough to help you in a time of need.

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Nanako Chung | 35 comments I have recently finished the book Olive’s Ocean by Kevin Henkes. It is about the protagonist named Martha who experiences a girl named Olive’s death. Martha goes away every summer to visit her grandmother, Godbee, in her summer house in Wisconsin. But before she left this year, Olive’s mother, still depressed from her loss of Olive, gives Martha Olive’s journal to read. Martha reads it and soon discovers that Olive was very inspired by her. Martha then goes to Wisconsin feeling horrible because Martha was not very nice to Olive. Personally, I think the antagonist is Olive, although she is dead, because throughout the entire book, Martha keeps thinking of Olive and how she was such a loner and how Martha should’ve been friends with her because, based on Olive’s journal, they had so much in common (such as they both wanted to become writers and that they both loved oceans; Olive’s dream is to see the ocean in some way or form). During her trip to Wisconsin, she encounters boy trouble. She has a crush on a boy neighbor named Jimmy Manning. He is attempting to make a movie in which there is a love scene that he plans to carry out with Martha. So, he kisses her and she is outraged to discover that he only did it for the video and to win a bet with his other brothers. Jimmy’s younger brother, Tate, secretly likes Martha and wants to help her repair her broken heart. However, Martha must go back to her real home soon because summer is coming to an end. But before she leaves, she takes an empty bottle and fills it with ocean water to give to Olive to fulfill her dream. This is “Olive’s Ocean”. Martha says farewell to her grandmother and hopes to see her the coming year as well. As she is leaving to go home, Tate stops her and gives Martha the tape of Jimmy and Martha kissing. He also tells her that he likes her! At home, Martha gives Olive’s mother the bottle to “give to Olive” and that is the end of Olive’s Ocean.

(“Did you like this book?” and “My own question: what is the theme of your book?”) I did like this book a lot. This is one of my favorite books because it is about realizing that you never know what you got till it’s gone. I love this saying because it cannot be expressed in a better way. You really have to experience time away from something to know what value it has to you. And this is a perfect example.

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Sadie Hechkoff (sadiehechkoff) | 29 comments I have finished reading the book Before I Die by: Jenny Downham. This is a realistic fiction book. It is about a girl named Tessa. She has about a month to live. She has to deal with all these horrible side effects of the drugs she has to take to stay alive, and the effects of cancer. While going through all this, she makes a bucket list and the book is about her trying to do everything on it. The protagonist is probably Tessa's sister, who encorages Tessa to live her life. The antagonist is probably, interestingly enough, Tessa. Tessa is always sad and has some kind of pent up anger deep inside, which I understand. The setting of this story is the UK. The primary conflict is obviously that Tessa is going to die and she hasn't had so much fun or done anything on her "Before I Die" list.
I didn't really like this book. It started off okay, but it became pretty boring. The concept was also kinda sad and depressing. I would tell the author many things or give her advice. One tip I would give her, is to talk to some teens that have cancer. Ask them what they want to do before they die. Some of the stuff on Tessa's bucket list didn't seem like something I would want to do before I die.

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Sadie Hechkoff (sadiehechkoff) | 29 comments I finished reading the book Push by: Sapphire. This book is realistic fiction. It's about a poor, uneducated, abused girl who lives in Harlem, which is the setting of the book mainly. In this book the protagonist is Ms. Rain, a pre-GED teacher that really helps educate and help out Precious. The antagonist is probably Precious' mom and dad. Precious' mom beats her and sexually abuses her, and so does her dad. Precious had her father's child when she was 12, and another one of his children when she was 16. That's horrible and sad! The primary conflict is that Precious is deter mind, but not well educated. She can barely read and write. She needs to get out of her abusive household and get an education.
I absolutely LOVED this book. It was amazing. I liked it because it was well written and engaging. I felt like the author really wrote this book for a purpose. It's not just a stupid entertaining tear-jerker book. This was a tear-jerker, but not the stupid kind. It was full of heart and soul, and really looked into Precious' life descriptively. A question that I made myself, is "What did you dislike about this book?" To be completely honest, I disliked the ending of this book. I thought it could be more powerfull. The end of the book is kind of happy, and ends with an entry that Precious writes. It's kind of happy and cute. If I wrote this book, I would make a sad ending that really showed what the book is all about instead of a happy ending. Also, some things were uncovered, which I didn't like. All in all, great book!

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Lydia | 32 comments I have recently just finished reading the book "NERDS: M is for MAMA'S BOY" by Michael Buckley. The protagonist of this book is Duncan and he and the rest of his gang are part of a super secret agents team using technology to save the world. Duncan and his team have just encountered a new kind of enemy that they can't seem to beat. But the harder fact to face is their new enemy's leader is their old teammate, formerly known as Heathcliff Hodges. Heathcliff has decided to take over the world all over again and the only way to succeed in doing this is by getting rid the the NERDS and making a ray gun.

I enjoyed this book because unlike this book in reality, when people have fears they really don't over come them they stay away from them. However in this book that's the thing that Duncan learns, in order to save his friends as well as the rest of the world he needs to overcome his fear. This was a great book to read because it shows us that no matter how low in the dumps you are it doesn't matter.

I would recommend this book to anybody who thinks that kids aren't just kids. What i mean is that, this book is for those who believe that kids aren't perfect, have struggles in life as well, and don't have as easy lives as parents think. The reason why is because this book is all about kids in elementary school who struggle to defeat their enemy as well as fitting in at school and friendship problems.

