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Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) BLAKE'S ROOM

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Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) Blake had been sleeping when someone started knocking on his door. He scrambled to his feet and stumbled over to it, "Hello," he said groggily after opening it. His hair was tousled and all he was wearing were plaid pajama pants.

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) Blake looked at her for a momment, "Alright, let me just get dressed real quick. Wait right here," he said before shutting the door and rushing over to his dresser.

Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) (hiya)

Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) :)

Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) (good)

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) After about a minute Blake opened the door again. He was wearing a snug long sleeved black shirt with dark jeans, "Ready?"

Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) Syn of Vengeance wrote: "(cool)

Melina nodded at the older boy."Yes. Are you good at close combat?""

(how r you?)

Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) (coolio)

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) He shrugged, "I like to think I do well," he said with a small smile.

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Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) A mysterious glint found it's way into Blake's eyes, "I suppose we will," he said before walking towards the door.

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) "Blake," he said as he walked.

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) Blake couldn't help but chuckle, "It's never happened before, and I don't plan on it happening anytime soon."

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) ((i will)

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Gio (mediamartyr17) Nico's Room:

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