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Nikki What are going to read first?

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Adriana | 3888 comments Well it depends on what I finish reading now so I don't know yet. If I do finish everything first I'll probably read a book I received as a Christmas present. Maybe

Past Perfect  by Leila Sales or Sean Griswold's Head by Lindsey Leavitt or Stupid Fast by Geoff Herbach

What about you?

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Adriana | 3888 comments I might have to increase my number...

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Nikki lol maybe......

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Adriana | 3888 comments Just did from 85 to 95.

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Adriana | 3888 comments First book done!
Sean Griswold's Head by Lindsey Leavitt 4/5 stars

Payton Gritas has been clueless of her father's MS until one startling discovery of her mother putting a needle in her father's butt. Yeah. Awkward. 6 months of lying by not only her parents but her brothers too. Did they not think she could handle it? Furious she stops speaking with them. Two weeks later she's in the counselor's office after her parents scheduled a meeting for her. Now she must get advice on dealing with her father's disease from a woman that dresses sporadically and probably has never seen a file in her life. She suggests getting a Focus Object so she can focus her emotions and be able to deal with her dad's MS. She hasn't been very organized or even focused so when she remembers she has a meeting after this periods over she looks around for one. She goes over some inanimate objects but she wants something that changes and that's when she sets her eyes on the back of Sean Griswold's head. It's perfect! Jac is there too helping her with being a "Research Analyst" by getting to know more about the man behind the head. But what follows is pretty unexpected. She's starting to get a crush on someone who was just to be her focus. You knew that was going to happen didn't you?

First book of the New Year! I've been wanting to read this book for a little over a year so I was pretty happy when I got it for Christmas. It wasn't what I expected. It made me go back in forth with what I believed the story was like. For instance Sean himself. Midway I thought he wasn't what the book is focusing on. He didn't seem necessary anymore. By the end I was like okay he's okay. Not that I didn't like him I just thought the whole story should become bigger than that and it did. With his introduction to biking for her and her friend telling her she was selfish. It played out well and really made me want to bike or exercise at least. But that isn't the main thing. She goes with the lie that her parents lying to her for 6 months was the reason she was so angry but it turned out to be more than that. The beginning was hard to get into because I don't know... she sounded conceited? But, I did end up liking it. In its own way it was a really good story. I also really liked Jac. Even though I would want to kill her too her pushing showed she cares. It was a sweet unassuming book. Here's something that I think fits just right for this review. I's between her and her best friend Jac bu it's basically Jac:

"Are you serious? My dad has a disease--" "Oh, boo freaking hoo. At least he' still around! Jac cries, her cheeks wet with tears. "You want some professional advice? You have the most perfect life and you can't even see it. A friend who goes out of her way to help.Parents who love you and worry about you and book counseling sessions for you. You have it so good, you have to create drama. Walking around wearing your dad's T-shirt like he's dead.He's not going to die, Payton. He's right there. He's right there and you're acting like he's already gone."

Yeah it's a good moment Also, if you like Seinfeld you might like this book. It was weird them knowing the episode numbers but whatever. I'm glad that I know Seinfeld As you can tell I did like this book and do think you should read it.

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Adriana | 3888 comments I have a blog so that's why this is so long.


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Adriana | 3888 comments Awesome :D

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Adriana | 3888 comments Number 2
LoveSick by Jake Coburn 3/5 stars

Ted just lost his scholarship because of a car accident that wrecked his knee. Not only that but he has to go to AA meetings so he doesn't go to jail. He was well revered after all so he's given a break. Never considering himself an alcoholic he goes to the meetings and ends up staying sober. He wasn't ever hurting anyone else drinking because he did alone when his parents weren't home from all there jobs. He just left one night and hurt the one person he always was- himself but it shows on the outside now. Then he's suddenly given the opportunity to change his luck. Another free ride given to him. All he has to do is look after a rich man's girl. A couple e-mails and he's set. He doesn't even have to do it the four years.

Erica is bulimic. She resents her father and his poor choice in women especially his with The Ferret as she likes to fondly call his wife. Her mother dies 15 years ago so around 3 she lost her mom. Being bulimic means she binges with food. She hardly eats and then she just eats a lot in one time and throws it up by force if you know what I mean. She takes an interest to the shy mysterious Ted. Well he does first doesn't he...? But then he starts getting to know her and starts falling in love.

I was going to put this down in the beginning because it was getting a little too graphic with the puking. At least I think it did because I skipped that paragraph when it started heading down that road. It's not like I didn't know what the book was about. I just didn't think it would be so detailed. It was really creepy I thought at first on the exact process she had with the whole thing. It interested me later on and I didn't feel so awkward about it anymore. People have their issues. I may not be used to it but it's still out there.

I loved Ted. I didn't realize he was so quiet and sweet in the beginning. I thought it was because of this situation but no I think he's just like that. He was just a guy with some issues, Oh yeah about that apparently it's a true story because in the beginning there is like a prologue and the author is talking about how this actually happened in real life which tweaked my interest even more. I know there is months passing by but I feel like the relationship was a little too fast. Just a little because I've read faster... it can be a real pain. But no not too much but it's kind of like they said they liked each other with hardly any time or events between them. Conversations I mean. I wanted more time out of the book. Oh yeah and the beginning of the actual story is like what? You have to read on a little more to get what is happening... or maybe that was just me. All in all I did like it. I just wanted a little more before they said they liked each other... and I don't know it was missing something to me... it was still a good book. Hope you enjoyed the review! A great recommendation by a friend on Goodreads.