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Aren Marfey | 34 comments In the book i read called "Pendragon" by D.J. Machale the main character goes into another world from a door in his basement. so he goes to that world and finds out that they think he is a god or somthing and he needs to save them from the other animals/ creatures because they were trying to attack them. so the main character leads them and win the war and their world ends up to be in peace with all the other animals/ creatures. So the Main character also does other things like saving his uncle from the creatures that stole him once they walked thorough the door for the first time and they eventually found each other.

Honestly i would not suggest this book to a lot of people because i thought it was kind of boring because it is just a slow book and there is only like one good action scene. i did not like this book. If i were to give advise to the writer i would say to start of with a action scene and to add a lot more parts with fighting and adventure.

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Aren Marfey | 34 comments In the book i read called "The Tiger Rising" by Kate Dicamillo was about a boy and a girl who go into the woods and find a tiger locked up in a cage. So then the two kids find the owner of the tiger and he says that he is going to kill it soon and use its fur. He gave the kids the job to feed it every once and a while. but then they want to let the tiger free so it could live like a real tiger should live. but then when it is running it gets shot in the face and dies.

i thought that this book was alright not very good and not bad. i would not recomend this book to people that like horror and action because this book does not have it. i would recomend this book to sombody that just enjoys reading any kind of book.

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Aren Marfey | 34 comments The book "Demon Thief" by Darren Shan is about a kid named Cornelius and he can see different color spots and shapes all the time. Then he tried putting them together and playing with them. Then the next day a demon came out of the ground at a park and killed a class of little kids and then took Cornelius's brother, Art, and took him to the demon world. So then Kernal, short for Cornelius, gets with these other people who want to fight demons and they figure out that if Kernal putts the shapes that he sees together then he makes a portal that will take them places. so then Kernal and the other people fight the demon and Kernal gets Art.

i love this book and would suggest this book to people that love horror and action. i would not give any advice to he author because i think this is a great book as well as all of the other book s he wrote. i think that the things that Kernal has been through ruin his life and also art who is still a little kid.

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I just finished the book "I Know what You Did Last Summer" by Lois Duncan. The genre of the book is Mystery and also at the same tome it is Realistic Fiction. This book may be 198 pages but so many things happen that can make you gasp. In the book the four main characters all share the same dark secret of what happened on the night that they tried to not remember but then it came back to haunt them. The settings are in different places but the main settings are where the bad things happen.

I REALLY LOVE THIS BOOK, THE MOST ENGROSSING BOOK in my opinion. If anybody like to gasp and be amazed while reading then this is your book because while reading secrets and events were happening and revealed that made me gasp. Even be in a moment of horror. As I wrote before this book has only 198 pages but so many things at once. This book is like the other books that I put in the category as being very engrossing and that is why I finish them so quick because it had me want to read more. The main aspect of the book is the primary plot and how the traits of the characters are because both of those things create tension in the book.
I would like to thank Ms. Flagg for this book because she was about to throw the book away but I felt bad about the book going to the trash so I decided to keep the book. Thank you Ms. Flagg for such an AMAZING BOOK.

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Aren Marfey | 34 comments i read the book "Seer of Shadows" written by AVI in the book the main character does pictures for his job a a dead girl that the mother wants in a picture with her. then when they take the picture of the mother the little girl is actually there. then the main character goes to the girls tomb stone and takes a picture of it but you could perfectly see the girl running besides it(cover of he book). then the main character asks the servant girl about the girl who died and she said she killed her self by not eating or drinking at all because her life was missreble and she was now haunting the house. Then the slave girl figured out that the main character was the seer of shadows. that means that when he takes pictures the more real the ghost becomes more real like touching people and killing them. so the main character decided to quit his job and never touch a camera again.

i thought this book was alright. i would suggest this book to people who like suspense and horror. if you are looking for a god story this might be a good book. if i were to give advice to the author since i like action i would say add more action and also try to keep out the really dull, boring, and slow parts so people don't put down the book.

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Aren Marfey | 34 comments A book i read is called "Hell Phone" by Sleator Williams and the main characters name is Nick. Nick does not have a phone and he rewally wants one so that he could call his girlfriend, lily. so Nick decides to go to a store that sells really cheap, used phones. so Nick goes there and finds a phone he likes but the caller ID does not work. once nick turns it on somebody calls him and it talking about how she is going to die and somebody is coming to kill her. then another person calls talks about some stuff and the calling from random people is non-stop. After a while Nick decides to invite the people he is calling over to his house. The one person he invites over says that he is from hell and there is a murder that is trying to take lily away from Nick. So Nick believes every thing he says and it it finally moves up to Nick wanting to shoot the guy that was trying to take Lily. So Nick gets in the room and shoots him. Then Nick goes to court and is guilty of murder and it was all because of the people he talked to on his phone.

I loved this book it was amazing. There is such a big twist at the end and there is a lot of action in it. There is a little mystery and murder. I would suggest this book to anyone who enjoys fiction and fantasy. It is a great book with a lot of surprising things that happen. I would not give any advice to the author because the book as great the way it was.

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Aren Marfey | 34 comments In the book I have just finished called,"Slawter" by Darren Shan the book is also about Grubbs(from book 1). Grubbs is shooting a new horror movie with his brother Bill-e and his uncle Dervish. They are acting in a movie thats about demons coming out of their world and then killing everybody. While they are shooting Grubbs feels magic in the air and thinks that one of he actors were captured by a real demon and actually summond a real demon. Then it ends up that the girl was actually was taken to the demon world and Grubbs and his family members need to go save her. So when they get to the demon world they find out that the director of the movie made deals with the demons that she would sacrifice a big group peoples lives so that she could film the movie. So Grubbs, Bill-e, and dervish save the actor and come back to see a group of demons killing a huge crowd of people. So they can't do anything but they can summon them back to their world. So that's what they do.

