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message 1: by Simon (new)

Simon | 3 comments Hi, I just looked at a review of Philip Roth's new book Indignation, and it has a huge, huge spoiler in the very first line of the review! How do we put a spoiler warning on a review?


message 2: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Vegan (lisavegan) | 2413 comments Simon, We can't. It's up to the reviewer. I suggest if they have a public profile that you message the reviewer member and ask them to check the spoiler alert box that will appear if they click the edit profile link. Unfortunately, many Goodreads members are not aware they should avoid spoilers unless they check that box, just as some are not aware they should not put their personal reviews in the book description box. If you don't get a response, the spoiler box isn't added, or the member has a private profile and you cannot send them a (friendly) message, you could flag it, but it might be better to send the link to it (click on comments at it to get to the actual review page) to Goodreads via the contact us link. I think it's best to try to contact the reviewer directly. Most who put spoilers in reviews without checking the box are simply unaware that doing so can negatively impact other Goodreads members.

JG (Introverted Reader) | 480 comments I (nicely) messaged someone about a review full of spoilers and I believe that member just blocked me. I'm sure most GR members would fix it though.

message 4: by Heather (new)

Heather | 44 comments I'd like to take this opportunity to re-request a spoiler flag.

message 5: by Simon (new)

Simon | 3 comments A spoiler flag seems like a great idea, I second the request.

In the meantime, I'll send the reviewer a note asking them to add the spoiler warning.

Thanks for the help, all!

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