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Taji Pershard Taji Nov 18, 2011 12:10PM
Who do you think will be picked to play Nick in the upcoming movies? They will also have to cast Acheron, Kyrian and alot of Dark-Hunters,gods, weres and demons.

And not Nick Posey, he just... wud nt be able to play Nick's character right. :(

I think Logan Lerman should play Nick. He's cute, funny, and sweet in his movie Percy Jackson. So why not have him play Nick, in the Chronicles of nick.

Ummm, For some odd reason I think Stefan from Vampire Diaries should play Caleb because Caleb only shows emotion when his guard is down, so does stefan alot

For Acheron it's definately Damon from the Vampire diaries.

That's it!

Alivia I guess I could see Paul Wesley as Caleb but not Ian Somerhalder.
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I think Tyler Posey should play Nick (look at the cover of the second book it looks like him from the side)
Acheron should be played by (let me get back to you on that)
Kyrian should be played by Oliver Goodwill
Ambrose should be played by Nick Wechsler (how he looks in the show Revenge)

i have to think about the others

deleted user No offense but Tyler Posey is to old
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K-Gorgeous (last edited Mar 09, 2016 04:41AM ) Mar 09, 2016 04:39AM   0 votes
In another thread I posted Nick Robinson as a good actor for Nick.
Just because He has the height and he looks more teenager-y.
You know that look when they are just in between manhood and boyhood.
And plus he's cute, has the blue eyes and he's handsome.

Sean Brennan should play Acheron

Acheron- Sean Brennan? No, please.

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