I thought that this was a really good book. I would only suggest this book to people who like a lot of action,horror, and violence. I would not recommend this book to people who get very easily disgusted because in some parts it goes into detail in dead bodies and stuff like that. I would not recommend anything to the author because the book is really good the way it is.

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Lydia | 32 comments I have recently finished the realistic fiction book "Sloane Sisters" by Anna Carey. In this book two families are going to come together due to their parents getting married. However none of the sisters from each side are willing to give up their spotlight. It goes as far as canceling the wedding. Now all four girls have to work together to get the wedding back on and their lives back together.

I would recommend this book to those who also have step-siblings or for those who love happily ever afters. I would recommend this book to those who have step-siblings because it might show them how to work together if they don't get along or to show them how lucky they are to have one another. I would recommend this book to those who love happily ever afters because in the end that's what it's all about. Some advice that I would give to the author is to make it more exciting because now that I'm looking back on it, it doesn't seem interesting anymore like when I'm reading it.

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Aren Marfey | 34 comments In the book i have just finished "Sammy Keyes and The Hotel Thief" written by Wendalin Van Draanen the main character, Sammy, looks across the street from her grandmothers house with her binoculars and sees a thief going threw a purse. Then after a lot of work through a lot of work and finding evidence the eventually figure it out who the thief was by finding left behind napkins and the face that Sammy saw threw her window. If i told any more then the book would be ruined.

i hated this book so much. it was really boring and the whole book was really slow and nothing exiting happened. i would not recommend this book to anybody unless a person enjoys reading boring, slow books. if i could give advice to the author i would say that there should be a lot more exiting scenes so that you can't put the book down or to just pick a new topic because the topic also seems boring.

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Aren Marfey | 34 comments In the Non-fiction book "A Long Way Gone" written by Beah Ishamel the main character, Beah, and his family and friends are being killed by this army of people going in to each village and open firing. Beah and his friends decide to make a group to stay together and run away and at times kill. One day there is a big shoot out between Beah's people and his kind agenst the people that have been killing them for the whole time. While everybody is shooting one of Beah's good friends fly back hitting a tree with a hole going straight threw his forehead. After that Beah finds him self in a hospital. He does not feel comfortable at all at first until he meets his nurse who becomes one of his really close friends. She made him comfortable and they told each other everything as if they were best friends. One day the nurse says that she meet Beah's uncle. The nurse then tells him she is taking him to the city to live with his uncle. So then that is what happens.

i thought this was a very good book because it has a really nice story. I would recommend this book to people that are looking for a great story and just a good non-fiction book to read. I could not give advice to the author because its a true story and you can't change things like that. My favorite part in the book was one pert where Beah and his friends were hiding from the killers and they were right outside of the door.

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Aren Marfey | 34 comments In the book, "Twisted" by Anderson Halse the main character Tyler Miler is a nobody kid at first until he graffitis on his own high school. then after that h got into a lot of trouble and to pay back needed to do work over his whole summer vacation. At school he now is not a nobody he is more popular, and that can get him closer to his secret crush, Bethany. From him doing graffiti he could get closer to Bethany.

I thought that this book was ok because it was just not the type of book i would like to read but it did have a good story. i would recommend this book to people that don't like a lot of action in their book and a book that is just about somebodies life in school and stuff, like a basic book.i would recommend that the author should add some more exciting scenes it doesn't have to be action but exciting.

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Aren Marfey | 34 comments In a book i read called "Enders Game" by Card Scott the main character Ender has a good life until he is chosen to join the army and become the leader attacking the buggers(the buggers are aliens that live on a different planet and have been attacking). Peter, Enders older brother, was denied from becoming the armies leader and now hates Ender because he was accepted. The army moves Ender to the battle school and he gets to train just like all the other soldiers. Battle school is a big spaceship far from earth. Enders gets put into a group of soldiers that are beginners also called the Launchies. Ender makes good friends with his bunk mates. Then there are groups made and each group fights each other and its like a competition. Ender is the leader for his group and his team does pretty well. Then when it is time for war ender figures out that the area on the planet that the buggers are on look just like a game he played during battle school. so they know he would win if they fought. so instead Ender decides to find a place for the buggers to live in so they would not all need to die.

I thought that this was a very good book because it has a lot of action in it, it is very exciting, and it has a good story. I would recommend this book to anybody that enjoys good books. I would not want the author to change anything from the book. I think that Ender has changed threw out the book from at first wanting to kill all the buggers and then at the end wanting to save them by finding them space to live in. I thought that this was a really good book.

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Sadie Hechkoff (sadiehechkoff) | 29 comments I read the book "June" by: Katherine Applegate. This book was realistic fiction. It's about a girl named Summer who goes to florida for summer break and stays at her cousins house. While she's there, she meets three very interesting guys, a couple girl friends, and stirs up a lot of drama. The protagonist in this story is probably the first girl friend Summer makes in Florida, whose name is Marquez. Marquez is an amazing friend to Summer and really cares about her. The antagonist is probably Diana, who is Summer's cousin. She's so mean to Summer and obviously doesn't want her there, even though Summer is nothing but nice to her. The main conflict is probably that Summer starts dating Diana's ex-boyfriend, Adam. Summer spends the night at Adam's house once, and Adam's brother tries to rape her. Then, you find out that Adam's brother also attempted rape on Diana, and that's why Diana is always so mean and angry. Diana rescues Summer from Adam's house, and Adam and Summer break up.
I loved this book. I've read it multiple times, and every time it's more and more interesting. I think it gets more interesting every time because I notice more details about the text.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a fun read, but also can take a little bit of depth. This book has it's entertaining parts, but it also has it's serious parts.