Oh yeah! I wouldn't have thought a man would write a book like this so I was impressed with him doing this book at all. And of course that he wrote it pretty well. Not saying he couldn't have. Just that I've never seen it.

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Adriana | 3888 comments Number 3
What I Saw and How I Lied by Judy Blundell 3/5 stars

"When Alice fell down the rabbit hole, she fell slow. She had time to notice things on her way down — Oh, there’s a teacup! There’s a table! So things seemed almost normal to her while she was falling. Then she bumped down and rolled into Wonderland, and all hell broke loose. I’d noticed things on the way down, too. I’d seen it all — the way he took off his hat, the way he lit her cigarette, the way she walked away, her scarf trailing in her hand. Flower petals and a pineapple vase. Now I had to look at it again. This time without me in it, wanting things to go my way."

Evie is a fifteen year old girl who just can't wait to be an adult. She wants to be able to wear Revlon's Fatal Apple lipstick, walk like she knew she was pretty, and have the attractive older Peter Coleridge the ex-soldier that served with her step-father Joe. Before I get into Joe I should talk about her mother. Her mother is what people would call a bombshell. She has curly blond hair and is just beautiful. All the guys look her way and Evie wants that. Next to her mother she is just plain. She is pretty protective of her. She is all she had before Joe and well during because like I said with Peter - he was an ex-soldier. Evie's father left and being only seventeen her mother had to struggle. She had a lot of boyfriends who were screw-ups. No good but then Joe came in with flowers and gifts. He treated her mother like a queen and her like a daughter. He left for the war. World War II to be exact and came home acting different. It's expected. They don't talk about the war. He wants to leave on vacation to Palm Coast(or Beach. I can't remember.) even though it's still the school year for Evie. That's where they meet Peter who Joe doesn't like but offers no explanation but he notices her and could he even love her?

Evie sounds like such a teenager when she is talking about Peter. Well she is one.. but still. She sounds so unreasonable. She hardly even knows him. She was a bit naive but I have to say I was too reading this because I didn't expect some things. This whole book is what I really didn't expect because the summary on the flap sounds so much more interesting and mysterious but it didn't play out that way to me. It was definitely a good mystery. It ended with me wanting to know more. It's just not what I expected and I've got to say it wasn't better than I expected. But there was still some good things. Evie changed at the end of the book kind of for the better but what she did was unsettling. I was actually thinking tp be more cruel with the way she handled things. Peter was such a dog. I didn't like him at the end because you knew all that charm meant nothing. The book had some things about Jews in World War II. I didn't know that some places they were not allowed. That was so stupid. I don't get it like with a lot of things in our history. Anyway it was an okay kind of good book. It took me awhile to read it. It just didn't hold my attention like I thought it would but it was still a good read anyway.

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Adriana | 3888 comments Number 4
Deadly Little Secret (Touch, #1) by Laurie Faria Stolarz 4/5 stars

*Review to come later.

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Adriana | 3888 comments Review of Deadly Little Secret

Camelia has always had a normal life. She's friends with a boy crazy and clothes crazy girl named Kimmie and a sort of funny smart alecky boy named Wes. 3 months ago her life was simple. Hanging out with her friends, sculpting pottery, and having an overall good life but then something has to give right? She is walking along and drops a pair of earrings and notices that a car is headed straight her way. She freezes and before she can be hit by the car she is hit hard by something else and is pushed out of the way. Then there is this boy appearing in front of her asking if she's okay. He does something odd... he touches her. She can't get the way he touched her out of her mind. The touch and him because he's gone just as fast as he got there.

So it's a new year and she's a Junior. She's talking with her friends and then he comes in. The boy everyone is talking about not only because it's a small town and he's new but word is he pushed his girlfriend off a cliff. Camelia doesn't believe in rumors since the one that was told about her and because it's him. He saved her. Why would a supposed killer save her? Not being discouraged she befriends him which takes awhile because he sort of freaks out when he touches her. And through all that there is someone sending pictures and gifts at her home. Someone who is getting closer. He (Ben) warns her that she is in danger. He's hiding something, that's for sure so why doesn't she care?

Camelia. What a horrible name. It was bothering me reading her name but then I found out she doesn't like it either. That her parents thought it would be fun to name her after a lizard so I was cool with it. The whole touch thing really creeped me out. She liked it too. And sometimes he couldn't control himself and hurt her. Needless to say I didn't like Ben. The thing that got me into the whole thing was the stalker. I know. Weird. But it was something I didn't even think about when reading the summary so it was surprising when in between some chapters there was someone else narrating. Writing in a journal I guess. Then that person started to call her names and saying other things about her and I was like uh oh. I guess I like books with crazy people. I had to read back in this book because the ending was not what I expected at all. I never do that. I really liked it but the whole touch thing was weird. The last pages irritated me. I know this is a series of 5. The next one is supposed to be the stalker thing again... I'll still end up reading it and I'll see how it goes. So hope you liked the review (:

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Adriana | 3888 comments Number 5
How Oliver Olson Changed the World by Claudia Mills 3/5 stars

Oliver Olson's parents like to control every aspect of his life. He can't go to his friend J.P's house for a sleepover on account of germs and they won't be there to make sure he's safe, he needs to eat a very healthy meal even if it tastes like cardboard, and he can't do his own diorama project because he might miss something to get a good grade on it. Oliver was a sickly child and his parents have turned to worrywarts because of it. He can still become sick at anytime. And then he has to eat protein bars and *shudders* rice cake to make sure he's as healthy as he can be. His parents will likely either do his homework for him or correct them. They think he's always behind because he had to wait a year to go to kindergarten. And then there's this other assignment where he has to come up with an idea that can change the world. How is someone who has everything done for him or is always told what to do supposed to change the world?

