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Is WICKED good?

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Lauren Jarvis I think they proved themselves to really be in the best interests at the end when they gave up the trails and sent those immune away. They were willing to sacrifice a potential cure for those immune to have a chance at a normal life. So yeah I think there intentions at heart were good. the means to that end though not so much.

Lettersalad I agree their ambitions were indeed good; try to find a cure and save the human race. I also comply with Wicked by separating the Gladers from their infected parents, to save their lives. That’s cruel, though necessary. But in the Trials, Wicked’s methods have gone way too far beyond humanity. It starts with eliminating the boys’ memories (even their own real names!), messing with their brains and risking their mental and physical sanity, watching them like mice and the worst of all: infecting them with the Flare, although they knew some of the boys aren’t immune. So, I really can’t just say: WICKED is good. It’s hard to judge about the boys’ time with Wicked before the Maze, because of Thomas’ missing memories (oh Boy >.<), but Thomas and Teresa both said, Wicked forced them to work with them. Even if Thomas, Minho and the other remaining Gladers are at some place like paradise now; they’ll never have a normal life again due to all the terrible actions by Wicked.
I don’t really see other options, but I do think there could be a cure. The Flare virus was man-made, so mankind should also be able to create something against it; maybe by analyzing the virus itself and not just what it does to people who are infected with it. The virus must have a weak point, so it doesn’t work on everybody. There was so less about the biological aspect in the books, I think. Gosh, this series is so in need of a fourth book… :D

Elizabeth: I think there idea was good but then they did things they probably shouldnt have but in the end they were good by leading them too a new life to start over life.

Aurora There was a tweet by someone to James Dashner that he said accurately summed up the book. It was "Well said! RT @MeL_666: WICKED is good.... or bad...or good...or bad...or good...or bad...or good...or bad"

Fish Are Friends, Not Food yes. i believe so. That chancellor didn't care about the cure at the end and focused on building up a community from scratch instead. a good decision by far from WICKED

أثير WICKED is good, even Rat man(Jonson) is good too but unfortunately the Flare missed up his head and made him screw the experiments

Madai in some ways yes they are

yojharobed || I have no sword. I don't need a sword. Because I am the Doctor and this is my spoon. En garde! And the kids never knew their real names, or their history, or anything. Why do you think that Thomas didn't want his memory back?

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Lire I think their purpose is good, but as time continued. . . I believe the workers forgot the purpose. They were so rushed and confident, that it defeated the meaning. It seemed as if they were working for themselves. Also, they became forceful and demanding; therefore, risking lives and angering public. Overall, I think the organization died bad; the associates forgetting the purpose and failing to complete the task. Not to mention, nearly ripping out the brains of Thomas. . .

Katie Oh, touche subjet. Now, i do say that it would count on who you are talking ABOUT. The leader of wicked was not wicked, but i do say, that all the others were. Tss, Tiss, so sad, but true... :(

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Oxy I agree with Lettersalad, because if WICKED really did have good intentions, and really wanted to "save" mankind, why would they torture all these kids? And why wouldn't they try out the trials for themselves? I believe they could have done more to "help".

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Erika You guys are forgetting something... WICKED created the flare in the first place as a means of "population control", then the flare got out of control and it was eradicating human race, so they were now forcing these kids to go into those trials and suffer terrible things just to try to find a cure for a disease they themselves created...

Yeah, their intention of finding a cure was good, but they are bad.

Tina J This is a hard one for me!

How can I agree that WICKED is good, when I (immune or not) would NEVER want to be part of WICKED, The Maze, Scorch Trials and the variables!

I understand that WICKED's intentions were 'good'. But I wouldn't ever want to be in Thomas' position and it also felt like WICKED was killing off people for the sake of it.

I don't think I could ever agree to; kill a few, to save many! At the end of the day, no matter what way you spin, what they did was just wrong!

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Oxy Exatimo!!

Devora I don't know all through the first two books I was for sure they were evil, but in the end whether they looked for a cure or not people were going to extinction. But at the end if wasn't for WICKED(chancellor Page) sending off then there would really be no humans in the future.However what they did was still bad, especially killing Chuck.

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Herapeacok Is there a movie comming out, because while I was looking up the Maze Runner just for fun it said Maze Runner trailer and I watched it.It looked good.

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Oxy When is the movie coming out?

Tina J Look it up on IMDB, it's there! (set for next year)

But since it's 'in-development', there's not much information on it.

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Rose Erika wrote: "You guys are forgetting something... WICKED created the flare in the first place as a means of "population control", then the flare got out of control and it was eradicating human race, so they wer..."

Although I loved the book, I still don't understand why would they use a virus as a means of populations control when viruses SPREAD. Thus it cannot be CONTROLLED. LOL. Sorry about my rants, can't help but be annoyed with the plot holes.