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Max B | 31 comments I just finished reading On The Road with the Ramones by Monte A Melinik, a non-fiction book about the legendary punk band, the Ramones. The book was written by a close friend of the band so you can tell that the facts are, well, factual. The book covers the band's carer, from their freshman year in high school to the early nineties. The book goes in depth about every member, considering the member's changed many times. The book also contains many interviews with the members, roadies and producers. In the interviews, you can tell that the band was very close and they all had a great sense of humor.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I probably liked it so much because they're one of my favorite bands of all time. I thought that the author's style was very compelling. His language was interesting and the format was cool. I think it would have been cooler if he had the actual members each write a chapter about their experiences in the band. I think it would have made the book more accurate and interesting. Overall, I loved this book and I recommend it to any Ramones fan.

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Alice Chen | 33 comments I finished the book "Th1rteen R3asons Why" by Jay Asher. This book is about Clay who is mailed a box of audio tapes. He finds out that he is one of the thirteen people on the list to receive the tapes. Clay had a secret crush on Hannah for a long time. The story on the audio tapes is about the life of Hannah Baker and why she decided to suicide. Clay learns all about Hannah's life and visits the places Hannah talks about in the tapes.

This book was okay and it was sad at some parts. The only thing that I didn't really like about the book was that she kept on blaming others for making her life miserable, but in the end, she took her own life. I didn't think it was worth it because the incidents that took her life weren't even worth dying for except for like 2 incidents. Also in the end of the book, there were so little people that found out about the tapes and some people didn't deserve to be on the list or the tapes which I thought was really stupid. Another book that I have read from Jay Asher was "The future of Us." That book was different from any other book I have ever read. The plot for these two books aren't the same. In that book, Emma and Josh see their future through Facebook which is cool. Overall, I think this book was too hyped. I'm not saying this book was bad, but it isn't my type of book.

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Alice Chen | 33 comments I finished the book "Bang!" by Sharon G. Flake. This book is about a thirteen year old boy named Mann who's little brother, 7, was caught in a shooting. Mann's family is suffering from depression because of their lost. Mann's brother died while playing in the yard. His dad suddenly want Mann to be a man. His dad leaves his best friend, Kee-Lee, and Mann outside in the camping ground so they would be more independent like a man. His father also kicked his out of the house so that Mann could learn to survive on his own. Mann starts to hate his dad so much when Kee-Lee died. Months later, Mann's father find him on the streets and apologizes for all the harsh things he had done to his son. Towards the end of the book, Mann and his father starts bonding and doing fun things together.

This book is amazing and I was surprised how Mann's father would do these things to his own son. This book reminds me of the book "Homeboyz" by Alan Lawrence Sitomer. In the book, Teddy has to deal with the death of her little sister (Tina) who was also caught on a random fighting. Tina died while trying to buy ice-cream at a truck. Teddy wants to get revenge, but instead he gets arrested for attempted homicide. That book was so good and sad at the same time. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a sad book. Overall, this book was fun to read and I just couldn't stop reading it!!

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Sadie Hechkoff (sadiehechkoff) | 29 comments I read the book "July" by Katharine Applegate. This is a realistic fiction book. It is about a girl named Summer who goes away on vacation and stays at her cousins house in Florida for the summer. Summer gets involved with a guy named Seth Werner in this book, Summer's friend Marquez is interesting in a strange guy named Diver, and Summer's cousin, Diana, is depressed. The protagonist in this book would be Seth. Seth is always so sweet to Summer, and makes her happy. Seth and Summer are basically "together." The antagonist in this book would probably be Diana. Diana is really mean to Summer a lot in this book even though Summer is nice to Diana. The primary conflict in this book is probably that Diana is seeking revenge on Summer's and her ex boyfriend's brother, who tried to rape Diana.
I loved this book. It's so interesting. This is the kind of book that you want to keep reading over and over again. I've read it five times probably, and every time I like it more. I would tell the author that she's doing an amazing job with her series of books. She really taps into a teenage mindset, and makes her books really intriguing.

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Cody Long | 15 comments I have been reading the book called Physc by william Rabkins and in this book there are two adult guys who kind of act like kids. There job is to solve cases for the Santa Fe poilce department. They have been solving alot of cases and nailing them. In this case it was about a murder that happened on a horse racing track. Some how one of the guys on the horse got shot and it was alittle man that Gus and Shawn have went to school with. The reason why they had been at the scene was the short little man had asked them for help because he thought someone was trying to kill him. He was right because someone had shot him but they had found no evidence accept when they had cut in to the body they found a shot of horse sleeping medicine in the victims neck. That shot had made his body get over powered so he had died.

This is where Gus and Shawn come in so they decide how does that man on the horse gets shot dead with one of those horse sleeping medicine. Then they had thought back to the old days of where they had did to horse to capture them in the wild. They had used a camera that was real but rearranged it where they make a small hole and use a thin metal arrow and shot it. So they had looked for the camera guys with binoculars and had spotted the man. Now they had solved the case.

I would so reccomend this book because not only is it a show but it is really good to read if you like mysteries and if you like cop books.

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Sadie Hechkoff (sadiehechkoff) | 29 comments I finished the book Camp Confidential: Natalie's Secret by: Melissa J. Morgan. This is a realistic fiction book. It's about a teenage girl named Natalie. She's from Manhattan, and is extremely rich. She's used to ritzy private schools, and gourmet foods, and a soft, fluffy bed and a cozy house. Then, her mom sends her to a sleep away camp. She's firstly disgusted by the cramped, dirty cabins at camp, but then she makes friends and comes to love camp. The protagonist in this story is probably Natalie because she's a nice person, a good friend, and embraces the whole camp situation. The antagonist is a girl named Chelsea. She's rude to everyone for no reason, and is really bossy. The primary conflict is that Natalie is keeping a secret from all of her new friends, and they figure it out and are upset she lied to them. Will they ever forgive her?