I can't even remember when was the last time I read books this size It makes me smile just thinking about it. I actually thoroughly liked it. I was so on his side with the parents thing. Ugh. Those parents remind me of mine but they never did my homework or anything like that. There just too protective and I get what he's talking about. But sheesh! His parents... I kind of liked talkative Crystal because she gave him something. She gave him confidence. It was a very nice little book and even though I'm "too old for it" I still liked it.

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Adriana | 3888 comments Number 6
The Roar by Emma Clayton 5/5 stars

Number 7
Break by Hannah Moskowitz 2/5 stars

*review to come later

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Adriana | 3888 comments Review for The Roar

Ellie is flying across the Earth with her monkey friend (yes I said monkey) Puck back home. Home is London. Home is beyond The Wall where people have been living since The Animal Plague when animals destroyed and killed everything in it's path. Now everywhere it's just a huge melting pot where different mixes are living together. Some in not so great places like The Shadows where folded up houses are flooded all the time, it's completely dark, and there are a couple of deaths everyday and climbing. But the rich up high don't care. The government doesn't care. They let the majority of the citizens eat food that's not even real. Food is too expensive. Now Ellie was taken away a year ago. She has escaped and is planning to go home. Her brother. Her twin brother whom she has never gotten along with but now that they've been apart... all they want to do is be together.

Mal Gormon is responsible for taking her away. He's not supposed to be alive... Ellie is "special" so he took her awa. She was born a mutant. She just had web toes but it's so much more than that. And other mutants are pretty interesting as well. Meanwhile Mika cannot believe that his sister's dead. He will not believe it even when his parents beg him to accept it or even when they find her body in the former Thames River. When the Government starts giving Fit Mix which are supposed to be vitamins to all the twelve and thirteen year olds he refuses to take it. He's the only one. There is one thing he wants that the Government has provided. To play a game called Pod Fighter. He feels connected to Ellie and he knows that he must win the competition to find her. As everyone else fights for credits (money), hovercars (which I wouldn't mind winning), and a house at the top he fights for her but he can't tell anyone. He meets some friends along the way including his fighter pilot Audrey with her "wolf eyes" and also enemies. His main one being Ruben a foul little boy who just lives off others hatred of him.

Wow. This book was AMAZING. I can't believe I didn't read it right away but waited till I finished others first. Why would I do that? It is soooo good! You don't even know! Hopefully I can translate my love of this book here. It is a dystopian for the likes of I've never read before. No love triangle here but I don't care. The bond Ellie and Mika had together? That was priceless. It was just... so cute and sweet and devoted. Their devotion...well mainly it was Mika's devotion to find his sister was just wonderful. I really liked all the characters. The good and the bad. The way they described Gorman was so creepy and descriptive. A skeleton basically with the soul barely clinging on or something like that... This book was really fast paced. It's almost like 500 pages but you read it super fast. I just can't describe how amazing this book was. It just was.And the ending! THE ENDING!!! There will be a sequel and I'll be reading it. It ended so oddly. It was just getting good! Beyond recommended! READ IT NOW!

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Adriana | 3888 comments You don't read YA?

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Adriana | 3888 comments Review for Break

Jonah loves his brothers so much. His brother Jesse is allergic to everything! Well almost everything. He can't even go near milk or he'll get a reaction and if he even touches it... he won't be able to breathe in about a minute. And he's always messing up with him. Will was just born a year ago and what does that mean? He can hardly ever go into his house. He can't even really hug his mother while she's breastfeeding. And Will? The baby who hasn't stopped crying for 8 months? Well he's a hazard too but Jesse picks him up anyway. He's always worrying about Jesse the jock who's ripped, four inches taller than him even though he's younger, and plays like three sports. He's a machine but then it's his weakness Jonah is really worried about.

His parents shouldn't even be married but they just stay together because of Jesse really and end up with Will. Jonah has a little recreational activity that you'll find out in the first pages. It took me awhile to get over this nausea feeling but then I read on hopeful it wouldn't be as bad for me to read it. It wasn't. Well he likes to break his bones. He wants to break all of them. It didn't start that way but now he needs to be stronger because bones grow stronger when they break so he just does it. And there is his best best friend Naomi there encouraging him. Even when he wants to stop she convinces him not to. Yeah.. I really despise her. His brother doesn't say anything either which is really messed up too.

I didn't like this book. I thought it would completely different. I think I was thinking about Bruiser when reading this book. I don't know all I know is that it wasn't good for me. The not girlfriend thing was cute until they started licking each other or whatever it is that they did. He loved her. Aw. Then BAM! I really don't want to read about that. The end got really weird and just plain confusing. All that breaking from the others? That was messed up. Naomi has issues and the end was just so ridiculous! Really!? I really hated Naomi. And I didn't have much love for Jonah either. He was cool when he was being all big brothery and overprotective but... the characters and the relationships here... it just wasn't good. The parents didn't even seem to really care about what he was doing. I didn't fell that much emotion coming from them. It just turned for the worse at the end and didn't do anything for me. It wasn't good. I don't recommend it at all.

