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Brandon | 118 comments Mod
Below shall be previews of each book. The names will be labeled at the top, so you know which is which. *Only Bella will be able to post in this topic to fair warn you, I only get to comment because I made the topic*

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Assassin: The Beginning


I always knew I'd be more than just some girl. A lot people had told me that many times before. I never really believed any of their lies though. "You'll go to great heights!" "You'll meet tons of new people." "Believe and you can do anything." All lies. Until I was singled out among everyone else. I still don't know why it had to be me though.

Someone once told me that I was the diamond in the rubble. Very few people get to see me, except the real ones who actually do know me. That day... I guess those people actually did see me. They found the diamond that they had been looking for.

Big mistake.

This is my story. Where it all began.

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