I liked this book a lot. It was fun, real, and I could relate to it a lot. It really tapped into the feelings of Natalie as well as her friends. I would reommend this book to any teenager, mostly because it's about teenagers. This book is a really good read, and I hope you enjoy it!

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Kameron Dixey | 24 comments I finished the realistic fiction book P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern. It's about a girl named Holly and her husband Gerry. Gerry was diagnosed with cancer then died. Months after his death, Holly starts to get letters by him telling her to perform a series of unexpected tasks. But at the same time, she has to cope threw the fact that the love of her life is dead.

I really loved this book. I only teared up in 2 books and this is one of them. It was beautifully written. The plot was amazing. You thought it was going one way then BLAM it goes another. I just have one question though. Why didn't Holly get together with Daniel? He was perfect for her! I would recommend anyone who reads to read this book.

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Ronnye G | 35 comments I just finished reading "Brisingr" by Christopher Paolini. It is the third book in the Eragon series. it takes place after Eragon finishes his training back at the elves' capital. Eragon is right now fighting the war against Galbatorix's force. Eragon goes back to a huge mountain where he thinks that the enemy forces are hiding. When he goes there with his cousin Roran, he rescues his wife and afterward kills this monstrous creatures who eat off of Human's fear. When they return back to the Varden( their army) they get into this big battle against Murtagh(his half brother) and his dragon Thorn. Even though Eragon is without his old sword, he still manages to fend off Murtagh without being heavily damaged. After the battle is won their are few times of rest for Eragon and his army. Soon, Katrina and Roran ask Eragon if he could basically be the priest in their marriage. The whole marriage seen is dragged on, then the wedding is over. After the wedding he goes back to the elves capital, to make a new magic sword which he will call Brisingr. Later that night. Saphira his dragon tells him that his father is not the man who killed all the Riders. Instead that it was Brom(the man he trained him in the first place). Then he returns back to the Varden just to be back in the middle of another battle.

In my opinion I would rate this 3 stars tops. It was a bit boring and Christopher was just over describing every possible seen there was. Secondly he was basically making another version of Stars just in middle Earth form. I mean come on the guy basically made one of the worst villions to supposedly be Eragon's dad, only to reveal that Brom was actually his real father. Christopher was probably tired from the comments of being related to Star Wars. The dialogue was fine, but it seems that he uses fancy words just to impress younger readers. He uses the king's English in a lot of his dialogue. Here is another thing I have a problem with, why does he need to have a translation page in the back? I mean who cares. You already translate the "Ancient Language" for us in the book, so why do we need a pronunciation key? The action was very good, it described all the bruises the thoughts and action very well. Some chapters though were very irrelevant, like the wedding seen. He probably dragged on that seen just to fill in pages to make 800 in total. The characters did not really develop. Eragon is still the kid who complains about everything, and Arya still is to uptight around other people. She acts like a know it all a lot in the series. Also Christopher has been worsining in his writing a lot. In Eldest, which is another of his books, the training Eragon undertakes is just so long and boring that sometimes I wanted to stop. Then now comes with irrelevant texts, and non improving characters. I mean come on Chirstopher your boring a lot of your audience. Despite all of this I still liked this book, even though I mostly said the bad things about the book. The book still was a bit interesting, compared to others that I have read. Anyway I recommend this book to those who don't mind over explained places and action lovers because your going to find a lot of that here.

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Sadie Hechkoff (sadiehechkoff) | 29 comments I finished the book Camp Confidential: Jenna's Dilemma by: Melissa J. Morgan. This book is realistic fiction. It's about a sleep away camp veteran named Jenna. She has a twin brother and an older sister who attend the camp. She's a fun, brave, prank-loving girl who everyone thinks is tough and can do everything. But during the summer, she notices how scared of diving she is, which is the primary conflict. She feels embarrassed that she can't dive, but everyone still figures out. Everyone helps her overcome her fear once they figure it out. The protagonist in this story is probably Jenna's CIT, Marissa. Marissa really helps Jenna deal with her fear, and helps her dive. The antagonist is probably a girl named Chelsea in Jenna's group, who is mean to Jenna when she finds out that Jenna can't dive, and is scared of diving.

I made some personal connections to the text. One connection I made is that I've been embarrassed of somethings I can't do, too. If I can't do something little, I get pretty upset over it, but I really don't want people to find out that I can't do it. The most interesting aspect of the text was probably the relationship between Jenna and her twin brother, Adam. Adam dives and swims beautifully, and Jenna is jealous of him (but she would never admit it!) Adam tries to help Jenna, but she thinks he's bragging about how good he is at swimming and diving.

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Nanako Chung | 35 comments I have currently finished the realistic fiction book Mick Harte Was Here by Barbara Park. It is about a boy named Mick Harte who passed away. He was a stubborn boy. He never listened to anyone who told him to do things that benefitted him. Because of this, the protagonist, Phoebe Harte, Mick Harte’s sister gets into a fight with him in the morning in their suburban neighborhood. It was simply over a prize they won in a cereal box. They both wanted it. And since Phoebe ended up claiming the prize, Mick got mad and left the house on his bicycle. He never wore a helmet, due to his stubbornness. After riding outside for a couple minutes and very distracted by his angriness, a truck runs straight into his bike, killing Mick Harte. His family was devastated, especially Phoebe. She never got a chance to apologize for being so selfish. The fact that she never had the opportunity to apologize was the antagonist in the book. Phoebe was also upset because the fight was over a TOY in a cereal box. She never had the chance to say goodbye sand from Mick’s death, she learns a valuable lesson about living as if there is no tomorrow.