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Nup. Loada crap.

After what they did to everyone, HOW?? They killed Alby. They Killed Newt. Chuck. Winston. Teresa. They traumatised a bunch of innocent kids for a reason that could never WORK! THEY'RE SHITHEADS!

Mojoboy31 Yes, of course W.I.C.K.E.D is good! It's run by Santa Claus, and Rat Man was really just the Easter Bunny in disguise, and all their evil experiments that led the world to doom, and the horrible torture of children was just a big misunderstanding.

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Duhllin Did you people (the ones thinking they're good) forget that they released the Flare, as a "means of population control"?

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Duhllin Well darn. Someone stated that before I even got to.

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Emma Duhllin wrote: "Did you people (the ones thinking they're good) forget that they released the Flare, as a "means of population control"?"

If you read the kill order they actually didn't.

Emmanuel Is Wicked Good? Ehmmm. That's a tough question. Is wicked good.


Nikita That's a tough question. After reading the series, I found to see that there were two sides to Wicked. There was the side willing to do whatever it takes to find the cure and the other willing to accept that there may never be a cure and needed to save the immune to save the future.

Some of Wicked was good and some were bad.

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Eden I feel that WICKED has good intentions but is doing bad things so they can make progress. I didn't like that they changed the kid's names because that made them seem more like subjects instead of actual kid's. I can't wait for TFC do come out. Maybe that might answer that question. But I also wonder what WICKED did to the kid's that didn't pass the test so they can go into the mazes.

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UtilitarianShank Yes, WICKED is good. Sacrificing a few is worth alleviating the suffering of, and saving many.

@Lettersalad We're expected to assume that all other attempts at finding a cure have failed. Come on, you don't seriously think WICKED was torturing these kids for the "fun" of it, do you?

@Oksana What the heck would be the use of "trying out the trials for themselves"? These are physically tortorous, emotionally draining and scarring activities, not some fun activities to "try out". You're suggesting that they do the Trials to more people (in this case themselves), just to "prove" their commitment to their goal. The world is on the verge of destruction, and all you care for are tit for tats?

Who's going to work on the cure if the WICKED employees were running around Mazes with memories wiped? People are different - some are smart enough to work for WICKED, some are strong and skilled enough to be their subjects. And some, like the Elite subjects, are both.

Is it really so hard to understand why the "torture" was necessary, and that it wasn't intended as a fun activity to do for the hell of it?

@Erika @Duhllin WICKED did not release the Flare, that was the PFC. As WICKED's full form suggests, their only goal was ever to find a CURE for the Flare.

@TinaJ Nobody wants to be a part of the Trials, but that doesn't mean it isn't a necessity, or that one wouldn't volunteer for it if there is no other choice.

For instance - sure, I would love to be given everything for free, not having to work, but I recognise that would screw up the economy and screw up people's lives, so I support capitalism. Same thing here, just a little more controversial, and nobody knows why.

@Devora A twelve-year-old's life is not superior to the fate of the human race. There are tons of other kids, just like Chuck, who would benefit from a cure to the Flare. What do you suggest, keep him alive for two years, then kill him because he's old enough?

@Rose Yeah, that's a big plothole. If you want to do population control, increase the number of crimes for which capital punishment is delivered, or just go around spraying bullets. A biological weapon is the most stupid thing you would go for.

@[deleted user] Uh huh? And what makes you so sure it would "never work"? There are tons of other such children who could have been saved by a cure.

"A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but by his inaction, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury." - John Stuart Mill.

Not trying to find a cure when they have the resources is akin to causing the world to rot.

@Nikita I agree with you - WICKED ended up divided into two when they realised there was no hope in finding a cure - one, a truly utilitarian and sensible section led by Ava Paige, and another that was only interested in preserving their organisation (and their paychecks) - presumably led by Janson.

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Here I I'd say.....they are good, but then again, "good" and "evil" all depends on the perspective. Their intentions were surely good, but the way they tried to find the cure was "unethical." Then again, drastic measures in drastic times. ANother weird thing was the whole biological weapon thing tho. Like, why release a virus that you have created, yet know next to nothing about, to "curb the population"?

Stella Farmer I'd say that they are only trying to use them to find a cure. I haven't read this series in a while.. it's been like.. 5 years. But, from what I remember, I have always thought of them being evil and I still think that. plus, their company might stand for something else, but everyone pronounces it "WICKED". Evil, in my opinion.

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Salma Wicked is good, but it's also bad. It's good because wicked was always trying to find a cure but they were the once who also made the virus( flare). The author does not say if wicked is good or bad at the end of the book

Violet YES YES YES YES YES,. I am kind of mad at Thomas for two reasons. 1. He never forgave Teresa
2. He wasn't willing to sacrifice himself to save the world.

