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Who's cooler naruto uzumaki or Kurosaki Ichigo?

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message 1: by Angel (new)

Angel | 3 comments I was just wondering what everyone thought ,out of curiosity, since I think they're both awesome.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

well...they both are constantly doing some incredible things in the name of friendship...and they both manage to gain that new jutsu so damn fast - Naruto learned Rasengan in such a short time when the hokage has spent years working on it just to get it to a certain level and the little kid makes it in a few days...
And Ichiko got his ban kai in a matter of days with a short go on an almost suicidal mission in order to save his friend. I can't figure out how the captains didn't crush that idiots skull.

They're both setting you up for failure.
1.Friendship is something you can have when you're alive. Those dudes constantly risk their lives to the point of almost being destroyed AND the reader gets totally impressed how "noble" they are.
what this manga/anime wants to teach you is: risk everything for your friends. Later it's: risk everything for the village (naruto) and risk everything for soul society(bleach) getting me?
And, of course, that's considered noble...
is it noble to fight for what you believe in - yes.
is it noble to die while fighting for it - yes. If you spend a lifetime in work and efforts you practically die for it....because you've given it all your time = your life.
is it ok to give it all away in an instant for others? No, sacrifice is not noble.
You're plain is crashing, oxygen masks fall, you put the oxygen mask of your neighbor first and then you reach out for your?! when it's too late? you die, out of stupidity. It's the same here.
Sacrificing yourself is inhumane. It means you value them more than you value yourself and what does that make you? Inferior, less valuable by default.
You help no one when you're dead and those mangas constantly tell you to risk your life for others (after 500 chapters of brainwashing it will surely not affect you..don't worry.)

and the other point: they are both overnight successes. Yes, they train like crazy...but do they train like Rock Lee? no.
Both undergo some quick training under some special circumstances and at the end of it they are better at it than people, who've trained for years.
Hate to break it up to you but here in the real world it's slow, mundane, and it definitely isn't happening with such gimmicks. Long lasting success is the result of compounded effort (over serious periods of time! not 3 days to learn a jutsu that took 4 years to develop!)
so yeah, they are both awesome, because they perfectly reinforce our negative programming, which will get us broke and in suffering if we believe in Ichigo's and Naruto's philosophy.

and of course: Ichigo is drawn better. Especially in those last few chapters when he fights the first substitute shinigami.
great new look.
(yeah...I pretty much love the pictures :D)

message 3: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (kitkohime) | 8 comments i cant say which is better bc ive only watched naruto shippuden series. i wasnt much into manga b4 i started dating my current bf. quite honestly, i know very little about the original naruto as well. though his rasenshurukin is really cool in the shippuden series.

message 4: by Angel (new)

Angel | 3 comments Tsvetan I like the pictures too and I think the authors of these anime series makes the Maine characters an overnight success to add to the excitement to the story though.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

of course it's making it more epic...but what is it teaching the kids? (Us :D)

message 6: by Tulika (new)

Tulika (yuvaine) | 6 comments Wow, Tsvetan... you really let it out there... But I agree with you... I felt really sorry for Rock Lee... I haven't read all of Naruto though(I kinda got a little bored halfway through), so I don't know if he was able to get better or not.... And the only read Bleach because of the shinigami XD

message 7: by Angel (new)

Angel | 3 comments Tsvetan I guess it's teaching the kids to just work hard and you can be a success but I think that if kids see someone do something totally ourageous in a short amount of time,I think that would only make them frustrated if they try to do something difficult and not be able to do it as fast as they thought they could.

message 8: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (kitkohime) | 8 comments but this isn't even really for young kids is it? i mean think about it. would any of them really understand what was going on? its meant fr adults. or at least teens. And quite frankly, if you don't understand that its impossible to be an overnight success, you should be getting help. not reading Naruto or any other manga.

message 9: by Nenangs (new)

Nenangs add strawhat luffy as a competitor. :p

message 10: by [deleted user] (last edited Dec 01, 2011 01:39PM) (new)

@Nenangs: ahahah

@Kathryn: teens are kids/easily manipulated minds.
Problem is: no one thinks about it when he reads it. It just sinks in.
and lets not forget the manga is the script for the it does reach the kids (it even gets translated in different languages) I've seen kids make hand signs and pretending to be Sasuke as they drag an imaginary chidori.

and should isn't what people actually do. look at me: I should be reading chemistry right now :D

message 11: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (kitkohime) | 8 comments Teens aren't as easily manipulated as you think. And while yes, I've seen kids doing the hand signs as well, to them its just a neat trick they learned.

