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Angela (angelazz) | 156 comments Mod
Okay, this is the place where you creat sponsors. If you feel like giving the tribute a gift or if they are in need of a gift, you need to put down WHO IT'S FOR and WHY did they give it to them and WHAT gift it is.
The tributes has to be injuried or in grave danger or really in need of something before they can receive a gift. Or if they have done something romantic or interesting that catches the so called Television crowd's attention for more sponsors then they can deserve something too (like Haymitch would have done). But if a tribute is really uninteresting then they don't have any sponsors... :P

And the mentors would have to be in control of the sponsors, so the mentor(s) have to agree before the gift can be given. :)

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You can give a gift to your own character and any other characters that you are feeling like they need some help, and you can only give one gift per five days.

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Angela (angelazz) | 156 comments Mod
((Is it ok if they can, Ashby? because they know their own character the best? But if we saw some gifts that should be given they will have to delete it? but the amount of gift also depends on how many sponsors they have.... let's say no more than one per four days? and if they haven't used any until right up the end then they can have two at the same time, but that's only if they haven't used anybefore :P Let me know))

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((Got it.))

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