I loved this book because it really proves that you should live your life to the fullest every day. It was tragic book, but it really helped you learn a valuable lesson. (My own question: What does this book remind you of?”) This book reminds me of a speech spoken by Steve Jobs. He said that if you look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Would you be satisfied if you died tomorrow?” and the answer is yes, keep doing what you’re doing. If the answer is no, then change something so that you are happy. Then, in the end, everything will be revolving around happiness so you would be satisfied if you died tomorrow! And remember, you only live once.

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Nanako Chung | 35 comments I have currently finished the fiction book Coraline by Neil Gaiman. The protagonist, Coraline, moves into a new neighborhood. She is an only child and her parents are nearly ALWAYS working. She has no one to play with because there are no kids in her new neighborhood and she doesn’t attend school just yet. So, she wanders around her new monstrous house, looking for excitement and “adventure”. During her search, she finds a door in her bedroom. She is curious about this door so she decides to open it, only to find a brick wall. However, that night, she attempts to open the door again and finds a mysterious passage to another world. Coraline is stunned to discover that the passageway leads to a world similar to her own, however very different. Everything is the same, the house, the dining table, the rooms… Everything except her “other” parents. Her “other” parents in the “other” world only want Coraline to be happy. They never work, unlike her real parents, and they spend as much time with Coraline as possible. In this “other” world, Coraline gets everything she wishes for. However, she finds it creepy because her “other” parents have buttons as eyes. But as time passes, it is clear that they want to make Coraline theirs forever and that the “other” parents had trapped her real parents, due to their need for Coraline. The "other" parents then become teh antagonist. Coraline then enters a horrific game to rescue her real parents and three children trapped in a mirror that fell for the same thing as Coraline had many years ago. With only a bored-through stone and an aloof cat to help, Coraline attempts to confront this task of escaping her “other” parents, as well as saving her real parents and the three imprisoned children.

I love this book and I recommend everyone to read it. This is because at one point in a person’s life, they feel that they don’t have everything they want and they don’t appreciate what they already have. However, they must know that they have so much already, although it may not be everything they want. The most aspect of the text was Coraline’s character development. She changed from a girl that was bored and mundane, never appreciated what she had because she thought that she did not have enough. However, as she enters the “other” world, she gets everything she wished for, but then she realizes that it is too overwhelming and that she would like to return to her real world. This is when she realizes that she has everything that she needs in her real world and that she should appreciate what she has.

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Nanako Chung | 35 comments I finished the realistic fiction book The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne. This book is a tragic book based on the holocaust and how it affects people of the world. The book starts off with the protagonist, Bruno, and his family moving to another part of the world. Bruno is not really sure where this is… However, he is sure that he will not like it as much as his old house. At his old house, he has a lot of friends and a big house with many rooms. Plus, their grandparents live right next door! So, when Bruno learns that he is moving due to his father’s job promotion, he is devastated. However, he mustn’t argue about it or else his father will not be satisfied and Bruno will be punished. So, silenced, he moves with his family to a strange, lonely part of the world. Their house is bigger, but there are no neighbors. There is grass and a garden out front but there are no people. Bruno is not happy with this. As he watches his father and his family settle into their new environment, Bruno goes to explore. After walking a couple footsteps across from the house, he realizes a large fence that separates their house and a dry dessert-like environment. I feel that this fence is the antagonist, considering what it does to affect the strong friendship of two very different peopel. Anyway, Bruno keeps walking along this fence and after walking multiple miles passed, he encounters a young man named Samuel. He is on the other side of the fence. His life is very different from Bruno’s. Samuel wears the same pair of striped pajamas, unlike Bruno who has multiple outfits in his mansion of a house. After discussing about their lives a bit and getting to know each other, they begin a strong bond of friendship. They continued to meet there daily, without anyone knowing. However, one day, Bruno was very curious about Samuel’s life, since it was very different from his own. Samuel got him a pair of striped pajamas like the one Samuel always wears and Bruno put them on. He crawled under the fence and after experiencing a couple minutes of Samuel’s life, the book ends with a tragic ending that ends the living friendship of Bruno and Samuel.

I love this book because it represents how strong a religious belief could go and how strong a friendship can stand for. (My own question: “How did you react after you finished this book?”) I didn’t cry or anything but I felt extremely sad for everything that happened in the book. What Bruno and Samuel experienced was unfair and unnessacery , in my opinion. They were both really young and they didn’t even get a chance to truly understand what was going on and why a fence separated their lives, although they had such a strong bond of friendship. This makes me realize what a great life the people of the world have today.

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Nanako Chung | 35 comments In the realistic fiction book Twelve by Lauren Myracle, the protagonist, Winnie Perry, turns twelve. She discovers that being twelve is not all perked up as it was supposed to be. She thought being twelve was just another number, except that you become more mature and cool because you’re nearly a teenager! Throughout the book however, Winnie realizes that turning twelve comes with multiple responsibilities, as well as maturity. Even as an eleven year old, Winnie experienced many things such as cruel ex-friendships, her teenage sister’s PMS mood swings, and bra shopping in public with her mom! But now that Winnie is one year older and nearly a teenager herself, she wonders if she can handle what comes her way. She realizes that as a twelve year old, there is so much to deal with. Thus, tunring twelve is the antagonist. Will her new best friend friendship last? Can Winnie handle the pressure of junior high? Can she handle humiliation? And can she handle her maturity of being a twelve year old?? Myracle accurately illustrates the true experiences of an adolescent through the character Winnie and how she survives the year of being twelve.

