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Angela (angelazz) | 156 comments Mod
Ok, this thread is for the names of all the mentors of the tributes who will be fighting in the Arena.
Just put the name of the mentor and district he/she is assigned for and who he/she is mentoring (which tribute or tributes) please :)
We'll get to meet all of them soon :) Let me know ok and I'll list them in this post :D

District 11
Mentor: Royiwen (for both tributes)

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When creating a mentor:

Pick a name, post which district they're for and whether they're a male or a female. Post their personality, and we would appreciate a picture.

Thank you.

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Angela (angelazz) | 156 comments Mod
((Ok then Ashby, I'll put down our mentor :P))

Name: Royiwen
Gender: Male
District: 11
((Ashby, I can't copy the picture here, only the link sorry...))
Personality: Slightly Haymitch like. This district 11 winner is a drunk too XP (Like in the books). He is nicer than Haymitch, he has slight beard, he is around 38 years old. He likes to drink wine, but he keeps a clear head most of the time. He can be a little bit bitter sometimes, but is smart and focused on the game. Trying to keep both tributes alive the best he can, until maybe the last minute (if they really need to fight...)

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