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message 1: by Mae (new)

Mae | 159 comments Mod
((rp all the good mini-elves and army/rebel fairies here.))

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) ((has darkslayer even been made if not can i make him/her))

message 3: by Mae (new)

Mae | 159 comments Mod
((no i will make him))

message 4: by Mae (new)

Mae | 159 comments Mod
((i mean her kk i'm done))
Darkslayer put arrows into her quiver. She pulled on her suit of armor made of pitch-black flexible ebony. She strung and oiled her bow, then stood up. She was ready.

message 5: by Mae (new)

Mae | 159 comments Mod
She lifted her shoulders and called: "Karibooo!!" There was a silence. After a while, there was a flapping sound. A brown raven landed on the branch she was standing on. Darkslayer jumped on its back--it was already saddled in deep brown & had a halter the same color--then they flew towards Lightslayer's base.

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) huntrees was praciceing faireing long disstance arows

message 7: by Mae (new)

Mae | 159 comments Mod
Nito walked up behind her and fired three arrows; each one hit a different target exactly in the center of the bullseye. Then she unsheathed her rapier lightning quick and sliced up a dead bush into little pieces and sheathed it once more. "Wanna duel?" she asked Huntress.

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) "Na no thanks"huntress said

message 9: by Mae (new)

Mae | 159 comments Mod
"Okay. I was just wondering." She replied. "You know...It's been kind of boring since Darkslayer went to the Giant Pine...Do you think there's anything we could do together?" Nito asked.

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) "i dont knoww"

message 11: by Mae (new)

Mae | 159 comments Mod
"Hmm...Maybe we could go help her!!"

message 13: by Mae (new)

Mae | 159 comments Mod
"Let's go...Kashikiiiii!!" she called. A peregrine falcon flew in and she hopped on. "Come on, Huntress!! "

message 14: by Mae (new)

Mae | 159 comments Mod
((dinner break brb))

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) Huntress nodded she flew onto a brown dove

message 16: by Mae (new)

Mae | 159 comments Mod
((kk im bak))

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) ((rp))

message 18: by Mae (new)

Mae | 159 comments Mod
((right at the giant pine tree see u ther))

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