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Cat (coffeecat19) *Start*

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Cat (coffeecat19) Erica was running through the Spine, holding her Drgon egg, trying to get to Carvahall.

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Cat (coffeecat19) She thrashed around and tried not todrop her egg.
Put me down immediatly, dragon! She told him angrily in her mind. Do you know who I am?!

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Cat (coffeecat19) She stopped moving. She told him
I am no mere human, I am daughter of princess Arya, prncess to Ellesmerea, and daughter of Eragon Shade slayer,
"Eka fricai un Shur'tugal!" She screamed.
(I am a rider and friend)

((To speak the ancient language like I did, lokk here...

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Cat (coffeecat19) She looked at him
"Well, thank you." She said, straightening her shirt. She looked down at the egg in her pouch which started to shake and it shook so violently it fell out of her pack and broke and revealed a baby dragon. ((Go see ic in rider charries))

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Cat (coffeecat19) Alcoya (baby dragon) hid behind his young rider.

Erica laughed and picked him up.

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Cat (coffeecat19) He looked at Erica who shrugged her shoulders.

She looked up at the dragon and asked.
"Where do come from?"

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Cat (coffeecat19) "Sorry." She said, head down.

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Cat (coffeecat19) "Mine? Well... umm... that's the funny funny hthing. I don't.. exactly... know." She said timidly. "That's why I came here, I need to find my Father. I want t meet him, but my mother said no." She sounded like an out of whack teenager.

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Cat (coffeecat19) "Alright, one condition. You don'tget in my head, unless it is urgent. If you wish to speak to me, speak through your voice. And why did you pick me up?"

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Cat (coffeecat19) She looked back at the path and sniffed the air.
"Urgals, and soldiers." She concluded.

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Cat (coffeecat19) She took Alcoya in her arms an asked.
"Can you carry two?" She asked. "It woud be faster if we were flying, and Alcoya, is too young"

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Cat (coffeecat19) She took out a thin leather pad and put it on his back she then climbed on, putting lcoya securely in the pouch hi egg was in.

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Cat (coffeecat19) She watched in honor and terror. She trembed at th sight of the mighty dragon gefore her nd was almost scared of him. She held on to her hatchling gently but tightly.

((Gotta go))

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Aleia ran through the Spine. She knew a place to get food and she had filled her pouch. She looked at Carvahall when she reached the Spines edge.

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

Aliea ran to her house. She knew what was coming. But she didn't care.

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Giulia Laevis and Leesia landed in the Spine, unaware of the events occurring and while she set up her tent, he licked his claws and preened his scales. "For a male dragon, you sure clean yourself up a lot." She joked out loud as she turned to the fireplace to start one up. A burst of flame spurted from the dragon and set the dry wood alight. 'You may be the rider to my soul Leesia, but sometimes, I feel like I should claw you.' Laevis joked back more seriously. "Sorry. Just trying to lift your sullen mood here." She walked up to his and rubbed his scales affectionately. 'I know little one. I'm just a bit on edge today. Something smells off and I can't identify it.' The dragon sighed as he rested his head on the ground, next to Leesia's crouching position. "What is it?" She asked, stiffening at the information. 'I've never smelt it before. It's quite rancid honestly, but now, there's something else,' Laevis lifted his head and sniffed in the air 'yes, another dragon. Maybe even two in fact. And a human. Coming over us any time now. The rancid smell follows them.' She raised an eyebrow to him. "What should be do about it?"
'As dragon to dragon, rider to rider, we should assist them if they need it. Climb on little one. We will return later.'

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Sierra Bookworm☺️♪ Falmea and Tancred flew over the spine, enjoying being in the air. Suddenly they banked right, flying towards some dots in the distance.
"What is it, Tancred?" Falmea asked, adjusting herself in her saddle.
Other dragons, Tancred said.

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Giulia Laevis and Leesia flew high into the sky as they left Carvahall behind, heading for their next adventure. Laevis noted another dragon was around somewhere.
'Who? Friend or foe?' Leesia thought quickly.
'Little one. When have i ever known?' Laevis scolded her and they passed through a cloud, seeing Falmea and Tancred.

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Sierra Bookworm☺️♪ Falmea saw the two, dragon and rider, as they emerged from a cloud.
"Eka fricai un Shur'tugal!" she cried. The rider looked relieved. "My name is Falmea."
I am Tancred. Are you friend or foe?, Tancred asked.

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Giulia "Friend!" Leesia held up her hand, showing her Dragon Rider's mark. 'Depends.' Laevis thought humorlessly and she slapped his neck. "Excuse him. I'm Leesia. This is Laevis." She greeted the pair.

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Sierra Bookworm☺️♪ Falmea smiled. She hadn't found any other Riders in a long time. "It's good to meet you, Leesia and Laevis," she said. "What brings you here?"

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Giulia "We were just leaving actually. On our way to our next adventure. How about you?" Leesia had to shout over the soaring winds.

message 24: by Sierra (new)

Sierra Bookworm☺️♪ "I've been riding around constantly for a few days, making sure everything's in order," Falmea said. "Where are you headed?"

