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best novel in the Booker's prize history

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Patricia Toth An extravagant, desperate and sensational novel whose characters should enthrall the world. Midnight's children that is.

Karen I thought Midnight's Children was a very good book and have added it to my list of outstanding books about India: A Fine Balance, Son of the Circus, etc. I can add more if anyone's interested.

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Please do...

Karen Here are a few more that I've read and enjoyed.
The House of Blue Mangoes
Red Earth and Pouring Rain
A Suitable Boy

Richard White Tiger is excellent, A Suitable Boy is on my one day list

Midnights Children on the other hand was dissappointing

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Patricia Toth I also enjoyed The White Tiger, still I liked midnight's children more

Terry Pearce Don't be put off by A Suitable Boy's size. After 1400 pages, I really didn't want it to end. It is by some distance the best book about India I've read, in my opinion; it would make my desert island books list a long time before Midnight's Children and A Fine Balance (both of which I very much enjoyed).

Make 'one day' one day soon.

Abhishek midnight children z jst another page turner,with delicate intricacies of each n every character, d initial pages lay d colur on d child's history while d later his future!!! awesum experience

Danielle I have to disagree with Terry. Midnight's Children, A Fine Balance and The Inheritance of Loss before A Suitable Boy, but it does come next. Booker of Bookers? I can't answer that, I've only read 12 of the winners since Midnight's Children but all that I have read are at the top of my favourite books.

Casey (Myshkin) Buell As for Indian literature, and Booker winners for that matter, I'm surprised that no on has yet mentioned The God Of Small Things by Arundhati Roy.

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