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Explination of Riley please?
Victoria Victoria Nov 26, 2011 06:48PM
I randomly picked the Dark Angels novels up from my library and although I loved these books, I had some questions about Riley and her family:
Riley and Quinn are a couple.
Rhoan and Liander are a couple.
Riley and Liander have five children together.
And they all live together in one house.
Anyone want to explain this to me?

Oh my god this is a easy one this book is a spin off form Keri's other series The Riley Jenson Guardian Series. It is an excellent series check it out if you have time it is one of my favorites. But any way Riley and Rhoan are twins, Rhoan and Liander are lovers, Riley and Quinn are lovers. Riley could not have kids so Liander's sister carried the kids for her and Liander. Does that make since or help?

Kyra If she can't have them, then how are the kids hers? I started the Riley Jensen series but couldn't get past book 2. I may need to give it another try.
Jun 07, 2013 06:35AM

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