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Annabelle walked out in a white belt and white martial arts outfit. She soon had the dummies battered but still intact.

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"Why did you look at surveillance of me?" She asked, a knowing smile that was small but there.

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"Let's see, it makes you look like a creeper, stalker, killer, and total weirdo. All of the above you are, in fact."

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"See this?" She said, and held out her arm from under her sleeve. There were white marks like a tigers stripes on her arm. "Thousands of people tried to kill me. Even my own family at a point."

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"Well that's good. I just lived in a forest the beginning years of my life with nothing to eat. Why do you think I look so weak?" She said, and pointed to her pale kind-of bony looking hands.

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"Watch it. I can cancel my decision at any time." she said, and hit the dummy and it broke in half.

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"Yeah, you keep thinking that. What kind of mission are we talking about, exactly?"

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"Got any evidence that I could even work with?"

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"That's all I get to work with? Really?"

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"It's tough being a total technology geek..."

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"Give me a second..." She said, sighing. She walked into a small room and grabbed her laptop from her bag. She sat on a nearby bench, and started it up, and began to type and type and type and type.

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((Soon.)) "All in good time, but if you must know, I'm tracking our guy, and he's in Ukrane. Entering a house in the middle of the night. Could be trouble." She said, and went back to the small room, and came out in regular clothes. "Let's go."

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((Confused! What did I do wrong?))

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((I don't know. Start their mission?))

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) "Whatever you wanna think," he said with a shrug as he strode confidently into the room.

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) Blake also wrapped his knuckles, knowing that if he didn't they would look messy afterwards.

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) "Sounds good to me," he said in his deep voice before kicking his shoes off and stepping onto the mat.

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) Blake moved silently through the shadows, as if he were a ghost traveling in the night. His breaths came silently as he listend for Melina. Just one little noise and he would know where she was.

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) Blake strained his ears to hear something, anything.

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Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) Blake heard the object fall onto the ground. After a seconds thought he decided the sound was to loud to actully be her. No one with a brain would create such a loud noice near themselves. Blake began moving slowly forward, away from the sound.

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) When Blake landed on his back he rolled backwards, getting his feet back underneath him. He quickly darted to the side before lunging at her waist.

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) Blake landed gracefully on his feet. He stood for a second to calm his breathing, and returned to being silent, gliding across the mat.

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) Blake remained silent, hidden in the darkness.

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) Blake stayed frozen.

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) Blake stayed where he was, waiting for her to come to him.

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) Blake dropped low and swung out his leg, tripping Melina.

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) Blake lunged at her waist once more, this time his arms wrapped around her small figure.

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) Blake used his imense strength to throw her off from ontop of him, a grunt leaking through his lips.

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Malia walked in quietly and slowly,hoping not to trip.She saw Melina and Blake sparring and sighed.She started walking again but tripped over the object Melina threw"Ouch"She said sitting up

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