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Adriana | 3888 comments Number 8
Unearthly (Unearthly #1) by Cynthia Hand 5/5 stars

I never thought I'd be reading let alone reviewing a book about angels but here we go. Clara is part angel. More specifically she is a quarter angel. Her mother is half angel. And her grandfather was a full fledged angel. She has a brother named Jeffery who does any sport under the sun even though she and him are not supposed to flaunt their skills. Everything comes easier to them and they can't really help it. She's been having visions of her purpose. All angels have their own purpose in why they are on earth. She envisions a boy and she's suddenly sad. They know each other but she doesn't know his name. He's in front of a wall of fire and then... she snaps out of it. Her visions just happen all of a sudden. She can be in class, talking to a friend, or driving on an icy road... yeah. It's not a very safe ability. She finally has the vision that pinpoints his location. So from sunny California they go to great out doors in Wyoming. She wonders what she has to do. What is her purpose? Does she save him? And how can she if she still doesn't even know how to fly? Instantly she sees his truck and learns his name. Christian. How ironic. She stumbles with trying to get to know him meanwhile making friends. Some who are a bit out there. As well as making enemies on her first day. Two of them. Just for existing. That's what she says in the book. As the visions draw clearer she gets closer to Christian and unexpectedly someone else.

OH.MY.GOODNESS! I feel like such a teenage girl. I feel like I'm still blushing because I'm such a girl... The beginning didn't start off with her finding out that she was part angel and I thought that that was just a shame. She acted like the whole angel thing was no big deal but I eventually got over it. I didn't read the summary or at least I didn't remember it because I didn't know I was reading about angels. Instantly I went ugh when I was reading about it. But with all this romance it just makes a girl change her mind completely. I loved this love triangle. You got happy for both of them. And you felt sorry too. The ending is crazy. With her brother and the vision... all these questions hanging in the air. Clara was a little iffy for me. Probably because she acted like such a teenager but can I really blame her? She was just a little hard to like in the beginning but I ended up liking her after she went to school and met some friends. It gets really interesting with the fallen angels being in the mix too. I CAN'T WAIT till the next one comes out this year!!!

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Adriana | 3888 comments Sara wrote: "Adriana wrote: "Number 8
Unearthly (Unearthly #1) by Cynthia Hand 5/5 stars

I never thought I'd be reading let alone reviewing a book about angels but here we go. Clara is part angel. More specifically she i..."

awesome :D I always think my reviews aren't as great as they could be but I'm happy that two people have already liked them. I appreciate it (:

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Adriana | 3888 comments Robyn wrote: "Robyn wrote: "the roar doesnt sound like a book i would normally read but if you loved it that much it may be worth trying out. i am trying to expand my reading horizons anyway : )"

oh i do read..."

This one is very clean. Sean Griswold's Head too. And if you like YA love Unearthy is clean. (:

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Tatum | 459 comments I really enjoy reading your book reviews Adriana, they give me an excellent idea as to whether I'd like the book or not... though I shouldn't be liking to read more books that I don't already own!

Good job on having 8 done already :)

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Johanna | 766 comments I would love to read them, but as I´m not sure if it´s spoiler free, I haven´t. At least yet :)

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Adriana | 3888 comments Thanks guys! What do you mean Johanna?

Number 9
Deadly Little Lies (Touch, #2) by Laurie Faria Stolarz 3/5 stars

Number 10
Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush, #1) by Becca Fitzpatrick 4/5 stars

*review to come later

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Johanna | 766 comments I´ve just been wondering if the reviews will tell me more about what happens in the books than I want to know before I read something. I don´t always even read the back cover :)

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Adriana | 3888 comments It's a little more detailed but I don't think I give any thing away... I just try to elaborate more. I used to put a lot of info in my reviews but I've stopped. If you do see that please call me on it. (:

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Johanna | 766 comments Ok, then I can start reading them. I just thought cos they're that long they'd give more info than I want to.

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Adriana | 3888 comments Cool (:

Review for Deadly Little Lies

Warning: If you haven't read Deadly Little Lies you shouldn't read this review unless you want some things spoiled for you. I warned you...

It's seems like just yesterday that I read and reviewed Deadly Little Lies. And... oh wait. It has been only just a couple of days! I don't usually do that. Read books so close together unless I was really impressed with the first and really want to know what happened. So you know I really wanted to know what happened. The ending didn't leave a good taste in my mouth. As you know I didn't like Ben so you know that he didn't win any points for me by up and leaving. And again. This time around I didn't like him either... let me just tell you what the book is about first.

Camelia is feeling heartbroken after Ben just left after saving her life. Now I can't get how she can like him so much. Yeah he saved your life but he is still incredibly creepy. Okay I said I wouldn't go there yet so I'll stop now. It's a new year and it's just after winter break when there's a rumor that he's coming back. Could it be true? Could Ben be coming back because he really can't live without her.... ugh. She's been getting to me. Before that there has been some pranks going around and she seems the main victim. More cryptic notes and pictures cause her to believe that she is in danger once again and with Ben being so standoffish she feels even more scared. Then there's Adam who is new at her job. A perfect excuse to leave Ben alone like he wants well... he's acting even more weird. Wanting be far away from her sometimes and yet is always there. And then she is having weird stuff not only happening to her but by her...

Didn't like this one as much as the first. It had a diary entry in the middle and it was a girl. After awhile I realized who it was. Her mom's sister. It's important and is interesting but it really is more for the next book and not this one. Everything seems to be set up for the next book which is quite annoying. Now. Ben. He just annoys me to my very core. And she is just frustrating. I can't believe her. I wouldn't want him touching me at all. It's got some good twists but not as great as the first. I think I just really want to know how this is going to end because I know I'm going to read the next one and finish the series. The first book sucked me in... Hopefully the next one will be better.

