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message 1: by Tera, First Chick (new)

Tera | 2564 comments Mod
I never got an answer to who nominated this book for November. Anyone remember? Anyone want to lead it if no one claims it?

message 2: by Meg (new)

Meg (megvt) | 3069 comments In one of the posts someone said they recommended the book but did not read it yet.

message 3: by Tera, First Chick (new)

Tera | 2564 comments Mod
I don't have this book and I really need someone who wants to lead it. Otherwise I'll just be throwing out questions that I have no idea the basis for. As you can see without someone leading the discussion on the book even the best of books will get little to no attention.

anyone anyone? bueller bueller?

message 4: by Holli (new)

Holli I would do it Tera but I'm going to have to pass. I don't really like the book at all and I'm not sure if I'll even finish it.

Why doesn't someone lead this one that read the book and liked it alot? Anyone out there? Don't be shy...its really easy!! Just google for book club questions and then type them into a thread. The discussion will start then and you can sit back and watch it go.....

I see that Rachelle, Jules, Katie, Stacy, Andrea, Nicole, Lori, and Kate have read it and liked it. Any of you willing to lead???

message 5: by Andrea (new)

Andrea (andreag) | 74 comments I haven't read it and don't have the book. I'm rather behind on a bunch of book discussions, so am trying to finish up several books that are already in the works.

Luckily I have already read The History of Love, so hopefully I will have something to contribute next month. I loved that book.

message 6: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (hannah7299) | 303 comments I nominated December's book so I can lead that one. :) I don't know what to think of November's book so far so I wouldn't be the best person to lead.

message 7: by Holli (new)

Holli Oh never mind....good lord....I am so having a blond day today!!! I wrote all that up there with December's book in mind. The History of Love. Duh. Sorry you guys!!!

For some reason I thought Kathryne nominated this November book. What ever happened to her?

message 8: by Meg (new)

Meg (megvt) | 3069 comments I just got the book and have lead two books so far. I haven't even opened the book. I think I need a month off from leading!!!!

message 9: by Lydia (new)

Lydia (loverofinformation) Holli,

I'm with you. I am not a fan of the "stream of consciousness" type of writing and find this book rather tedious. I just finished 2 chapters and am not at all sure I want to finish it. For me, it has a certain pretentiousness in the writing I don't enjoy.


message 10: by April (new)

April (contusions96) I agree that that this book is tedious! I've only made it through the first 37 pages but I so far I don't really want to read more.

message 11: by Nawar (new)

Nawar (nawaralq) | 21 comments I'm reading it but I don't know if I want to actually lead a discussion, could we maybe have a separate thread for the book and then we all just throw in our comments and feedback there?
Another group I'm in is reading it and that's what we're doing right now. :)

message 12: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (cyndil62) | 1774 comments Sorry, I don't have it and haven't read it.

message 13: by Emily (new)

Emily (ejfalke) | 576 comments I read it...I wasn't a huge fan, but maybe leading a discussion will make me like it a little more. :) I can do it. (Give me some guidelines on leading our discussions.)

Tera, I have a copy, let me know and I can swing it by your house sometime.

message 14: by Emily (new)

Emily (ejfalke) | 576 comments (Is anyone else reading it? Should we have a joint Nov.-Dec. reading? Since the authors are husband and wife?)

message 15: by Holli (new)

Holli Lydia...I was actually talking about the December book up there....sorry about that! Having said that though I'm not reading this month's book either. Didn't look at all interesting to me and I'm starting to think the December book isn't either.

message 16: by Meg (new)

Meg (megvt) | 3069 comments I am starting the book tomorrow I just finished Lydia Cassatt Reading the Morning Paper. If you guys want a fast read that is totally different you will want to read this. It deals with Mary Cassatt the painter and part of her life during the time she painted these 5 paintings.