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Giulia 'Ellesmera, we think.' Laevis answered. Leesia shrugged. "Could be. Heard it's a sight to see."

message 26: by Sierra (new)

Sierra Bookworm☺️♪ "I did too," Falmea said, patting Tancred's neck. "Maybe we should head there too, buddy."
Sounds good to me, he said eagerly.

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Giulia "How old is he? Tancred. He's quite a beauty." Leesia complimented and Laevis snorted.

message 28: by Sierra (new)

Sierra Bookworm☺️♪ Tancred puffed out his chest. I am five years old. Thank you for noticing my beauty.
Falmea laughed. "And how old is Laevis? He's quite beautiful as well."

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Giulia '6. A proud blue.' Laevis snorted proudly. "And a temperamental one too." Leesia added and the dragon did a quick tumble to shake her. "Oi, oi..." she laughed.

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Sierra Bookworm☺️♪ Falmea laughed along. "Blue is the color of Saphira, Eragon Shadeslayer's dragon, isn't it? Have you ever seen her?" Her eyes filled with wonder. "There are rumors that she is the most beautiful dragon in all Alagaesia. Of course, my Tancred is the most beautiful in my eyes..." She rubbed his back. "...but it would be nice to see our savior's dragon, don't you think?"

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Giulia 'Once I see her, I will fly to her feet and kneel to my savoir and Queen. She certainly is the most beautiful.' Laevis commented loudly and Leesia patted his neck to calm him down. "We dream of meeting him some day. Maybe if we run into Arya...?"

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Sierra Bookworm☺️♪ Falmea smiled at the possibility. "Oh, I would so love to meet the princess! And Eragon Shadeslayer, while I'm at it. And Murtagh! I've always wanted to meet him."
She fancies him, Tancred said mockingly, and she whapped his back warningly.
Oh, she could go on and on about this Murtagh fellow, Tancred continued gleefully. She's only met him once, and heard about his role in Eragon's battles, but she's head-over-heels!
Falmea glared down at him. "Hush," she said, blushing.

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Giulia "Everyone can have a crush on him. Hiw dark character and good to evil thing and all. Me too but he's completely smitten with (view spoiler) (If you haven't read the last book then DO NOT LOOK) so let's say we have no chance." Leesia pouted. 'While she sulks, I'm looking for a companion for me too. One who can stand my temper.' Laevis thought.

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Sierra Bookworm☺️♪ "I know! Oh, that girl is so lucky! And I'm sure you'll find someone someday, Laevis," Falmea said.
I've never really thought about a companion, but now that you mention it, it does sound nice... Tancred commented.
((can you make more than one character?))

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Giulia (Yup. I got a human and a elf on the side too! They could use a friend!)
"We're all searching for that one in life...not to be so philosophical." Leesia smiled. 'My little one is a strange girl...' Laevis agreed.
((Gotta go!))

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Sierra Bookworm☺️♪ ((bye!))
"Hmm...maybe we'll find someone in Ellesmera, huh, buddy?" Falmea said.
Tancred snorted. You're too optimistic, little one.

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Sierra Bookworm☺️♪ ((sorry, I must do this...IT'S THE SPIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNE!! *sung to the tune of Miley Cyrus's 'The Climb'))

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Giulia ((HAHAHAS. You're insane, you know that?))
"If you want an elf that is. Luckily we riders live long so perhaps..." Leesia shrugged and Laevis fluttered his wings restlessly. 'I grow weary of hovering. Will they come with us?' He demanded. Leesia looked up at the pair for an answer.

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Sierra Bookworm☺️♪ ((yes. yes i do XD))
"I think that's a wonderful idea," Falmea said, then poked Tancred's back. "What do you think?"
Fine with me, he answered. Let us set off!
((will we have to transfer these characters to the Ellesmera RP?))

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Giulia ((Yeah, you just gotta start posting on the Ellesmera thread!))

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Sierra Bookworm☺️♪ ((okay thanks!))

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Aleia runs in. She is running, dodging tree branches. She glances behind her, but keeps running. She Has her dragon in her pack now. His head sticks out, watching.

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Chewy "Hello there," Demoniks voice boomed from above, "need a lift."

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Aleia jumped. She turned around, then looked up.

message 45: by Chewy (new)

Chewy "well" said Demonik.

message 46: by Giulia (new)

Giulia ((@ Taylor need assistance? My dragon and his rider is free))

message 47: by Chewy (new)

Chewy "leesia, i never did get to show you where i came from," Demonik said, "How about i let you into my mind, DeathRider will stop any horse play" Demonik's mind opened.

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Giulia Leesia really didn't want to run into that dark creature again but gasped as she was stung with so much pain, she almost slipped off Laevis. 'Little one!' he cried and turned sharply around, spotting DeathRider 'Enough.'

message 49: by Chewy (new)

Chewy ((i am letting you into my mind))

message 50: by Giulia (new)

Giulia ((Oops. *sheepish smile*))
Leesia got a glimpse of Demonik's dark mind as she tried to cling onto Laevis.
((Not sure what I should find. Any pointers? It is your charries mind after all))

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