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Adriana | 3888 comments Review for Hush, Hush

I never wanted to read this book. It's another angel book. Catch that? Another. Unearthly was so good that I was like Okay. If that one was so good this can't be bad. And it did not disappoint.

Patch is a fallen angel. He's got this way about him. This confidence. And his eyes just draw you in even though you know he's bad news. Of course no one knows what he is. That's what Nora Grey feels. He's reeks bad news and she just turns to mush when he talks to her. He seems to like to embarrass her for no good reason. He says it's because he likes her but she's not going down that road. Especially since he's is so dead on when it comes to describing her. Like he can look into her eyes and know everything. He knows how her mothers always away now since she has to be the breadwinner because her father died. He knows she is slow to trust and needs to be in control. Meanwhile she can't get anything out of him. She basically knows his name, he's mysterious, likes to play pool, and is overall a jerk. He gets under her skin and she can't help but let him and... like it. But with all the strange things happening to her she can't help but wonder if it's his fault and she was right not to trust him. Her mind keeps playing tricks on her and she swears it's him and if it's not him it's Elliot who seems perfectly normal but also masked in mystery.

I actually really liked this book. *applause* Yes. Now I know I should have read it sooner but now I don't have to wait for all those books to come out like the others. Suckers. *evil grin* I don't know what it is about bad boys that just makes us girls keep going for more but Patch... you got me. He's so cocky it's unbelievable. There's a line between being confident and then being cocky and he was on that line. It was pretty amusing. How they acted together. There was a point where I thought Nora was being to desperate or lack for a better word stupid. But it was only a brief moment. Man was this book long! But I couldn't put it down. It took forever to read. It wasn't very fast paced but it wasn't really slow either. When all is revealed about Patch it's a little bit of a shock but makes it oh so much more interesting. Her friend Vee was torturing me. She acted so naive. Get the hint. She seemed like a good friend and a good addition she kind of reminded me of Camelia's friend in Deadly Little Secrets. All in all it was a really good book but I've got to say Unearthly was better. I can't really explain it. I don't really think it was because I read it first honestly. It's just my luck that I'll have to wait for it but not for Hush, Hush. But don't get me wrong. Hush, Hush was pretty fantastic too.

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Adriana | 3888 comments Number 11
Letters In Cardboard Boxes by Abby Slovin 4/5 stars

I've never read a book by an independent author before. I think I was over-analyzing it in the beginning. Then I stopped myself before I went crazy and eased into the story. From then on out I let the story fill me up.

Parker is a 29 year old who seems t like being stuck in a rut. At least she doesn't seem to notice that she acts way older than she really is. At 29 I would think I wouldn't be as sad as I felt she was. Well anyway the one person she could trust sent her a letter. It's not unusual for her grandmother to do so because her childhood was filled with these letters. Letters going back and forth between their houses that aren't that far away. Letters filled with adventures across the sea or just in a new place altogether other than their home in New York. They were something to pass the time away but not only that. It filled a hole missing from Parker's life. A bond that has been seemingly unable to break. Her grandmother raised her after all while her parents explored the world and researched all of what they could so they can change the world. But what happened to Parker? Now she's all grown up and she looks to see why her grandmother would send such a letter again. This letter will drastically change her life and the way she views it.

I had to stop with this story after awhile. It's just that type that makes you sigh... I just wanted to get up and walk aimlessly to think. Because this book makes you think. At least contemplate especially with a character like Parker. Parker. Parker. Parker... she seriously acted way too old and I wanted to push her out the door into the world. She's so self conscience and that made me worried because I am too. The whole book felt solemn but in a good way. Again it made me think. I really liked Tanya. So self assured but also not. On the verge of being and adult but also in the verge of slipping up as teenagers like to do. I got really connected with both of them and their relationship even more so then Parker's and her grandmothers. Oh I did shed tears for them but I liked the hope and positivity their relationship represented. A new beginning. I don't know what I expected out of this book in the beginning but it evolved into something that I know I had no idea it would end up being like. I really think this book should have way more readers already and I don't know why it doesn't. It was truly great. Thanks for letting me read it Abby.

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Adriana | 3888 comments Number 12
The Maze Runner (Maze Runner, #1) by James Dashner 5/5 stars

This is a book I never wanted to read. Do you see a pattern? It does start off slow for me. Mostly likely more for me because I was really reluctant to read it. I mean. A book about a boy running in a maze... not that interesting. But of course it's more than that. It's kind of like The Lord of the Flies or I'm told it is. There's a group of boys about 50 of them living in a maze with monsters all around they named The Grievers. They are part animal and part machine. Just looking at them will make a shiver go down your spine. These boys have been living two years in what they call The Glade. It's like a perfect square in the middle of the maze where they farm, raise crops, and it's basically there safe haven. There are doors around The Glade to go to the maze. They close when it gets dark. Here comes Thomas. He is experiencing what everyone has. Being boxed in and terrified before being introduced to his new home knowing only one thing about himself. His name. Thomas comes in and after a little while something feels familiar. It's like he's been here before. He wants to become a Runner. It's like an imaginary string pulling him to be one. A Runner is a person who goes out into the maze trying to find an escape by mapping the whole area. They need to be quick, tough, a decision maker, smart, and of course they must be athletic. They are the best of the best and he wants in.