I can personally relate to this text. I was twelve just last year! I know what it feels like to be Winnie. Being twelve is great, though. You learn so much after another year and although it may seem tough during the time that you are twelve, on the day of you thirteenth birthday, I guarantee that you will look back and laugh at your soon-to-be teenage self. The character development I saw in Winnie Perry throughout the book was tremendous. I took a step back from the book and saw how she was a very naïve child in the beginning and after experiencing many things (such as bra shopping in public), she becomes more mature and experienced about the world of being a teenager. And I’m sure that most twelve year olds experience the same thing, which makes this book so amazing to relate to.

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Nanako Chung | 35 comments In the fiction book Heaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall by Wendy Mass, the protagonist, Tessa Reynolds, is finishing her junior year of high school. She is struggling to be perfect like all the other girls in her school. She attempts to keep up with her mother’s expectations and hopes to become the perfect girl everyone, and Tessa herself, expects her to be. Her expectations of herself are the antagonists in the book. On a random day in gym class during a rough game of dodgeball, she is severely hit in the head by a ball. And as Tessa crumples to the floor, she seems to be floating up to what she predicts is “heaven” while examining herself on the gym floor below. When she arrives to heaven, she realizes that it looks a lot like the mall, where she spends most of her leisure time. In heaven, she encounters a strange angel boy who makes Tessa relive the most painful memories of her life. After reliving these memories, she gains a lesson from each one and retracts a better perspective of her life and everyone in it. After reliving the life-changing decisions she had made throughout her life, she can now take what she learned and apply it to her present life. The angel boy gives her a choice of returning to her life or staying in heaven; of course, she takes the choice of returning to her life. She is now guarded with a new self-esteem and a new perspective of her future life, reminding herself that although high school is difficult, it doesn’t last forever.

The most aspect of the text was probably the setting. This book was very interesting and difficult to interpret, believe it or not. It was like… a lesson in disguise. I did not expect her to go to heaven after she was hit with a dodgeball… but I guess that is just how the book worked out! And the fact that she went to heaven to relive her most painful mistakes and to come back to earth with a new armor is just amazing to me! I can relate to this book because of what people expect of me and what I expect of myself. I have to maintain a certain level of reputation in my life or else I don’t feel accomplished. This is how Tessa felt in the book, which is why she had such a low self-esteem in the beginning of the book. I really liked this book because of what you can obtain from it. I recommend this book to anyone who needs a boost of self-esteem!!

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Sadie Hechkoff (sadiehechkoff) | 29 comments I finished the book Camp Confidential: Grace's Twist by Melissa J Morgan. This is a realistic fiction book. It's about a girl named Grace who is in sleep away camp. The main conflict, is that Grace failed her English class during the school year, and her parents won't let her do any fun trips or plays in camp unless she reads books and completes these tests they send her by email about the books. Grace hasn't told her camp friends, so they get mad at her when she can't go to the water park, or be in the camp play with them. The protagonist in this book is probably Grace. Grace is sweet and funny, and a great friend. The antagonist is probably Chelsea, a camper. Chelsea is very rude to Grace when she finds out that Grace failed English class.

I would recommend this book to a teenage girl. It's mostly a girly book I think. Not that a guy wouldn't enjoy it, but I think he'd be less likely to pick up a book with Grace's Twist this cover. I think this is mostly a tween, teeny book because it's about teens and tweens. I liked this book a lot. I think it deals with a lot of problems that I've had before (not failing English, but friend and relationship problems.) I can relate to it, but I also like it that the author included those problems.

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Nanako Chung | 35 comments In the realistic fiction book Flowers For Algernon by Daniel Keyes, the protagonist, Charlie Gordon, a mentally retarded thirty-two year old adult who attends Beekman College Center for Retarded Adults, is chosen by a group of scientists to undergo an experimental surgery in which improves the intelligence of a human being. His teacher, Alice Kinnian, has selected Charlie of all the other adults to undergo this surgery due to his eagerness for becoming smart and his famished character of learning. Dr. Strauss and Professor Nemur, the directors of the experiment, ask Charlie to write a journal so they could record his progress of knowledge. Charlie acknowledges these entries as “progress reports”. The entire book is composed of Charlie’s progress reports. After taking multiple tests to test his intelligence before the surgery,—including a maze-solving competition with a mouse named Algernon, who has already experienced the experimental surgery—Charlie goes through the operation. After the surgery, Alice begins helping Charlie read adult books and fix his improper grammar and spelling. Only after a short period of time, he becomes more intelligent by the second, although Charlie himself does not realize it. He soon develops an intelligence that expands beyond even Dr. Strauss and Professor Nemur’s! Before the surgery, Charlie had a job at Donnor’s Bakery where the employee’s made fun of him due to his abnormality. But, Charlie could not comprehend that that is what they were doing. He was underestimated by everyone there. However, when everyone realizes that Charlie is now a genius beyond possibility, everyone at the bakery is appalled by this, since everyone expected very little of him. As well as academic improvements after the surgery, he also realizes that he is in love with Alice Kinnian. Alice insists on maintaining a professional relationship, although it is obvious that she feels the same way about Charlie. However, he has a dangerous sexual history due to his mother’s, Rose, abuse since Charlie was not born normal. So, he feels uncomfortable with a sexual relationship with Alice. Besides this, the boss at Donnor’s Bakery fired Charlie, since he was smart now and that he did not need the job. Charlie was devastated. Even BESIDES this, Professor Nemur clearly treats Charlie as if he is another lab animal due to the experimental surgery that was performed on him. However, Charlie knows that his knowledge in science has expanded beyond Nemur himself and is disturbed by the way he is being treated by Nemur. After all this, Charlie releases Algernon from his lab cage and runs away with him to New York. In New York where nobody can find him, he buys his own apartment and creates a sexual relationship with his neighbor Fay who does not know about his sexual past. He takes good care of Algernon. However, Algernon started to act up and his intelligence wore off. He eventually passes away. Charlie starts to worry that he himself might pass away and that his intelligence will wear off, since Algernon and Charlie had the same surgery. So, Charlie visits his mother and his sister to try to make sense of his past before his intelligence wore off, if it ever did. His mother and his sister have seen him on TV and are very proud of his accomplishments. However, his mother has a flashback of Charlie being retarded and draws a knife on him. Charlie is startled and tries to help her realize that he is smart now. But his sister insisted that he leaves and he did. But he has now finally overcome his past and become a strong individual. After researching about his surgery, he realizes a flaw in Nemur’s experiment which will cause the intelligence to wear off, like Algernon’s did. Charlie returns back to the Beekman College and explains to Nemur the flaw he found which he calls the “Algernon-Gordon Effect”. As time passes, he returns to his retarded self and forgets his romantic relationship with Alice Kinnian and gets his job back at Donnor’s Bakery. However, instead of returning to Beekman College, he checks himself into a home for disabled adults. His last request is for the reader to leave flowers on Algernon’s grave.