Terrance WICKED's goal is geared toward utilitarianism after seeing the Flare disease bring humanity to their knees. Their goal is to do whatever it takes to find a cure. Through torture and death of a group of ~100 kids (Thomas' group and group B), WICKED is able to come closer to the cure.

- Janson says Thomas' brain is the final missing piece of the puzzle. After hearing so many lies and secrets, how can WICKED be trusted when Janson says Thomas' brain is the last thing they need? They could be wrong and nobody can know for certain if it is the missing final steps. WICKED's plan B is abducting 500 people and putting them into the maze. How far will they go?? When will this stop? If they don't see what they need for this group of 500, then how many more subjects?
- Torture and death should not be the means to the end. Saving humanity should not mean torturing and killing people. If you were put in a decision-making position to save the world by premeditating torture and death of innocent kids, how can you live with yourself? WICKED was able to push their moral consciousness to the side by focusing on saving humanity, but I'm sure their moral conscious crept up. In the end, I think Chancellor Paige drew the final line and helped Thomas get out. Perhaps due to her morality telling her this is wrong and they are no closer to finding the cure.
- Not all the Glade kids had diseased parents. Thomas' parents were diseased. Newt's parents were not. WICKED killed Newt's healthy parents when they abducted him for the trial.

If I was living in a diseased world and saw the Flare disease terrorize us all, then I would do anything to find a cure. I would support WICKED. I think it all comes down to perspective as well. Are you the parents of the Gladers? Are you one of the Gladers? Are you suffering from the Flare? Each perspective will have a different thought process on whether WICKED is good or bad. If they do find the cure and the world becomes a better place, then it would also be one of the darkest past in human history. I definitely wouldn't want to be the one who premeditates the torture/death of innocent people. Perhaps anyone with no stakes in WICKED would say WICKED is good. This would be the majority of the people since 99% of the world is not immune. However WICKED is probably bad to the 1% of the world.

I'll stop myself before rambling more. I think WICKED is bad.

Shemayah I think Wicked is bad because although yes, their motives were good, they risked waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to many lives for a cure they weren't sure existed.

Amber Wells WICKED were good in the sense of 'sacrificing a few for the greater good' in trying to find a cure, but for those few in the maze trials, most gave their life without having a choice to be there.

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Yay I love WICKED, sooo...

Madelyn I think that morally speaking wicked is not good however they are just doing what they believe is good in a bad situation. Since Thomas is the narrator the reader is lead to believe that wicked is bad because that is what he believes however good and bad is relative no one goes about doing something trying to be evil it can just be perceived that way depending on who is looking. Thomas is only human and as a human, it is his nature to think about himself before everyone else so of course, he would see wicked as bad because they are trying to hurt him. To wrap this all up I would say that wicked is not bad and they are genuinely trying to save humanity and they are only perceived as bad because Thomas thinks they are bad.

Violet I think they are good, the only thing I would have changed is instead of forcing kids I would have volunteers, of course it would be hard to get volunteers out of 4/5 year olds. Overall they are good. I wish Thomas donated his brain to save the world

KenKen Like the previous two said, I think they had good intentions

It's just that, they went horribly wrong. :)

αλήθεια They started out with good intentions, but that doesn't mean what they did wasn't so wrong. I get where they were coming from, but even after Thomas and his friends escaped and fought them multiple times, WICKED still hunted them. How they went about trying to find a cure was wrong, but their intentions were not. But actions speak louder than no. WICKED was definitely not good.

Hannah ♥️ WICKED started out good, but they became corrupt. It was "good" of them to try and find a cure, but the trials were anything but "good." They could have figured out other ways to experiment on the immunes, ways that didn't involve killing off most of them.

***On the other hand, we wouldn't have gotten this great series without WICKED being so corrupt. In that sense, WICKED is good.***

William WICKED is good

Hannah ♥️ Violet wrote: "YES YES YES YES YES,. I am kind of mad at Thomas for two reasons. 1. He never forgave Teresa
2. He wasn't willing to sacrifice himself to save the world."

I agree. Teresa was trying to save his life, so would he have rather died than feel betrayed for a few hours? I will NEVER like Thomas and Brenda.
Also, he was being a little selfish for not sacrificing himself, but I probably wouldn't give myself up to WICKED either. Maybe a better organization, but WICKED is NOT good.

Hannah ♥️ Amber wrote: "WICKED were good in the sense of 'sacrificing a few for the greater good' in trying to find a cure, but for those few in the maze trials, most gave their life without having a choice to be there."

And they sacrificed a little more than just "a few" lives, lol

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