The next day after he arrives a girl arrives which has never happened before. Not only was she there a month early but she's a girl! The Glade is only filled with boys. She has paper in her hands saying something like it'll all end soon. Now everyone is looking at Thomas wondering what he knows but he can't say that this place feels familiar he'll sure to be in trouble after that. But what gets him is that the girl feels familiar too. He doesn't know what's going on. He just wants to escape. He just wants his memories back like everyone else. He didn't mean to trigger the end.

This book is pure awesomeness. I absolutely love Thomas. I had a post about favorite books in 2011 and he was one of my favorite male main characters. You just fall in love... *clears throat* Well, he is awesome. Chuck on the other hand annoyed the crap out of me. I don't know how Thomas liked him. He was his only friend in the beginning so I'll let it slide. It might have also been because he resonated home or something... but whatever. He still annoyed me and creeped me out. I loved Newt as well. What with his bum leg it didn't matter. He was still tough and he cared about Thomas. I remember reading this the first time around. The twists that I never saw coming. My mouth hanging open all the time. There is sadness also which is expected. They are a bunch of kids fending for themselves. But let me tell YOU. This trilogy only gets better. I've only just read The Scorch Trials but oh was it good! The endings in these books just wow you. You're gasping and screaming WHAT!? but then it's over... well I remember The Scorch Trials being that way. I have yet to read The Death Cure and I can't wait. It'll be a glorious finale. Too bad though. I'll miss Thomas.

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Tatum | 459 comments Oh Adriana, I'm really happy to see you say that because I've been looking at the Maze Runner books and wondering if I should pick them up. Now I know :)

message 33: by Adriana (new)

Adriana | 3888 comments You won't be disappointed (:
As I said the beginning may seem slow but once you settle into the book you'll start getting wrapped in the story.

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Adriana | 3888 comments Number 13
Stardust by Neil Gaiman 3/5 stars

Now I've seen the movie Stardust so I'll be comparing it to the book at the end. It's basically the same thing with some differences. Every nine years there is a market outside the city of Wall. The Wall is a farming town and there is an 18 year old boy named Tristran (I'm calling him Tristan from now on like the movie) who has a sister 6 months younger than him and unbeknownst to him his mother is not his mother. His father went to this same market 18 years ago and fell in love with a woman after a gentlemen agreed to pay him for letting him stay at his house. He gives him his heart's desire I think he calls it for him and his child. His father never told him this and he has never thought to question it. His "mother" always stares at him oddly but he doesn't know why. He's fallen in love with Victoria Forester who every boy or man even has too. He will give her anything and then he promises her a fallen star that he sees. She just laughs at him but he sets out in search for the star. And when he finds it to his surprise it is not a clump of rock but a girl who is the star and so he and she set about to go home to his city of Wall to show her to his one true love. Unfortunately the star called Yvaine doesn't take to kindly to this and with her broken leg and her ever present foul mood it is hard for him to take here there. Add that to the princes of Stromhold who are chasing after because what made her fall, a topaz necklace, is the key to them being named king. Also, there are a couple of witches that want her heart to make them younger. All in all it's going to be one crazy adventure.

So I loved this movie. It was a sweet tale of love and magic. I'm glad they changed his name to Tristan in the movie because Tristran was utterly annoying me. The name not the person. The movie was more light and funny. It was more of a family movie maybe not for the young ones though. This one has a little bit of something so I wouldn't recommend it for younger teenagers. It was pretty amusing how Tristan had one pointy ear like his mother. His mother had cat ears which you didn't see in the movie. The book and the movie had the same back story but the book of course had a little more background. The difference is the comedy of it and a little of the ending. The book didn't show that much love between the two. I mean you couldn't see it blossom. That's what I really wanted. It didn't seem much of a relationship. The writing was whimsical but it lacked what the movie could give. I still liked it but the movie was better. I have to watch it now!

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Adriana | 3888 comments Number 14
Hex Hall (Hex Hall, #1) by Rachel Hawkins 4/5 stars

First of all there is no cat in this book so I don't know what's up with the cat in the cover. Maybe representing witchcraft? Weird.

Sophie Mercer is a witch. She's known since she was 12. 3 years ago. Her mother left her father after he confessed that he was a warlock and believing he was crazy left him but when Sophie was born she quickly learned the ways of magic and witchcraft. She is constantly worried about her and for good reason. She's lived in 19 states in her short life. Finally she goes too far and her father sends her packing to Hecate Hall a.k.a. Hex Hall a boarding school for Prodigium. Prodigium are witches, faeries, and shapeshifters (not necessarily werewolves). All of the kids have been sent there on account of their bad behavior in the real world. Here at Hex Hall they will learn all about themselves and how to stop revealing their magic in front of "normal" people. And as our main character of course there comes trouble in the form of three other girl witches who claim she has great power like them and want her to join their coven. Her? A powerful witch? She's not powerful. She can't conjure any really great power and anyways it always goes wrong. These girls are particularly mean about it too. But before that she met a smart alec boy who of course has to be totally hot and way out of her league. The type of boy every girl crushes on. And then she finds out that she's bunking with the school's outcast. The vampire who has been sent here because of a program kind of like a foreign exchange student. Oh yeah. A ghost likes to stare at her but no one else seems to see it. Will she be able to survive and fit in? For her sake she better hope so because something or someone dangerous is just lurking in the shadows having their eye on her.