And as for the chemistry, that one is NOT my fault lol.

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

"Teens aren't as easily manipulated as you think."
oh, rly?
wear the same clothes,would kill to get brand seekers, drink alcohol on parties (although no kid likes the taste, since young adults have more taste buds than older adults and the first try always tastes like ****). Timmy and Johnny have a car, so I must have one.
Lizzy and Jack did it when they were 14...hell! I'm 15 must get this over with. NOW!
ever noticed that?
Teenagers are in the phase where they notice that mommy and daddy don't really do what they say should be done (meaning: they see mommy and daddy lie since they have actions, inconsistent to what they preach. Life isn't working out for mom and dad and look what they did to me, so...must become something else). That's why a teenager will seek other philosophies and ways of life. A teenager is opened to new solutions - might as well try what he's offered.
Let me remind you: I'm 19 - my memory is still fresh...
If you can't manipulate a teenager you just lack the skills. Media has been studying those skills for decades - that's why it sells and that's why it's used to sell.

why do you think a teen can't be manipulated?
because they rebel? makes them totally vulnerable.
they rebel to the "system" of specific fears that are oh so easy to use against them.

message 13: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (kitkohime) | 8 comments just so you know, i'm 17. i think its just as fresh for me. and i think you have it backwards. yes they're influenced by what their PEERS are doing, but they have more common sense than to believe everything they see on shows like that so its really quite irrelevent.

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

I do agree they don't believe everything they see. What's quite relevant is the part they do believe...

Mitchell son of uzumaki naruto  | 4 comments naruto uzumaki

message 16: by Richard (new)

Richard (corruptedfortitude) | 4 comments Gotta go with Ichigo, "I don't fight because I need or want to. I fight because I have to.

message 17: by Carys (new)

Carys | 1 comments both of them sorry but i cant choose :P

message 18: by Arpana (new)

Arpana Ahari (scarletl) | 6 comments Both can't pick one up 'cause both of them protect there friends and sometimes both have some stupidity :P

message 19: by Niena (new)

Niena (goodreadscomniena) | 1 comments For me is Ichig0,
Fight isn't always about duty

message 20: by Hal (new)

Hal | 4 comments Well in terms of who I find more interesting, I would have to say Naruto. Sad to say I haven't had that same spark of interest for Kurosaki because it's been a while since they've made any reference to his growth.

Especially now.

message 21: by Ada (new)

Ada Nasir (qazgal) | 6 comments Well, they I both freaking awesome but i think Naruto, but that's just my opinion

message 22: by Alexis (new)

Alexis Uchiha (lovesitachiuchiha) | 4 comments ichigo

message 23: by shanghao (new)

shanghao (sanshow) Ichigo's cooler in terms of packaging but Naruto's got more heart so his personality's cooler imo. Luffy beats them both, though :p

message 24: by Carlos (new)

Carlos (everseyer) | 2 comments The Naruto from Shippuden beats Ichigo! ;)

message 25: by Ada (new)

Ada Nasir (qazgal) | 6 comments NARUTO any day.
He'll fart in your face!

message 26: by Erik (new)

Erik (harbringer-of-confusion) | 2 comments Naruto is good for being a over looked by his enemy hero, but i prefer the anti-hero Kurosaki Ichigo mostly because i prefer the fighting the dead and demons in the modern world over Naruto which is set somewhat in futile asia like world.

message 27: by James (new)

James Williamson | 2 comments I personally prefer Naruto as a protagonist in this VS.
In no small part because after years of gaming and literature favouring this demon slaying/death/hell etc etc, I've kind of become a little bit numb to it.

Naruto has been a breath of fresh air, for me. All the comments above resonate with me, however I also think that it's less about Naruto being some overnight success, and more about the collection of almost biblical luck that has been woven into the story to get him to the point where the world hinges upon him.

Forgetting the events on the night of the fox attack: imagine if Naruto hadn't been manipulated that night into stealing the Forbidden Scroll, and hadn't attained Kage Bunshin No Jutsu? Would he have beaten Nagato? Or even Orochimaru? Or been able to use Rasengan or Rasen-Shuriken.

