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message 1: by Alexander (new)

Alexander McNabb (alexandermcnabb) The Sharjah International Book Fair is currently taking place at the Sharjah Exhibition Centre. It's a major event, with a number of readings, signings etc.

The Fair's webpage is: http://www.sharjahbookfair.com/page/ and you can follow events there on twitter, there's a very active community section at the fair posting news tagged #SHJIBF - you can follow @ShjIntlBookFair.

message 2: by Ghada (new)

Ghada Arafat | 235 comments Thank u so much for sharing. I wish i can be there

message 3: by Niledaughter (new)

Niledaughter | 2793 comments Mod
I need to check it in details ! thanks :)

message 4: by Marieke, Former moderator (new)

Marieke | 1179 comments Mod
Thanks for sharing this information, Alexander! We'll have to pay attention to see if they post videos of any author events so that those of us who are located in the wrong parts of the globe can "participate."

message 5: by Bernadette (new)

Bernadette (bernadettesimpson) | 205 comments Wish I could be there, too!! Although I'll be happy enough to do book shopping in Sharjah when I go in January. :-)

message 6: by Alexander (new)

Alexander McNabb (alexandermcnabb) I'm doing an open mic gig at the SHJIBF tonight, in fact, Marieke - so will have to see if anyone is around with a video camera! :) It's the 'online launch' for Olives - A Violent Romance!

The Fair's been a great success this year, including the launch of a major new grant from the Sharjah government to facilitate translations to and from Arabic.

message 7: by Marieke, Former moderator (new)

Marieke | 1179 comments Mod
That's really exciting! Did it go well?

I added your book to my TBR...I'm especially intrigued by the water crisis aspect of your plot.

I'm also excited about the grant money for more translations...my big goal in life is to be able to read Arabic novels on my own, but there is so much that doesn't get translated and I hate the thought of reading something that I think westerners should read but then it's not translated. And vice versa, although so many Arabs speak English...I'm jealous of them! Haha!

message 8: by Alexander (new)

Alexander McNabb (alexandermcnabb) The reading was a tad strange, but it went down very well, thank you! It was a good way to get my first reading out of the way without it being too high profile and I have some learnings under my belt ready for the big one at the TwingeDXB Urban Festival in Dubai on the 10th December.

Thanks for the add - the water crisis is very real, BTW.

I'm exploring the grant with a publisher. It's odd, but there's a chance I'll be 'properly' published in Arabic before English!

message 9: by DubaiReader (new)

DubaiReader | 30 comments I went to the Sharjah book fair on the Thursday.
There weren't any talks that interested me at that time but I did buy a whole bunch of Indian titles at Indian prices, which is nearly half the dirhams price.

I also found someone to source books off a list of local nature/geology/archaeology books that I was carrying for the Dubai Natural History Group, so a good day, all-in-all :)

message 10: by Marieke, Former moderator (new)

Marieke | 1179 comments Mod
Aasiyah wrote: "I wish there was like some distributor here in the Philippines who can hook us up with ME publishers so they can be read here. I mean, Filipinos are very multicultural people and it's a sad thing t..."

You should get some friends together and start a business! :D

also...i'm curious...when you read translated literature, what language do you read in? English or Tagalog or maybe a different language? apologies, i don't know much about the Philippines even though my dad's wife has part of her origins there (her dad was from the Philippines)...i really should learn more.

message 11: by DubaiReader (new)

DubaiReader | 30 comments Aasiyah, are you aware of BookMooch? We (members of BM) send and recieve books all over the world.

Also BookCrossing, but in a less formal way.

Just add .com and you'll find them :)

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