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Ellie M (elliemcc11) I see this is a current read for this group. I'm new to the group and quite by chance I've just finished reading The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

Reading reviews I see people either love or loath the book (due to historical inaccuracies). I enjoyed it (perhaps the wrong phrase for the subject matter) for what it was although I have issues with how niave Bruno appears to be...

I wondered whether as adults reading this we read more into the story than a child. It was for example never made clear quite where Maria the maid came from or who she was, although I suspect she might have been Jewish (or at least one of her parents was). Then there was the Father of the Young soldier who disappeared to Switzerland, and the soldiers reaction to Pavel dropping the wine - again was there a Jewish connection?

And the 'relationship' between the mother and the young soldier...did anyone else read that as an affair had taken place?

Interested in your thoughts on the book and what I made comment on...

Maxine Mathew (Maxpam93) | 3 comments Yes, I agree with most of your thoughts. I always thought Pavel was one of the Jews brought over from the camp to work for Bruno's family. That is how they showed in the movie too.

I too love the book even with all the inaccuracies, maybe because I don't know much of that time much, myself.

Also, I think that even though the book is narrated by a nine year old, it is targeted at a much older audience who can understand the implied relation between Bruno's mother and the soldier or about the young soldier's father....

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