Sophie's personality makes you like her instantly. I HEART witches so I'm glad her character was done right. The whole thing is kind of typical. The boy she cannot get and girls who just hate her guts. But it is also what makes it good. Going that way the author still was able to let me fall in love with the characters and the story. There are some interesting things that occur to her. The end was the most interesting of course making sure you want to read the next ones. I would have never expected it. I actually liked the love interest Archer especially since he wasn't that bad boy that I thought he was going to be. He was actually pretty sweet right away and very likable. So was Jenna the Vampire. You really felt sorry for her with all the things going on. You know I detect another love interest going on later in the books. See if you can guess who when you read it. It was a really good read and I'm pretty happy that I read it. I should be reading the others soon because honestly I haven't read a witch ya for awhile or a witch book in general and I couldn't put this one down so I'm going to grasp on to that magic tightly. Here's me hoping that the others are as good as this one. Happy reading!

P.S. I've noticed in the acknowledgement page in this one and maybe Hush, Hush that they thank authors. And basically the same authors I read seem to be friends. Like she thanked Lindsey Leavitt- Sean Griswold's Head and Becca Fitzpatrick- Hush, Hush which I've both read and reviewed. Thought it was interesting and sweet.

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Tatum | 459 comments Adriana, your excellent book descriptions are truly not helping my TBR list at all!

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Adriana | 3888 comments Thanks Tatum. You don't know how much I appreciate it (:

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Adriana | 3888 comments Number 15
Steel by Carrie Vaughn 3/5 stars

Number 16
The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner, #2) by James Dashner 5/5 stars

Number 17
The Death Cure  by James Dashner 4/5 stars

*Review to come later

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Nikki At this rate, you are going to surpass your goal!! Good job so far!

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Adriana | 3888 comments Thanks (:
Going to college in the fall so I'm hoping to read as much as I can now.

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Adriana | 3888 comments Number 18
The Duff (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) by Kody Keplinger 4/5 stars

Ah! I'm so behind on reviews. Better get moving soon.

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Adriana | 3888 comments Review for Steel

I have never read a pirate book.... you're getting excited already aren't you? Yes, my friends I said a pirate book. And not just any pirate book (I don't think you can ever say that with a book liked this but whatever) a pirate book with time travel.

Jill is a Fencer. Once she started she never looked back but now her resent loss is starting to get to her. Half a second. That's all it took. And she knows she shouldn't be moping especially while she's on vacation in the Caribbean but she can't stop thinking about it. She finally gives in to her mother's persistence and joins her and the rest of her family on the beach. She takes a walk and seems to walk endlessly to a place that just illuminates peace and quiet. She just wants to leave. She doesn't want the pressure. And then that's when she feels something at her feet. It doesn't feel like a shell... She leans down and picks up a rust covered sword. Not just any sword. A rapier. What her fencing originated out of. It must have been there for hundreds of years! She could give it to a museum... It's only a part of a rapier but she still pockets it and before she knows it she's not on vacation. She is not with her family. There are a bunch of men who surround her. Big, burly men with gold piercings and menacing weapons. She's on a pirate ship. It's the rapier. She knows it. It's the key to getting her out of there but she doesn't know how. Maybe the Captain's connection to it can lead her back home. Meanwhile she befriends another pirate her age that has a sly grin on his face all the time. As well as discover adventure on the high seas and that maybe her life isn't as bad as she thought it was.

Well first of all it's a pirate book so I liked it instantly. I mean when do you get to read about pirates anymore? It completely entrapped me into their world and I loved every minute of it. Jill was a bit annoying sometimes. It was brief little moments. The whole pressure situation and seeing something that gives her a revelation that she could have it worse seemed kind of fake. Well... unnatural the way it was written. I did like her otherwise. She's got guts. I have a hard time believing the captain was so nice and she was a girl. I know there has been girl pirates and I should think this all a good thing but it was still weird to me. I just didn't like how she was presented. It was a very interesting and fun book to read. I would have never thought I'd be reading a book about pirates or time travel. It was something completely new so I liked it for that. I'd like to read one now that had less back story. I just want pure adventure.

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Adriana | 3888 comments It's been one of those weeks...

Number 19
The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold 4/5 stars

*review to come later

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Adriana | 3888 comments Review for Scorch Trials

The next installment of The Maze Runner is as great as the last maybe even better.

Thomas and the other Gladers have escaped the Maze. Now they are off to bed but their lives will soon turn into a nightmare... again. They thought this was it. Their rescue. But they wake up to bars covering where the windows were and people who can't really be called people, Cranks, are screaming like Banshees. This is the result of the Flare. People start to slowly lose their minds. The disease that everyone who went through the changing saw and feared.

Thomas screams out in his head for Teresa but she doesn't reply. Left in her place is a boy named Aris who was with a group of girls before and he has the uncanny ability to connect with Thomas's mind. This discovery comes as a shock to the Gladers but what did hey expect? It makes total sense that there is another group out there. And another twist to the plot is what's next to what was Teresa's door. The Betrayer. All of the boy's have something tattooed to the back of their necks. Thomas's is the most disheartening. I won't give it away. You'll never guess it. So now they are given a new mission. A new trial. Cross the Scorch, the most desolate part of the world, filled with Cranks and ungodly weather. I two weeks they must do this. What will happen with Teresa and the other group of Gladers? Will it ever end?