I love this book. It is one of my favorite books because it helps the reader realize that it is better to have experienced something than to not have experienced it at all. The most aspect of this book was Charlie’s character change. Although Charlie ended up right where he started, he experienced many things that he could have never experienced if he did not undergo the surgery! He knows, in the end of the book, that he was, at one point, very smart and still hopes to be as smart one day. This book is truly amazing; it teaches you to take wild risks through the life of Charlie Gordon.

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Sadie Hechkoff (sadiehechkoff) | 29 comments I read the book Camp Confidential: Alex's Challenge by: Melissa J. Morgan. This is a realistic fiction book. It's about an athletic girl in sleep away camp. The main conflict is that Alex has diabetes and doesn't tell any of her camp friends. Only the counselors know. Unfortunately, Alex doesn't take her meds one day and collapses during a soccer game. The protagonist in this book is a girl named Valarie. While Alex's best friend Brynn starts drifting away from Alex, Valarie is there to be Alex's good friend. The antagonist is Alex's best friend, Brynn. Brynn is really rude to Alex, but once she finds out the condition Alex has, she's super nice to her.

I liked this book. One reason I liked it is because it's very descriptive. Another reason I liked it because it's very entertaining. Another reason I liked it is because it's really similar to my life, in a way. I can relate to many things in this book; I can relate to having secrets that get found out. I can relate to friend problems, like Alex was having. All in all, great book and a must read!

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Sadie Hechkoff (sadiehechkoff) | 29 comments I read the book Spring Break by: Katherine Applegate. This book is about a girl named Summer who goes to Florida for spring break week. She's been there a couple times before, because her cousin and aunt have a huge house where they live there. Last summer, she got into a serious relationship with the guy shes in love with (she's still in that relationship!), met her best friend Marquez, and connected with her long lost brother, and became sort of close with her cousin and aunt. The main conflict is probably that on the way back to Florida, super excited, Summer meets a guy named Austin. Austin is amazing looking, but he has all sorts of sad things that are going on in his life. Summer cheats on her loving boyfriend with Austin, who's having some life difficulties, will her boyfriend find out? The protagonist in this book would be Seth, Summer's boyfriend. Because he's really nice to Summer, and just a nice guy in general. The protagonist would be Austin, because he's nice, but he pretty much let Summer cheat on her boyfriend, even though he knew she had a boyfriend! He single-handedly ruins Summer's relationship!

I really liked this book. It's really descriptive. I also liked it because it's really fun to read. Last night, I read it for an hour. Such a fun book! Also, I can relate to it. Not the Summer cheating part, but the sub-ideas in the text, such as Summer's best friend and brother running away. This book kept me thinking. I would recommend it to teens. This book is a realistic teen book that includes action, romance. If you like books that keep you wondering, read this book!

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Sadie Hechkoff (sadiehechkoff) | 29 comments I read the fantasy/realistic fiction book Think Twice by Lisa Scottoline. This book is about two twin sisters with completely different lives. The conflict is that the mean twin sister basically buries her sister alive and tries to impersonate her and take all of her money and boyfriend and everything. The protagonist is probably the nice twin and the antagonist is the mean twin, because she tried to kill and impersonate her own sister!

I liked this book a lot. It had a lot of parts that I was so glued to and I couldn't stop reading. It was descriptive. It was original and quirky. It was creepy. I recommend this to people who are young adults/adults and enjoy scary books. Though this book wasn't made to be a thriller, it was scary and creepy just because of the subject. It was kinda scary, but also kind of suspenseful. So to any people who love action, this book is also probably for you!

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Nicole Amaral | 26 comments I read the fantasy book, City of Bones by, Cassandra Clare. The protagonist is Clary, she just found out that she can see these people called "shadowhunters". Her mother was taken away by some demons and she is going out to find them. She meets people that soon come close to her, Jace, Isabele, and Alec. Her best friend Simon soon finds out about all of these crazy things. She finds out many new things about her loved ones, Luke, and her mother. She gets introduced to the shadowhunter world.
I really liked the book. This is one of my favorite series that I have read. Its really descriptive, and you see nothing coming! Its really surprising and just awesome. I have read the entire series already, and i think that the best book she has written was City of Glass. City of Glass is really good. She puts a lot more detail and its REALLY suspenseful. I just love that book.

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