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message 1: by David (new) - added it

David | 47 comments so when he wins the game and now has ultimate power in the game including the option to delete the game and destroy trillions in wealth dose anyone else thing this might be a suggestion of a sequel? The kid from the stacks has all he ever wanted now how can he screw it up?

terpkristin | 4120 comments I had the same thought, that Cline left it wide open for a sequel. I thought at some point I had heard something about a possible sequel, but a non-thorough Google search isn't giving me any hits...

Soragon Ready Player Two? It's an equally awesome title.

Bryan (parzivaltv) | 1 comments I saw Ernie speak in Milwaukee and he made the comment that he was "threatened" by many readers and friends to make a sequel to the book. From that discussion and many other interviews the Ready Player One universe is something he'll be returning to in a few ways. He's made mention of wanting to direct an indie film about growing up geeky in the 80's... And that he'd base that movie in the same town that Haliday grew up in Ohio. That really excited me as I personally would love to see this story evolve in the ways it deserves.

Thought I'd also let people know about my website because it really might work nicely as a reference guide to all the 80's pop culture mentioned in the book. Hope you dig it!

C. Scott Kippen (skippen) Wow...this will be my first post here. Been reading for ages, but no posts.

Although this book is wide-open for a sequel, I really think it is good as is. This story is done. I really don't want a sequel. Anything that would expand on this story I think would just ruin would was set before it. The way The Matrix felt done, but they went ahead and made two terrible sequels.

Been | 125 comments I loved the book and finished it wanting more, but I don't really think a direct sequel would really work. It was a hell of a nostalgia rush and a great read, but they really wrapped up the main story elements drew me in.

@Skippen Your Matrix comparison seems pretty apt. I loved the first film and watched it many a time, always excited at the end about the possibility of more, but this died away not long after the sequels. If they hadn't made them, I reckon it would still be as acclaimed today as films like Bladerunner.

ChrisFromColumbus (Crtek) | 15 comments I would be all up for a sequel. Cline definitely left it open.

message 8: by Maddie (new)

Maddie Hemmerle | 1 comments I think Cline left it open too. Just think about that ending. What about the comically big red 'OFF' button he revealed to Wade when he won? How he could turn the game off whenever he wanted? I think it'd be wicked cool if he incorporated that in the sequel and I think if there were gonna BE a sequel, he would. Maybe it'll be Wade dying and he'll do something considerably similar. Maybe even, the 'egg' he found in Halliday's Hunt, what the player will find in the end is the "OFF' button. *shrug* I don't know. But I definately think he left something wide open to make for a good sequel.

message 9: by Ric (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ric (ricaustria) | 43 comments Having seen what happened to classics such as Dune and Ringworld, it's probably not a good idea to do a sequel. On the other hand, there's probably immense popular and financial pressure to write a sequel or sequels. Plus, there's that siren call authors find hard to resist, to return to a familiar playground and see what new mischief they can come up with.

message 10: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Field | 1 comments I loved ready player one and I trust that this author will not do us wrong, sequel or no.

message 11: by Scott (new)

Scott Donald | 1 comments i'd love to see cline bring out Anoraks Almanac

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