Fantastic sequel. I mean bravo! Thomas's neck and all the others... Teresa's too. Such a great plot twist. I really hated Teresa after this just to warn you. But maybe you unlike me have more compassion towards her. The two new arrivals, Jorge and Brenda, are the best additions possible. I kind of didn't like Jorge's hermano every time he talked. Kind of offended here but I got over it. I love how they are crazy. Brenda was interesting. Can you say love triangle? And then the end! THE END!!!! I love Dashner's endings. So many twists and turns... Aris was cool but he didn't seem to matter. Kind of in the background type of person. Nonetheless he still added something. The Scorch Trials do not disappoint. The Death Cure review coming soon. The end of the trilogy. So sad.

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Adriana | 3888 comments Number 20
The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making (Fairyland, #1) by Catherynne M. Valente 4/5 stars

message 46: by Tatum (new)

Tatum | 459 comments I'm glad you are back to writing your reviews, I've missed them! You're really making me want to drop everything else I have set to read and read that Maze Runner trilogy though!

message 47: by Adriana (new)

Adriana | 3888 comments Thanks Tatum (:
I should write another one later. It'll be the last book of the Maze Runner Trilogy. Then I'll get into the others. So many books to review. So little time.

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Adriana | 3888 comments Review for The Death Cure

Finally I can say that I read this book. After months of waiting (for some unknown reason) and rereading the others in the trilogy. So here we go. After the shocking ending where Brenda talks into Thomas's head you might be wondering what's with that!? So sorry but that would be ruining some things. *evil grin* Anyways Thomas is left in an all white room his hatred growing for weeks. What's happened to the others? Thomas is patient and hardly reacts at all when the Rat Man comes in telling him he'll see them again and soon he will get his memories back. But part maybe his guilt? doesn't want to get his memories back. He doesn't trust them poking around in his head anyways. He knows what they are capable of. He won't have them controlling him. The Rat Man drops a bomb. Some people are immune some are not. *Cue crying* - you'll be doing this as early as the first 50 pages. It's just so horrible. Teresa seems to be against him all the way through and he can't seem to forgive her for that and what she did. Now The Death Cure is after all the trials. Now the cure will be revealed with a pretty shocking conclusion to what the cure is.

Ugh. I would sooo like to reveal to you the ones who aren't immune but I won't do it. I'm trying my hardest not to give it away. It creates a wave of pain in my heart... The last book isn't as action packed as the others but it's kind of expected. But I've got to say it wasn't as great. I know I shouldn't judge it negatively just because it doesn't have that much action but... what really got me wasn't that. The ending just left me with.. ugh inside. It was not very fulfilling. The book wasn't the great conclusion that I thought it would be. It still has its great twists but I really lost respect for Thomas. Still you kind of have to read it because it's the end of one of the greatest trilogies out there. And now I finally say farewell Thomas. I'll miss you...

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Adriana | 3888 comments Review for The DUFF

Snarky Bianca Piper couldn't be more different then her two friends. They are the tall, all legs, blond hair, bubbly, cheerleading type of people. It doesn't matter really. She's known Casey since Kindergarten after she defended her from schoolyard bullies and she has been doing the same ever since because Bianca likes to bottle things up so she worries about her. Jessica is always as sweet as can be and is unaware that her brother caused her pain many years ago.

Her real problems consist of a mother who never is home and a father who might just break if she doesn't. Things start to get tough at home and her pure hatred towards the slut Wesley turns into desperation because he can offer her an excuse, an escape,... distraction but when he starts to be a little more bearable and a little more understanding actually listening to her she questions whether or not she has feelings other than hatred towards the guy.

Honestly, I must have skipped the part where it says friends with benefits because that is NOT what I thought this would have. I thought they would just kiss or something... I guess my mind is a little bit innocent. Well not too much because I read it and may I add liked the book. First of all I was so happy that the problems in her life didn't fell fake. One thing I hate is when authors say how hard their characters life is but doesn't provide the emotion for it. Ahem *coughs* Perfect Chemistry...

Oh the most important thing I forgot to mention. The DUFF stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend. It's a nickname Wesley dubbed her. He explains that there is one in every group and you are considered The DUFF when you meet the description of the DUFF and you have really hot friends. He continues to say that if her friends see him with her he will win points with them and will have a better chance of getting them in bed. This little speech forces her to dump a cherry coke in his face. For good reason.

Why did I decide to read this you ask? Well you know how bad boys never change in real life? In books they do and I love when that happens. You may roll your eyes at me but I don't care. I can dream right? Wesley turns out all right in the end. There is a certain moment that you see the change and I absolutely loved it. It's a fist in the air type moment. Bianca unfortunately gets a little and I mean a little bit irritating. Her comments and the way she acted was kind of getting old towards the end but then the book ends so I didn't have that feeling for very long. Casey also kind of got on my nerves because she liked to poke around in Bianca's business way too much. She wanted to save her it felt all the time. Like she still was that kindergartener that needed help from getting her pigtails from being pulled or whatever it was. I would be annoyed with her too if I was Bianca but Casey changed my mind and by the end I was liking her. Authors are always changing my mind at the end of books.

Speaking of authors. This one? Kody Keplinger? I always read the authors summary at the end of the book and really? REALLY!? You are 19 and are on your THIRD book!? How I envy you.... I have a bad feeling though that Shut Out which I really want to read is going to be exactly like this one. We'll see I guess. Hopefully she stays on this promising author run.

And the end you learn a lesson. Haven't had a lesson laid out to me like that since I don't know when. So be prepared.

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Adriana | 3888 comments Number 21

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens 4/5 stars


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