Emily I will be in on the discussion once I get into the book.

message 17: by Tera, First Chick (new)

Tera | 2564 comments Mod
Maybe doing a joint reading is the best way to go for Nov/Dec. I think the holidays will start to play a factor here in the next couple of weeks. Perhaps if we combine the dicussions we can still keep a good flow going for both books.
Is everyone okay with that? Maybe we can have co-leaders for the two months?

message 18: by Emily (new)

Emily (ejfalke) | 576 comments I like that idea. It might give people to chance to choose one book over the two months, or if they are real go-getters, they can read and participate in both. Someone can wait to read EL&IC after Thanksgiving if that's the one they like, or people can read HOL now if that is the one they are drawn toward.

message 19: by Leslie (new)

Leslie Hickman (bkread2) | 233 comments Okay for those who are having difficulty reading the one thing that helped me was you have to remember it is written in the mindset of a young child who is SUPER bright, full of guilt & loss, in addition to having a slight different method of processing information in his mind. It actually reminded me of the book we read I think it was in Aug. of the British Autistic boy. Plus if you read it really in a long continuous stretch it does better. I could give spoliers that help in the thinking process. I sort of process some information in this method myself...just not to that extreme. Its probably why I understood it better. No one ever can say I am "normal". he he he!

message 20: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (hannah7299) | 303 comments Good point, Leslie! I liked the beginning and the end, but had trouble with the middle of the book.

I think the joint reading is a good idea. When will our discussion be?

message 21: by Emily (new)

Emily (ejfalke) | 576 comments Leslie, I would say Oskar is definitely somewhere on the autism spectrum.

Shelby *trains flying monkeys* I think so too. He is extremely bright but kinda random.

message 23: by Jaime (new)

Jaime | 14 comments Thats what I really like about him...all the randomness

message 24: by Emily (new)

Emily (ejfalke) | 576 comments The obsession with white, public transportation, elevators, the tambourine...
He's probably pretty stinkin' adorable.

message 25: by Meg (new)

Meg (megvt) | 3069 comments OK thank you all for the tip because I am on page 16 and not seeming to get any further. Now I will have a new mindset it might help. I liked the previous book so I am hoping.

Bloomin’Chick (Jo) aka The Eclectic Spoonie (bloominchick) Even knowing it's from the point of view of a 9 year old, I'm still not getting into it!

message 27: by Angela (new)

Angela (abevilac) | 12 comments For any of you who may find it difficult to get into his writing rhythm it may help to hear him read from the book:

message 28: by Laura (new)

Laura (apenandzen) | 1445 comments I have to thank this group again for suggesting a wonderful book. I'm on page 67 and I love it. I am savoring every word.

Angela, thanks for the link, I'm listening to it now!

message 29: by Laura (new)

Laura (apenandzen) | 1445 comments His personality is just like Oskar's - way smart, but kind of scattered - don't you think? It comes through so clearly in his reading and the off ramps he goes on as he continues on.

message 30: by Angela (new)

Angela (abevilac) | 12 comments I didn't appreciate Oskar until I heard Foer read from the book. Now I find him completely endearing.

Foer was Oskar grown up when I had seen him read from the book. I found myself wishing he had written more once I was done seeing him in person.

message 31: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Wilkerson (misslaurenwilk) I think Oskar is absolutely endearing. His usual sayings like, "heavy boots" & "what the?" are just too cute. I am a little more than halfway through this book and I can't wait to pick it up to finish it. If only I didn't have to work today!!

message 32: by Emily (new)

Emily (ejfalke) | 576 comments So, maybe we should, like, start these discussions, eh? Did I volunteer to do the EL&IC part? I think I did, and then I ignored all things I said I would do in every aspect of my life for a few weeks. I think I'm coming back to reality.

Tera, should I go?

message 33: by Tera, First Chick (new)

Tera | 2564 comments Mod
Well you did kind of get a bit of news that sort of took its toll on you. I think we can forgive the newly pregnant for a few weeks of taking care of herself first ;).
Take it away whenever youd like Emily.

message 34: by Tera, First Chick (new)

Tera | 2564 comments Mod
Hannah nominated HoL and will be joining in the lead for December with that book.

message 35: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (hannah7299) | 303 comments I should be finished with HOL this weekend, so I can start a discussion thread probably on Sunday.

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