A new way to look at Naruto should be employed then. One of the things that sets Naruto apart is Kishimoto's love of taking away great characters. Jiraiya, Minato, etc etc.

Naruto is a collective of them all. They all live on through him, echoing that line of "the youth will always surpass.." which has been spat a few times.

FIRST HOKAGE: Kage Bunshin No Jutsu
Fourth Hokage through JIRAIYA: Rasengan
JIRAIYA: Sage Mode
Killer B: Jinchuuriki Mode.

You can go even further into the immense background and trace parallels all the way back to Naruto. For instance, if Minato wasn't a genius who cracked the Second Hokage's Space/Time Teachings, then what would have become of Naruto? Without Space/Time and learning to finitely control his chakra, Minato would never have even bothered to have attempted something as complex and difficult as a human version of a tailed beast ball, which is what Rasengan is.

To surmise, I believe Naruto is GREAT because of other great people believing in him and entrusting things to him. But only because he "never gave up" when times got hard and showed the true basic components of a hero. And the expansiveness of the ongoing story means that you can look forward to authors referencing and using aspects of Naruto for years to come.

It has already helped me personally in my storytelling. My first serial book "Senpai: The Tale of the Gallant Dandelion" would never have been written without first reading Naruto.

So I think Naruto is best for the reason that it's legacy will leave a longer lasting and more impressive imprint on the Manga and Anime scene.

Click here to check out the Senpai Website.

message 28: by Robert C. Adams (new)

Robert C. Adams (robertcadams) | 1 comments I know this thread has been going for over a year, but I think the points Zack makes are meaningful, and it is good to remember that hard work and patience are what makes things happen in the real world. But, I don't think kids are being negatively manipulated by manga and anime.

It is fiction, escapism, like Star Wars or Spiderman, about fantastical things that happen in fantastical situations. Teens aren't stupid. They learn very quickly after trying to use the Force on things, that they're going to have to get up off their butts and fetch things the normal way. Plus, the whole world (school, parents, jobs, sports) are constant reminders of how hard life is, for everyone. That's one of the reasons we like stories that are about people winning against great odds.

Still, Zack's points are valid in terms of 'things happening too easily' but in both Naruto and Bleach, the characters often have to train intensively in order to get stronger, especially Naruto in the early episodes, who trains and trains and trains and trains and he sucks at stuff at first but keeps trying.

As for self sacrifice, it can be interpreted that way, or it can be viewed as "standing by your friends" through thick and thin, which is a recurring theme in both Naruto and Bleach. Being loyal to your 'nakama' is admirable and the stories also show how the heroes would not succeed without getting help, and from the sacrifices of others. If anything, the stories make a point of appreciating the difficult things other people have gone through in order to help you succeed.

Also, there is a strong "never give up" and "work hard for your goals" theme in both stories.

If manga/anime stories like Naruto and Bleach were about the mundane, boring, plodding real world lives most people live, no one would read/watch them.

And it is doubtful that anyone over six or seven years of age thinks they're going to get tapped to be a Substitute Shinigami any time soon, and they're probably pretty sure the don't live in the Village of the Hidden Leaf, no matter how hard they try to master the Shadow Clone jutsu.

Naruto vs Ichigo? Tough call.

Ichigo is "cooler" but Naruto has a little more "depth" at this point.

And then there's Natsu... :)

message 29: by Nenangs (new)

Nenangs yeah, Natsu of Fairy tail, or Haru of Rave Master. :)

and as i post in #9, add Strawhat Luffy as a strong competitor...

message 30: by Raymond (new)

Raymond Brown (rayme3000) | 3 comments Naruto for sure! Ichigo is too emo for me.

message 31: by Reymond (new)

Reymond Jr. | 3 comments L. Lawliet

message 32: by Safira (new)

Safira (safiraca) | 1 comments Of, course Naruto ...

message 34: by Maz Romes (new)

Maz Romes | 2 comments Naruto by far!
Ichigo is good but Naruto is way better :)
I think that Naruto as a manga is better than bleach

message 35: by Vishal (new)

Vishal Goswami (goswamivishal15) | 2 comments in the manga each have their own background that is kept in mind .... Naruto has a funny as well as sad side in his life while Ichigo lacks the funny edge when compared to Naruto as their is intense fighting happening in Bleach than in Naruto ..... well they are same in ONE aspect that they wanna protect heir friends by getting stronger !!

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