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kenzie (theabsolutedream) So, I guess this is writing? Okay! Party and a HALF! My writing's not very good, heads up, and I won't be on very much. :)8

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kenzie (theabsolutedream) Okay, this is [supposed to be] a very popular bedtime story about two people, Calix von Wer and Raelle de Jares.

The Princess and the Minstrel

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, in a very faraway land, there was a young boy. Now, this boy did not speak very much, but when he did, he caused controversy among his people. Not major issues, but enough to get the attention of the noble ruling over the land. These people were usually very peaceful, but when provoked, they were very resourceful and aggressive.
When the boy grew to adulthood, a war broke out in his land. He joined the army, trained as a soldier, to protect his family and friends. They war raged throughout the region, tearing families apart.
One day, this boy was up on a hill outside his city, pondering how his life had changed so dramatically, drastically even. He watched the invaders camped outside his city, scrutinising the careful construction of their tents, the flame-resistant fabric, the airy, even space between them, and the distance from the fires.
“Fire,” he said to himself. “Their weakness is fire!” The boy then realised, with heavy heart, his options: He could exploit this weakness to destroy the invaders, but their proximity would surely cause his city to burn as well, trapped behind the wall and invaders, or he could let the war continue, and let his people suffer, losing the war tragically.
The boy’s two brothers and sister were very troubled upon hearing the options, but they all decided that to protect the surrounding lands in the kingdom from the wrath of the merciless invaders, they would destroy them, even if it meant losing everything. They strategically placed their fire in the most vulnerable points, and then spread it throughout the camp. Then watching, helpless as the flames consumed their land, they helped two small families escape. Overwhelmed by the loss of everything they had, the two families and the oldest brother departed.
They people from whence the boy had come were magical. They were the first settlers of the kingdom, and their ideas and knowledge spread, commonly known in every land. But they lived for infinite periods of time, unless harmed with a grievous injury, but they proved their much higher tolerance for pain. They were a very sagacious race, but their emotions limited them, becoming extreme in stressful situations. Because of the extreme emotions, the boy became very depressed, more so than the brother and sister who had stayed with him. It took a very long time for him to become happy again, but it wasn’t true happiness; a façade for people to marvel upon.
The boy and his present siblings began to wander throughout all of the surrounding lands as minstrels, singing their beautiful songs for the commonfolk to enjoy. They never had very much money, but they were not in need. Because of their longevity, they became legendary throughout all the lands and peoples, but the boy became exceedingly renowned. He was famous for his haunting yet beautiful songs of sorrow and loss, so the people began to call him “The Man of Empty Melodies” and “The Man of Lonely Monodies.” The minstrel and his siblings inspired the peasants, angering many of the noble bloodline. The three were oft imprisoned, though it was said that not one prison, jail, or dungeon could contain them.
The poor minstrel wanted no fame. His only goal was to lift up the people, making them cheerful in the way he could not be. The minstrel actually believed himself to be very selfish and vain. He attracted the attentions of many of the women in the kingdom, and he knew it.
Many years passed, and the minstrel married, but his wife died after delivering two infants, only one of them surviving. The minstrel’s sorrow was renewed, but he knew he had to care for his daughter. He raised her well, never laying a hand on her. He grew very close to his daughter, bringing her along on all of his travels with his siblings, and a friend who had joined them.
When the girl had reached marrying age, tragedy struck the poor minstrels once again. The man’s siblings were killed, and his daughter taken by thieves and murderers. The minstrel had nothing to live for, but searched every land he travelled to, hoping to find the girl. After a few years, he finally gave up hope, and began to devise ways to end his life while wandering alone in Hyrum’s Glade.
♥ ♥ ♥
In the crown city of the kingdom, around the time that the minstrel’s parents were courting, the crown was attacked by the land the minstrel was born in. They wanted one of their people to rule the kingdom. The crown city was not naturally violent, and would have responded well to peaceful negotiations, but they did know how to fight.
After a few years, the attackers grew weary, and returned to their own land. But the invaders had killed the king’s young son, and in order to keep their daughter, the princess, safe, the king and queen fled to the peaceful Hyrum’s Glade, passing the throne on to a friend.
The princess grew up, but she did not remember her past in the crown city, so she grew up believing herself to be a common peasant. She was wandering in the green of Hyrum’s Glade one day, when she saw a man, all alone.
The minstrel had finally settled on his method of dying, but was interrupted by the girl. This commoner was perhaps the most pulchritudinous creature he had ever seen in all of his travels, he decided, so he began to court her.
The minstrel was terrified of the woman finding out about his previous marriage, and his daughter, so he lied to her, hiding his past. When he was hurting, and the woman was concerned about him, he lied to her about the pain. One especially terrible day, his past was revealed to the woman, and she grew upset and confused. Her minstrel had already been married? She left the poor minstrel all alone on the side of the road, to the mercy of the thieves and murderers, and ran to the nearest city, the crown city.
Heartbroken, the minstrel hardly noticed as a band of rogues took him as their prisoner, and then sold him to a rich slaver in a faraway land. Tortured and tormented every day, he began to believe that the woman despised him.
The woman, in the crown city, was inconsolable. She wandered the streets alone, trying to clear her head. A few merchants saw her on the street, and then gaped at her. The long lost princess, returned! They recognised her by her beautiful white tresses. They took her to the palace, where the king immediately distinguished her. He explained to her the wars that had occurred, and her parents’ flight to Hyrum’s Glade. The princess stayed with him at the palace, but her heart ached for the poor minstrel. She had no idea what had happened to him, and knew she had been wrong to be envious; He was, in fact, very old. She informed the king of her situation, and he prepared a caravan for her, to search for the lost minstrel, with two of his Motley Folk to help her.
They searched relentlessly for years, never gaining any information as to where he was, but the princess was determined to save him. Finally on their fourth year, they found him in the faraway land, held captive as a slave. With a daring rescue, the princess managed not only to save him, but his long lost daughter, who had been there the whole time, unbeknownst to the minstrel.
Does their story end happy? We may never know, as it is still continuing.

Poet in the Dark (poetinthedark) Psh, stop it, your writing's fabulous!!

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