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Brent (brentguy) | 493 comments Mod
Welcome to my shop! We sell all sorts of swords from little daggers to big broadswords! You can customize your blade here, if you would like. If you become a hero, we have some special selections for you!

Just don't make fun of me name, and I won't have to kick you out!


Iron - Stiff yet sturdy! This will get be gettin' the job done, but it might not be a good clean cut. This is good for general infantry.

Steel - Slice 'n Dice! This is perfect when it comes to speed and angled chops. With this baby, you could be dominatin' the field!

Hero Selections

Silver & Steel - This is a steel blade with a nicely polished silver coat! We could dye the blade any colour you want, really.

You know ole' Malleu's blade? We did that! Err ... before he got banished and all.

We can also get inscriptions and maybea gem here and there ....

You will just have to tell us what you'll be wantin', to fit your comfort level, 'cos we aren't you, ya know?

Hero Selections

You can get a gem the colour of your blade embedded into the end of your hilt. It looks very pretty, take it from me!

Again, you'll be needin' to tell us what you want.

If you're visitin' here as a hero, you can get your sword fer free!

Here be the order form!

Type of Blade:
Length of Blade:
Width of Blade:
Description of Hilt:
Two-Handed Hilt or One-Handed:
Description of Pommel:
Other Details: (You want yer blade to be curvy? Or hooked? Or your pommel to jut out only one side? Here is the place for those comments.)

If you ain't a hero, please, nothin' fancy!

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Amee wanders into the shop, looking at the matierals looking gloomy in their spots. She LOVES weapons. She runs her finger over the blades, until she finds one she wants. Amee fills out this form:

Type of Blade: Iron
Lenght of Blade: 3.5 inches
Width of blade: 0.75 inches
Description of Hilt: nothing fancy ... just anything, really
Two handed Hilt or One-handed: one handed
Description of Pommel: (Amee wonders what 'pommel means)
Other Details: just simple, and cheap, but nothing that would break easily

Amee looks around the dusty store for the owner, but seeing none slips the paper on the counter, and exits.

After a few moments, she hurries back in and blurts, "How much does it cost?!"

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